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Boss Uncaged Podcast Overview

Host of Tras La Voz Podcast: Patricia Luciano AKA La historia de la jefa de voz – S2E14 (#42)

Founder Of After The Voice, Kastaco and “Telling My Story” Planner: Patricia Luciano AKA The Story Of Voice Boss – S2E14 (# 42)

“First, listen to yourself and find your own voice. Sometimes we give so much importance to other people’s voices that we forget that the only way the greatest things that have happened in this world is because some people decided not to pay attention to other people’s voices. So first of all, listen to yourself and when you listen to yourself, you find out whether or not other people know better.”

In Season 2, Episode 14 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant conducts another powerful episode for Women’s History Month. He sits down with Patricia Luciano, a commercial voice-over actor turned entrepreneur, creating her highly-successful application Kastaco that connects voice-over artists with agents. She is also the host of the award-winning podcast Tras La Voz, which covers speaking techniques and articulation methods for speakers and voice-over artists and the stories behind the voices.

Fueled by a high level of ambition, Patricia created a voice-over work career after being told that she wasn’t good enough to work as a voice-over actress. Now, many years later, she is an expert in the field and a mentor to up-and-coming voice-over artists.

“I decided that, ok, I understand that I want approval. I really, really, really would like to be accepted and praised. But if you’re not going to accept me or if you’re not going to find that what I do is good enough for you. Ok, maybe I don’t like it, but that’s not going to stop me.”

Don’t miss this episode covering topics on:
How being told you’re not good enough motivates you more
What is a commercial voice over artist
How to manage multiple businesses and businesses with a partner
And so much more!

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Patricia Luciano

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Boss Uncaged Podcast Transcript

S2E14 – Patricia – powered by Happy Scribe

Everything is looking good. All right, three, two, one. Welcome, welcome back. The Boss Uncage Podcast’s. It’s. We have Patricia with us. But I’m going to give you a little background, kind of like how the whole podcasting world works, right? So earlier this year, I had a podcast interview with VirnetX, who I met at Bedfast. And through that podcast, we kind of developed a friendship and then he made a referral to Patricia.

And so me and Patricia had a conversation a couple of weeks ago where she would just tell me all the things that she was working on and all the things that she’s done. And I was like, I got to have you on the show. So without further ado, Patricia, are you doing today? You know, I’m very excited and also a little bit nervous because this is my very my very first interview in English like ever. I mean, I’ve never been interviewed in English, so it means that I’m excited because it’s my first time.

And also I’m a little bit nervous because it’s my first time, but a bit of that. I’m very, very happy and I’m very excited and optimistic, not only about this interview, but also about all the things that I’ve been doing and also about all the things that I think that these twenty, twenty one, it’s going to bring forever for all of us.

So what do you. Where are you right now? Where are you located?

I am in Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo, to be more specific. That is the capital of Dominican Republic. Right.

Right. So, I mean, just going go are you talking about all these different things? And, you know, you and I had a conversation, so I want you to dove into all the things that you’ve been working on and developing in the past few years. Well, for first of all, my voice actress, but more than a voice actors, that is what in the United States is the way that people who works with putting their voices into commercials is the way that you call it a mine.

In my country, we are called more like Lakotah. That is like more like, oh, that is those terms that are not so will translate it. Right. And I’m a commercial voice actress. I’m used to work with big brands like, let’s say VSA, Samsung, Hyundai, you know, in Spanish, of course, and a lot of Dominican brands as well. And also I’ve been a writer director from programing director in a radio station for I’ve been doing that for five to 10 years so far before prior before that, I used to be a producer.

Right now I know these past three years I feel like I became an entrepreneur because I launched an app that is for is created to connect voice actors in my country with agency so they can, like, find those opportunities and be able to have their voices into these commercials to make it easy, of course. But there is a lot of things in between things that maybe my explanation is a bit rough. But, you know, to put it easy is what that does.

Also, I have a podcast that is called Trust Levels in Spanish, in Spanish, but in English would be like behind the voice. And what used to bring on the table in that podcast, I talk about voice acting, I talk about speaking, but speaking like techniques, like how to articulate, enunciate, how to do this or to the like is very specific in some stuff, but also stories behind voices, Latin and Latin American voices, people that do what I do and what happens with them.

Also, I am a mentor for people who need to, you know, to go out and share their stories. So I’m like a coordinator for the for their stories.

