A welcoming participant who is partaking in their own growth. You are an investigator of options and desirable explorations. Now, what can I tell you about Success that you haven't already heard? I've learned, it's not about what you hear but more so your perception and how well you take action on the following 12 concepts. Polishing yourself on the mechanisms of transformation deserves fanfare, but this world is what you create. These achievements are not all the accolades you will ever need to continue fueling the flames of your desired content. You can use this guide to modify your actuality no matter what Passion fills your sincere intent.

Steve Jobs put it into clarity "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." So I'll ask you, if you're not crazy, then how can you become Successful?

I believe that you will use this list as a cheat sheet to Seduce Success. It's my steadfast dogma that YOU CAN DO THIS!

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About the Author:

S. A. Grant is the inspirational author of F*ck Failure Seduce Success Book Series, a Creative, a Thinker, a Marketer, a father, and a seasoned Entrepreneur. Grant’s motivated concept-driven, innovative-thinking has proven Successful for his clients year-after-year. S. A. Grant has a strong focus on achieving increased revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-ups and small businesses. Grant writes about influential ideas and gives insight from an alternate point of view. He is best described as a free-spirited, outspoken Entrepreneur with many talents. Some people say he is a bit crazy, but he would say “if you’re not crazy how can you become Successful?” Read and determine for yourself.