F*ck Failure Seduce Success: Journaled Encounters of Successex VOL2 2018-07-18T22:45:04+00:00


What’s the story behind the amusing break-up preface?

F*CK FAILURE! Failure will stain you! It leaves behind a lingering stench, a fragrance only out impulsed by its residual skid marks. Understanding that Failure can be obsessed with you. Like a parasite to a host, Failure latches on to your inherent imperfections and uses them as the weapons to defeat your advancements, in the battles of victories’ SUCCESS.

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WOW, You made it past the preface, good for you. The 1st step in administering and generating a business plan is to remain focused and not being easily bewildered, judgemental and close-minded. We have some common ground, but I’ll still lay a warning: S. A. Grant. Grant’s new book, “F*ck Failure Seduce Success Vol2” will come at you in several ways, imagine if you would, riding on a roller-coaster in a thunderstorm utterly wet and nude while being broadcasted live on a social media feed at a church on Sunday.

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This book might offend you!

The title of the book is my way of filtering the winners from the distracted. Failure is the real F word that gets ignored as profanity. Saying the word without a genuine way to overcome it should be offensive, right along with Fear. Reading the following 12 chapters is one more chance for you to capture and gain the necessary traction you need to build momentum.

“Very well laid out with a roadmap and plan!”

— Jacqueline Marrano, Marrano Solutions, LLC.

F*ck Failure Seduce SUCCESS is a great place to start in shifting your mindset from being your typical average Jane or Joe to a person of great ambition. It explains the philosophies needed to master Goals with the right tactics necessary to make those dreams a reality. The author has created a straightforward and clearly laid out book that gives you so much valuable information on how to pursue your Vision, dreams, Goals, overcome obstacles, and motivate yourself in the idea that is the book.

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