And I also have a company with my husband that what my company do is that he’s an audio visual.

Professional and mostly what we do is that he’s not my brother, he’s not my department, he’s not what I do is what he does. But anyways, I’m part of that company, too. And what he does is that he’s a swimming expert and also he works with TV commercials, radio commercials, the part, the produce, the production part, the person who is behind those for the production things. What I do is more with the talent. And what he does is more with the production and with all the pieces together.

Yes. So, I mean, this is one reason reasons I want you to show. I mean, you’re juggling a lot of different things right here, but they’re all within one wheelhouse and that’s essentially media. How did you get into that area of expertize, like, back up a little bit, go back a few years? Like, how did you get into it? Do you have popcorn because this star is going to be like, oh, OK, first I have to say that can you eat?

You know, when you hear my voice, you don’t hear this voice actor that, you know, the sound is like that deep or that profound that you feel. That is not the way I speak. So when I started my career, I wasn’t I wasn’t considered like a talented person, actually. I was told that I wasn’t taught. So anyways, I. Tried, I pushed myself to. To find opportunities for me and if I could find it, I was I was going to create it.

So to make it short, the whole story. This is what it is. I am I wasn’t going to sit there. And sometimes I right now, maybe I’m still not considered good enough by people that are more used to find talent in other people when they can see like black or white. But I’m the kind of talented person who is going to.

Create my own talent, so that’s my story. I wasn’t going see they’re talented, but I decided that I was not going to pay attention to those to those opinions and I was going to create my own talent. I build it. I build my opportunities as well. If you are going to give me the opportunity to come to your podcast to talk about me, I’m going to create a podcast. I was going to talk about me. So this is the kind of person that I am.

If I don’t find a way, I create a way.

I mean, it’s definitely powerful talk. I mean, most people would be conflicted with trying to get approval from other people.

And what you’re saying is that, you know, looking for approval that you’re going to keep working for and you’re going to do it no matter what.

So, OK, I have to be honest, I would like I would love to be like accepted and validated. Of course I would like that. You will say, oh, my God, I used to believe that you were not talented, but now I see you and you’re so good. I would like to receive that because I’m a normal person and I’m still my inner child is still begging for that approval. It’s just that I don’t pay attention to that.

It’s just that I decided that it was going to be modeled by that that need of me. That needing of other people’s approval. I decided that, OK, I understand that I want approval. I really I really, really, really would like to to be accepted and praised. But if you’re not going to accept me or if you’re not going to find that what I do is good enough for you.

OK, maybe I don’t like it, but that’s not going to stop me.

Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely powerful insight. And it’s also a testament to where you are currently on your journey to where you’re going to go. So, I mean, part of your podcast. I mean your podcast. I think you were telling me your podcast won an award as well, too.

It’s been nominated like three or four times. Very good. You know, like awards, like people are back in Mexico or Godo in the Republic. Actually, that won just we just found out like three or four days ago that we really we had an official nomination. But my first nomination and also my first award ever was like two thousand and eighteen. And I wasn’t even going to submit my my my podcast because when you refused to be. When you used to be, but when other people put you down so many times, you get used to not show not so you’re not put yourself in some situations like to make other people approve you.

OK. So, as always, used to not being approved by some people, I will never, ever I was never going to take anything that would that I would create. And I will go to any word to say, hey, what you know what? Take this consideration in consideration. But what happened was that I had this person in my life. I have this person in my life. And I she just met me through the podcast and she wrote me.

And you got connected. And she started like commenting wouldn’t comment in any way in any polls that I would, you know, that I would have in my Instagram or whatever. And then one day she found out that I was going to Colombia to be in the in this big festival that was going to happen in that country. And what happened was that when she found out, she said, oh, my God, you should listen. But this has put us in a group, you know, what sub-group.

That that we owe all the people that was going to be in the festival, you know, we’re all together in this. What’s this? What’s up there? So she said that she invited everybody to listen to my podcast. And somebody said, why don’t you submit your podcast into this award? And I said, well, OK. I mean, it was like, OK, fine, I will. And I just did it. I didn’t think about it.

I just did it. And then I won. When I won, it was my first time ever winning an award. And it was something. And if you ever have the ability, I will send you. I don’t know if you speak Spanish, but I will send you anyway the way I like I like like this one when you win an Oscar that you say these words so well, something like that happened to me. I wasn’t. I really wasn’t expecting that I was going to win.

