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      A raw, free-flowing and honest road map to success in business and life. The author’s passion is infectious and reinforced through well-placed quotes and anecdotes. You’ll want to read it in one go!

      The book is a great place to start in shifting your mindset from being your typical average Jane or Joe to a person of great ambition. It explains the philosophies needed to master goals with the right tactics needed to take to make those dreams a reality. The author has created a very easy and clearly laid out book that gives you so much valuable information on how to pursue your vision, dreams, goals, overcome obstacles, and motivate yourself in the idea that is the book

      J. Marrano

      Author! Author! Author! Keep ’em coming. Thank you for a clear road map. Brilliant book. Loved the layout. Good flow.

      Team Phillips Rushing

      As a person with limited business acumen, I was looking for something to deliver practical strategies to help me materialize my business ideas. This book delivered what I was looking for and then some. The provocative writing style and symbolism throughout make the book engaging and hard to put down. But more importantly, it motivated me to take a closer look at myself to take steps to get out of my own way. The real-world examples also helped me see how the principles described in the book manifest in real life.

      I also appreciated the non-traditional style of the text. A lot of self-help books read like instruction manuals that put you to sleep before you even get started. But the almost poetic writing style here does the exact opposite. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for motivation and direction.

      Stephanie R