3 Groups of People Who Can Help You Find Your PASSION Better Than Yourself

When it comes to making major life decisions, people will usually advise you to follow your passion. While this is often the right thing to do, it can be frustrating when you do not know where to start. It can even be more frustrating when you have no idea who can help you find your passion. When it comes to passion, you’re more advantageous in seeking it rather than following it. 

“One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you.”

— Jeff Bezos AMAZON.com, Inc

Let’s have a look at who can help you find your passion better than yourself:

  • Startup Entrepreneurs
  • Content Creators/Authors
  • Successful People

Learn from Startups Entrepreneurs

Whether they are starting up something new and creative, or they have made significant accomplishments in your area of interest, you can learn a lot from those who are starting up. 

From an individual perspective, the startup approach to product-market research and market validation has useful lessons to people trying to find their passion.

Startups launch their operations by identifying specific needs in the market that are not being met currently. As a person interested in finding your passion, you can gain a lot by identifying the requirements in your life. Simply determine whether there is the demand for that specific passion in your life goals, whether it intrigues you, and whether you are potentially going grow from the pursuit of happiness. Looking at what Startups Entrepreneurs are doing will expose you to different techniques, unique viewpoints, and challenges you to think beyond the obvious.

As you look at what Startups Entrepreneurs are achieving, this could be an excellent opportunity to assess your strengths. Think of whether you can develop skills or whether you are naturally skilled in doing something. Anything that interests you and makes you want to pursue is your passion. Whatever is easy for you to do, but most people have a harder time with is a worthy option to consider. You might find that you’re excellent in helping other people find their passions, once you establish what you love doing. Or that you are more interested in giving back to the community.

Connect with content creators and authors 

The adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out!” What your consuming could be the reason why you are yet to find your passion. Finding your passion requires more effort than just knowing that you need to find your passion. Getting connected to ideal Authors will take you a step closer to your passion. After all, we tend to derive the most inspiration from what we read, listen to, and watch.

Routine Content in your primary area of interest helps to keep you attentive.  Great content developers will not only help you find your passion but also guide you to building it. When you are passionate about something, you will spend hours on end learning everything you can about it. You buy books, magazines, listen to a podcast, watch videos, read blog posts, consume audiobooks, and spend hours on the internet, searching for Insight to find out more. The thing with content is that there are endless opportunities, but only if you put the right amount of effort into finding the ideal Authors with the must fruitful comment that connects to your message, goals, and vision. 

Find Mentors in Successful People

Most successful people know the power of passion and the need to be passionate. Any successful person will credit their success to both hard work and passion for what they do. When you find a mentor in a successful person, they will push you into finding your passion as well. A mentor will show you how they found their passion and how they have remained passionate about what they do.

A good mentor will challenge you to think about your decisions and actions. While guiding you through your steps and help to clarify if you are working towards your goals and beliefs, think of whether you are working with the type of people that inspire you and whether you love what you do. When you have a mentor, they will help you see finding your Passion as a mission.

Never overlook The role of a mentor in finding passion. Successful people understand that desire is the energy that drives people to succeed. Having someone to hold your hand along this journey will encourage you to continue pursuing what interests you. They will assist you to keep pushing even when you feel that nothing is working. Since most successful people have their stories of failure, you will have a source of inspiration and motivation to keep pushing.

Concluding Remarks 

Remember passion Is a form of energy, enthusiasm is contagious. The more time you spend with passionate people, the more likely they will rub off on you. If you are still wondering what your passion is or who can help you find it, start spending time with people who are passionate about something. Although you may not find your passion over time, you will soon start seeing a change in your life and your journey to success. As you spend more time with passionate and successful people, you will begin to learning skills for success and become more confident in yourself. Therefore, start exposing yourself to people and situations that prompt you to find your passion, including startups, content developers, and successful people.

Action List 

  • Find A group, event, and or a podcast focused on Startup Entrepreneurs. Attend a group meeting, go to an event, listen, and review their content. Take Action to use the insights of StartUp Entrepreneurs to help find your passions.
  • Find Content Creators & Authors whose shared purpose is to deliver valuable content. Take action. Subscribe, follow, put their content into use, and find your passion.
  • Find Successful People, and connect to them, follow them on social media, learn from their videos, take notes of there self-help points. Take Action to add their words of wisdom to your daily routine of developing your passion.