Everybody will say to me, was that what everybody was? Tell me that. I was going to to win, but come on, people who were nominated in the same category as I was where so much more than me in any way more talented, more experiment. They used to have, but guys like four, three, three or four years prior to me. So it means that I would have I win. So I won with a crazy, crazy thing.

I was very moved. I cried, whatever. Then after that happened, I understood something. This is very. You know, this is a good thing when you win something, but but it also means that is people who is giving you those of those awards. And when I say that, is that. If you you know, even if you win or even if you lose, nobody’s taking anything away from you or nobody’s giving you like this thing that is going to change your life forever.

Something like that you have to embrace and you have to celebrate. But you have you can put all your all your emotions and all your expectations and put yourself, you know, in a way or in a place that if you don’t win or feel when something is is going to change your life in a way that you you depend on those winnings to be more or to be less. I don’t know if that makes sense to you. I’m trying to what I’m trying to say is and I’m going to rephrase that is I love winning.

I love receiving that approval because, come on, my imposter syndrome depends on receiving approval. You know, if I will follow that road any time that my, my my poster will talk to me, of course, I will be begging for everybody, but. What I understood after me winning that award was that it’s awesome winning, but it’s also something that people like you is giving you is not like this is going to make you be more or less is just something that that will give you the opportunity to remember that you are doing a good job, but that doesn’t make you a better person or a bad person.

Just so when I understood that, that, OK, I can make my work and I can receive approval from a group of people that will find my job or what I do. You know, like is something that good enough that they could say, OK, this person, this, this or not. But I have to remember that the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing is not because of the awards, because what happens and I don’t know what happened to me was that after I won that that award, then I was like, I won more.

You know, I want to I want to keep doing this because this is so good. It’s like the first time you go to a rollercoaster that you go up and then you don’t you don’t want to go down. And then I have to remember that this is not what is going to define me. Other people, other people’s other people’s approval, what is going to define me is what I am. So of course I’m going to keep submitting my work because now I know not that I can win, but that I can be part of something bigger to me.

And that’s good. And you deserve if you’re listening to me, whatever you are, you deserve the opportunity to put yourself out there and show yourself that you can. But the reason why you have to do that is not to show other people that you that you belong, but to show yourself that your work deserves the opportunity to be chosen. So that’s what I’m doing now because. It can be very confusing when you comes when you come from a place.

From where I come from. And you see yourself. Through the through other people’s eyes, sometimes you see yourself so tiny, so. Vulnerable and so untalented. So you need to come back to yourself and to look at you in the way God is looking at you as somebody who really deserve everything and what you deserve is not an award, but different feeling sensation that you’re doing your best. I don’t know if that makes sense to you. I’m trying myself to be very clear because sometimes I get lost in translation and sometimes I know that I’m making some mistakes in my English.

I’m so sorry, but I’m doing my best to be as passionate about this as I am in my real life, because this is very important to me that you out there understand. The you deserve it, you deserve and that you deserve doesn’t come from what other people tell me that you deserve, but what to what you claim and what you are willing and ready to receive. Yeah, I think I don’t think anything got lost in translation at all.

I mean, I think you put your heart and soul into everything that you’re doing. And obviously it shows I mean, it shows right now. I mean, I asked you a question and, you know, pretty much you are more of a motivational speaker than you probably realize, right? You are. I mean, by default, you’re giving it’s one thing to talk about doing business. And I’m growing and I’m doing a podcast and I’m developing apps, which you are giving motivation to people to let them know that you don’t need the assurance of anyone else, even though when you do get the assurance, it’s a powerful thing.

But in the end, you don’t need it. You’re doing it for you. So going back to to your podcast, let’s talk about your pocketbook. What is your podcast about? Like what kind of discussions are could someone find from your podcast? Mike Watkiss has grown in a very weird way at the beginning, I started put in other themes about voice of voiceover and voice acting, because when I started, I didn’t find because you know what happens with me?

I used to look for things, and when I couldn’t find it, I was going I was going to create it, you know. So when I was trying myself to be a better voice actor or actress, I was looking for information and free information. In Spanish. And I didn’t find it, so at that moment, it was nice that Mike Watkiss has two years, so it was the last quarter of twenty eighteen. So, you know, I was I was thinking about it like for over a year, but finally I decided to go with the flow because I felt nobody’s going to listen to me.

