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Vision is a mental picture of what you want to achieve or how you want your future to pan out. It gives you the direction of where you are headed and what your ideal life should look like. Unfortunately, not everyone has a clear vision of where their life, business, or career is headed. Volume 3 of BECOME AN UNCAGED TRAILBLAZER covers everything you need to have a clearer vision for your future. You will learn about 35 ways on how to successfully take action, find, utilize, rethink, and teach your Vision. The contents of this book will help you discover what you want in life and how to get there.

In this book, you will learn:
7 Significant Methods of Having a Clear Vision for Success
7 Ways of Building Vision for Your Success
7 Ways of Utilizing Vision
7 Ways of Rethinking Your Vision After a Failure
7 Ways to Reach Vision, Teach Vision

The book is divided into several sections that take you through the process of discovering Vision and influencing those around you to have a vision. A summary of the author and how to use the book are provided. This is followed by a detailed definition of the term “vision,” a case study, and the importance of having a vision. The other sections of the book talk about building your Vision and utilizing it in your life.

As you read this book, it will challenge you to have a clear vision and utilize it in better ways. You will be inspired to have a bigger vision, develop a sense of purpose and direction, and open up your mind to more possibilities. Remember, Vision is more than a dream or an imagination. It is a reality that is yet to come into existence

  • 7 Ways Of Finding Passion For Success
  • 7 Ways Of Utilizing Passion

  • 7 Methods To Achieve Your Passion

  • 7 Ways Of Rethinking Your Passion After Failure

  • 7 Ways To Teach Passion

  • 35 Journal Prompts

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About The Author

S. A. Grant

S. A. Grant is the inspirational author of Become An Uncaged Trailblazer Book Series, a Creative, a Thinker, a Marketer, a Father, and a seasoned Entrepreneur. Grant’s motivated concept-driven, innovative-thinking has proven Successful for his clients year-after-year. S. A. Grant has a strong focus on Live a prosperous, inspiring, more fulfilling, and purposeful life – whether that involves succeeding in business, rekindling your connection with Key Partners, or identifying with who you are.