Take Control Of Your Procrastination In 3 Simple Steps

Take Control Of Your Procrastination In 3 Simple Steps

Are you like me? 

Do you know someone like this… 

…they knock off work early because they’ve gotten everything done on time 

… they’re never late with holiday or birthday gifts 

…and they seem to have the best-planned vacations. 

What’s the secret to getting incredible amounts of things done in record time? They don’t procrastinate. 

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

— Abraham Lincoln

What is procrastination, and how is it affecting your efforts to achieve your most ambitious goals?

A Google search for the phrase “stop procrastination” will return over 12+ million search results.

But do we, as high performers, really understand what it is?

Procrastination is defined as the action of postponing something; usually a task we want to avoid.

Most social scientists believe procrastination is a problem with something called “emotional self-regulation.”

When we associated boredom, anxiety, or frustration with a specific task, we tend to avoid doing it.

The problem is, putting off those tasks that seem awful at the moment only causes stress and more than a little self-loathing when we are faced with the consequences.

How To Stop Procrastinating Right Now

  1. Key to quitting lies in finding out why we have such negative emotions about productivity. 
  2. Do you want to achieve your most ambitious goals, but you keep putting it off? 

Here Are Some Reasons That We Procrastinate

  1. Disorganization – Keep your workspace and home free of clutter. 
  2. Fear Of Failure – Beat this by realizing that even if you don’t achieve your desired goal, you have still gained knowledge. 
  3. Perfectionism – Nip this in the bud by accepting that nothing is ever perfect.

Concluding Remarks

Once you can pinpoint your reason for procrastination, it’s a lot easier to recognize your behavior and call your bluff when you find yourself slipping into old habits.

Now it’s time to kick procrastination to the curb with strategies to beat it.

Action List
Use any and/or all of the 3 Simple Steps below to overcome your procrastination: 

  • Forgive yourself for any time you’ve previously procrastinated in your effort to achieve your most ambitious goals. This can help you move past it. 
  • Accountability. Have someone hold you accountable to keep you on track with your productivity goals. 
  • Take care of tasks you’re avoiding first thing in the day. This will make the rest of the day more enjoyable. 

You need to understand you have the power to change your habits! 

Yours in success, 

S. A. Grant 

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Goals Resources

Category: Goals

I have hand-crafted a batch of links for at the end of this chapter to assist you on your journey better to BECOME AN UNCAGED TRAILBLAZER. Look at the following resources as multiple avenues in an aqueduct. You do not want to flood your system and overload it with attempting to employ all of the following resources at once. But more so as a reference guide on how to find, use, rethink, rebuild, and teach your GOALS. Each link will do half the leg work for you, click the link, and it will take you to the associated website and take you directly to the search results for GOALS on that platform

  1. Confirm the class you’re looking at taking has at least 1000+ students enrolled.
  1. Confirm the app you’re looking at using has at least 1000+ installs or downloads.
  1. Confirm the group you want to join has been actively engaged in the last 30 days.
  1. Go to as many free seminars as you can. You are window shopping for the right teacher/coach and course workshops.
  1. Seminars are an excellent way to test drive the guidance of the course and instructors.
  1. Connect with people with successful habits and are also knowledgeable.
  1. Search for events that are recurring at least annually.
  1. Hashtags are a great source to get your creativity flowing. You never know what will come up in your searches.

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