Who am I to be listened to? Because there are a lot of people out there that have more to say that what I have to say. But I find those people I didn’t find that information. I didn’t find anything. So I decided to do it. So my guess is that it started as. A tool for people who were interested in voice acting and speaking as well, like how to put your mouth like this or how to use your hands like that, you know, and also I was going to talk about that is my favorite part.

I was going to talk about these emotions that comes with this kind of. Of careers, you know, because when you are like an accountant, if you make a mistake. You know, it’s like some something can come and say, OK, this is your mistake, this formula is not well, Wolf, you didn’t do it well, but when it comes to speaking or painting or or writing, it’s very subjective because what right now does doesn’t.

Fit in two years could be the sensation, and you can say, for example, you know, if we talk about podcasts because podcasting started like almost 11 or 12 years, but it was just two or three years ago that everybody went crazy about it. Clubhouse, for example, is an app that started like last year. But right now is that is like everybody’s crazy about it. So sometimes it’s just that the market is not ready for it or the market is not ready for you.

So. I talk about I started talking about imposter syndrome, comparing yourself to others or let’s say I don’t know, like in the those emotions that sometimes you just don’t validate and you just think that is not good for you to feel that way, because that’s the problem.

I mean, if you if I tell you I feel so in this right now, because you have that background, you know, I don’t you will say, oh, my God, she’s so open when you can say that right now because everybody’s so open and so vulnerable because, you know, after Randy Brown decided that that ability was something that we children raised, we’re five years ago, I will say, oh, my God, I’m so angry about your background.

You will feel awkward and it will say, oh, my God, this person told me this and you will judge me. So I started like a Democrat is Democrat said, like when I started to be more Democratic with my content or more debt to be more Democratic was to put my content into a democratic way where where other people will say, oh, my God, I can connect to these. I feel envious. Sometimes I feel I compromise.

I compare myself to others. I put myself down because I feel that somebody else is better than me. I have an I have an imposter syndrome that is winning the battle. So I talk about that. And then second and second season, I started bringing other people to to share their stories right now, like in a transition where I’m still receiving stories. But I think that I’m going to twist a little bit where I’m going to keep talking about stories.

But I think that there are so many stories out there that are shared, but also there are so many topics that need to be. But we bring on the table to put on the table and I and sometimes if I don’t find it, I have to be the person who is going to to bring it. So I’m going to keep like these, make sure where I’m going to bring some people that are going to talk about their story. But I don’t think that it’s only going to be about their story, but about those emotions in their stories that I’m going to bring on.

So, you know, something like that so much.

Well, I think it’s a good thing. I mean, I think you’re finding strength in vulnerability and you’re exposing that vulnerability and you’re showing that how you can be vulnerable and still be strong at the same time. So I think it’s a great balance to have that call a lot. To your point, a lot of people are staging their life in a particular way. Like if you look on Instagram, if you look even on Tic-Tac, everybody streamliner, they’re doing one particular thing and you’re exposing yourself to say, hey, it’s OK to be yourself, it’s OK to be you.

So I think the top of that, I mean, you’re woman empowerment side is definitely lighting a torch under multiple all the women out there that essentially are looking to inspire to be much like you. So I think that’s another commending you as well. And also, I’m sorry, just a little something that I want to point their. Look, I don’t want to sound like a victim because I’m not, but when you have been told that you’re not talented.

When you have been told that you’re not good enough and not like somebody says and you and you over here know when somebody tells you. You know, when somebody tells you in your face that you’re not good enough. That changed you, that changed forever, the person you are going to be. And. I don’t know if I ever did this to somebody else, because, of course, I cannot I don’t want to judge what other people said to me when they said that to me, because I understand that the other time it was a different time, a different time where things were not that.

That delegate, as things are right now, where people think more what they’re going to say, because now we’re more aware and I understand that this is a mistake, that somebody the. With me, maybe I did it with somebody else, I don’t want to put myself into a position now that I I’m a victim and other person, the other person who did that to me or said that to me was a bad person. You know, it was just a different time.

A different time, but. When somebody tells you. You are not good enough or you you don’t belong or you, I or you or somebody else is better than you. Is not your life change and it change because. You find yourself. Paying more attention of what that person said to you that day ages ago, then what you’re doing right now, I mean, 10 years ago, somebody told me something and still today I think about it.

