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This book begins by defining passion and culminates by placing you on a course for determining ways you can become a more passionate individual. The last section provides several resources that can help you discover and improve your passions.

The ultimate goal of this book is to teach you how to appreciate the value of a passionate life. Transforming you in ways, you have never thought of before; these techniques show you how to integrate passion into every aspect of your day. Although the book will not cover every concept associated with passion, it will give you a taste of what indeed can be achieved once you understand passion as a component of your life and business.

We all know how vital PASSION is in our lives. Whether you want to start a business, pursue a degree, or take a different career path, passion is what keeps you glued to the journey. Now, the question you should be asking yourself is, how do I find my passion, and how do I utilize it in my life? Passion, in the Uncaged Trailblazer Series, was written to help you answer these questions.

Passion is a quality that pushes you forward while keeping you grounded on the journey to success. Become an Uncaged Trailblazer Vol II is a book that will…

  • Push You To Discover Your Passion
  • Boost Your Creativity And Innovation
  • Ignite Your Achievements
  • Teach You How To Find, Achieve, And Utilize Your Passion
  • Make You Feel Less Stressed And More Satisfied
  • Show You How To Bounce Back After A Failure
  • Guide You To Sharing Your Passion With Others

You will learn 35 ways to successfully take action towards finding, utilizing, rethinking, and teaching your passion.

In this book, you will learn:

  • 7 Ways Of Finding Passion For Success
  • 7 Ways Of Utilizing Passion

  • 7 Methods To Achieve Your Passion

  • 7 Ways Of Rethinking Your Passion After Failure

  • 7 Ways To Teach Passion

  • 35 Journal Prompts

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About The Author

S. A. Grant

S. A. Grant is the inspirational author of Become An Uncaged Trailblazer Book Series, a Creative, a Thinker, a Marketer, a Father, and a seasoned Entrepreneur. Grant’s motivated concept-driven, innovative-thinking has proven Successful for his clients year-after-year. S. A. Grant has a strong focus on Live a prosperous, inspiring, more fulfilling, and purposeful life – whether that involves succeeding in business, rekindling your connection with Key Partners, or identifying with who you are.