Moonlighting is a relative one night stand in the view of the spontaneous S. A. Grant. Grant’s new book, “F*ck Failure Seduce Success” functions like a motivated condom, protecting those who are tired of being burned by their careers. The element of sexuality intertwined with key points makes for an aggressive approach to retaining entrepreneurial content.

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Who the hell is S. A. Grant?

S. A. Grant is a Literary Seducer that pimps failure.

A free-spirited, outspoken entrepreneur, who served as a gigolo using countless titles from designer to executive. It’s safe to say Grant has been whored around the corporate block a few times. Ironically enough, this has aroused the obsession with success. Grant always had the appetite for it, although the extreme hunger for success was formed after becoming a single parent. In the pursuit of passing down a legacy, Grant stalked success like a rabid dog in heat; chasing it, sleeping with it, falling in foamy love with it. Finally, that catalyst triggered the beginning of a life goal to help others Seduce Success.

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This book might offend you!

The vulgar-swag emulates how SUCCESS and Failure can be dirty, nasty, freaky things with deceiving, trifling, manipulating undertones, hence the crude tone. If it makes you feel uncomfortable while reading it, then great; it officially served its purpose. When it comes to growth and change, we should feel completely out of our element and that’s exactly what the author intended. Grant submerses the reader into a collection of personified examples, case studies, and first-hand experience to the legacy of becoming a serial winner.

“I found many aspects refreshing & Focused.”

— Brad S. Bootstaylor, MD, FACOG, SeeBaby Inc.

F*ck Failure seduce SUCCESS has some points of information and wisdom for everyone who is either about to start a business, in the crux of their business or at the tail end of a successful business career; a refreshing nuanced reminder of the road to SUCCESS and to mitigate the paralysis of Failure. I found the questions after each chapter a helpful guidepost for the reader to heed and explore. Plenty of opportunities to explore many aspects of business in expanded volumes.

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