So. My life changed. Three years, four years ago, when I’ve been told that for ages, so I’m used to be, but then he’s not something that was new to me. What happened four years ago, that was that I had this.

The big, big. Project in mind, and I thought that I was going to be paired with this person in this project and when that didn’t happen. I had to make a choice, I had to decide that if I was going to keep complaining about being put down or would be harmed or that somebody else decided to do something, I’m not including me. And I decided I had to decide if I was going to be. Like in high school, where nobody will pick, you know, in in the in the in the middle of gym time or whatever, but if I was going to say, you know what, I could create my own team.

I can create my own door, I can knock on their door, I can knock a lot of doors or I can create my own window. And this is what I think. I think that when somebody tells you that you’re not good enough, you have to make your voice. Be louder than the voice that is saying that to you. So with that right, it seems like you’ve been on this journey, right? I mean, obviously, you have the podcast, you everything else going on, but it’s more so a journey of motivation that you’ve been on.

And this journey started to say, you know, let me ask you that question.

How long have you been on this journey of success? We usually hear about somebody who’s successful after 20 years and is perceived to be an overnight success. How long did it take you to start where you are right now?

Well, if I have to be honest, it took me 20 years because there is some memory over there that you can see this mountain, this mountain, when you can see just the top of it and then you can see below the water. All that big is the biggest part of the mountain.

I’ve been working my ass off for it for almost 20 years, and I’m sorry to say I’m sorry, I’ve been working too much to. Beate. This person. I don’t feel. That I’ve got to get what I feel is that I’m getting in there, but what I do believe is that last three, four years after. Let’s say September or October of nineteen, I got twenty sixteen was the time where everything changed for me because I had I put all my hopes into this, something that I saw that I was going to be a part of and it wasn’t.

So as I wasn’t, I started like I was mad and I was mad. I started thinking on how to. You know, when I’m mad. I get into action, know if I get my I have two situations, if I get set, it throws me, you know, it frees me, it freezes me, but if I get mad, it puts me into motion. So I got really mad. And then I got into motion and I started doing things and I created my app and I lost it.

And then I decided that it was going to be a brand, you know, everything. Started because I got we used really, really bad, so, yeah, for years, I can say almost five.

So on that journey, is there anything that you would want to do all over again if you can do it again and do it differently? Oh, come on, everybody, always one to go back and change things, and I could, but if I change anything, you this is not Avenger’s, but you can change the past, but nothing changes into the future. You know, you’re really, really you really have to embrace what you are. Of course, there are things that I will have that I will like to be different, that I like to.

Have been. Less painful, but without the pain is just a movie, you it is only the movies that you can see that you have a pain and then everything got better and then everybody’s happy. No, you have to be responsible for your dreams and you have to be responsible for the path you take to get to make your dreams come true. So, no, I wouldn’t change a thing, even though if I know that there are things that maybe are legit or maybe I could have done better, but if I would have done better, I would have learned what I’ve learned.

So, no, I wouldn’t change I wouldn’t change a thing at all. So what you’re I mean, you’re such a hustler, right?

You obviously an entrepreneur at heart. Do you come from an entrepreneurial family? Does anybody in your family have the same entrepreneurial Lietzau like you do?

Well, this is a difficult question. No. Yes and no. When when I was a little kid, my father comes to a very humble background and my parents, both of them. But my mother used to be a nurse.

She’s alive and my father used to be a policeman, so. And their story, the story will be very long, but what happened with my dad was that he, against all odds, could. Could you know he. He graduated from Yale as an accountant and he could build a better life for he for him and for my mother and for my brother, but. You know, but because they had a very rough time, because they didn’t have money and all these situations, when I was born, my father had a different situation and we had a very nice middle life time for 15 years, we could say, and then we lost everything.

And when I say everything, I say, like the only thing we didn’t lose was our house, but we so all of the sudden I didn’t have money to go to the call to my coldish. And I know all of the sudden I didn’t have enough money to buy things to, you know, to do my homework. So it was very odd because I was enraged, but I was used to believe that I was always going to have. So when we lost all we had and I was thinking and when I say all we had is, was it wasn’t that they took anything from us, but that my father didn’t have money anymore.

We just have we just had our house. We didn’t have a car anymore. We didn’t have money to spend in leader of things, you know, and it was very odd because it happened all of the sudden today we have to learn we don’t have so. It was very it was awful for me because, come on, I didn’t have money to buy shoes, I didn’t have money, and at some point then my father was hustling. But when he was trying to do stuff and he always had this entrepreneur vein, but he wasn’t that entrepreneur.

