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Fuck Failure Seduce Success: Journaled Encounters of Successex VOL1

SUCCESS! It turns me on, it turns you on too, which is probably why you picked up this book. This book was developed out of my obsession with SUCCESS. I love it! I hate it! It feels good! It tastes great! I can lick SUCCESS till it screams–avalanche! I want to help you, not only feel the same way but get to the point where you are as SUCCESSFUL as possible. SUCCESS in who we are, globally, is defined by each world leader. The struggle is a life-long search for self-clarity. For most of us, we are worlds apart in the labyrinth but lost to whom we are to be tomorrow. Today now leaves us blind to the building of our solution of unifying together.



The language in this book might offend some people. If it does make you feel uncomfortable, and you feel like something isn’t quite right, while reading it, then great. You should feel uncomfortable. Feeling awkward and out of your element is the first step in making a change. Often, growing requires an awkward feeling.


“I found many aspects refreshing & Focused.”

F*ck Failure Seduce SUCCESS has some points of information and wisdom for everyone who is either about to start a business, in the crux of their business or at the tail end of a successful business career; a refreshing nuanced reminder of the road to SUCCESS and to mitigate the paralysis of Failure. I found the questions after each chapter a helpful guidepost for the reader to heed and explore. Plenty of opportunities to explore many aspects of business in expanded volumes.

— Brad S. Bootstaylor, MD, FACOG, SeeBaby Inc.