He was he he was more these kind of people who will be like any entrepreneur, that he will work and also have these type things to earn money. But I didn’t understand that until like five or 10 years ago when I found out. And it makes me really proud and sad at the same time. By the time that he lost his job and he couldn’t afford to, you know, to keep the lifestyle that we used to have. He started these little you know, he became to us and I say sales, somebody who sells insurance, insurance salesman.

Yeah, he became insurance salesman, but nobody I didn’t know that. And he was like, dude, this is your job. So he could have money to, you know, to fulfill the needs from his family.

So now let’s know. I started working before I was supposed to start working and I started and I have all my my part. I remember I remember that at one point I was working just to have money enough to pay the phone bill in my house and the money to be able to write here we call public transportation, you know, so I could have money to be able to move from my house, you know, to to be able to go from my house to my job.

I didn’t have money to eat. I will I will be in hunger. I will eat like crackers or something. I will say I want to say anything to my father or to my mother because they were going to say, come on, stay at home. But I didn’t want them to understand that I was going to stay at home waiting for the opportunities to come. I spent like a year in that situation. Then I lost that job and then I was hired.

I was hired for somebody else. And then my life started to change a little bit, so. My mother was is not an entrepreneur kind of type, she’s more somebody who used to like to have a job. We saved her pay and we happy with that.

So, yeah, I think that. It comes from my father and also from my brother, but it’s something that even if it comes from them, I think that it’s something that comes from me as well. I don’t know if you get my point, because it’s not something that I wasn’t shown to be like that. I discovered like 10 years ago that my father used to do these things, but I didn’t see him doing those things. So maybe it was around me and maybe it comes from him.

But also I think that something that was that is something that comes from me as well, because it’s something that wasn’t in my life or I wasn’t aware of that. So, yeah.

So now that you’ve grown up, you have a family. So see your point about your dad, right. So now how do you juggle your work life with your family life? Well, I’m a workaholic, and I’m not saying that we’ve noticed here.

I’m not saying that because it’s a very good word for real. I’m a workaholic. Like four days. Six months ago, I had to go to therapy for the first time in my life. And it was because when the quarantine. You know, over Kamus, instead of taking time to watch movies or to read books or to need to rediscover who Patricia was, what I did was to put more work into my plate. So I had some situations at home because I was.

You know, all over the place, so I’m a workaholic, so it means that for me, it’s something that I have to be very, very aware of to be I cannot I cannot over oversee that. I have to have to be aware. And I also have to be careful because I have a son and sometimes he will come to me and will say, Mommy, I the I want you to play with me. And sometimes I’m going to play.

And sometimes I want to say I cannot play right now. But yeah, I mean, and this is what it is. I try myself to be a better person. It means that sometimes I’m going to win. I want to wait the with myself to be more present in my family sometimes and sometimes I’m going to lose and I think that is fine. I think that I don’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to have it all together.

I just need to do one thing today and keep doing it every day.

Mm hmm. So with that. Right. So you’re saying that you’re a workaholic, but you’re trying to find balance and in would most entrepreneurs like that’s the case, right? We’re trying to figure things out. We’re trying to get into routine. So what is your morning habits and your morning routines look like?

Oh, my God. That’s a tough one. OK, I will tell you what I’m supposed to be telling you my mornings are I at five and I will pray and I will read and I will love. The real thing is that I wake up most of the time. A three, your tour, two and a half or three in the morning, because I am the kind of person who is going to sleep like five hours and then I’m going to open my eyes and that’s it.

I’m not the kind of person who I open my eyes and I’m going to turn over and I’m going to sleep again. I just wake up and I have to wake up. So it means that I’m going to start working at 3:00 in the morning, at 4:00 in the morning. And then sometimes I, you know, I go with the flow and I keep them away from all day long. And sometimes I will go to sleep again at six or seven, depending on how long I woke up in the night.

So if you ask me, my routine is that I wake up when I wake up. I don’t I don’t. I try very hard to, you know, to open my eyes at 5:00. As says Rohit Sharma, we fight the fire fight club, but.

I’m still struggling, I sometimes I get to do it and sometimes I would wake up at 3:00 and then I cannot push myself to keep me a sleep, to keep it, to keep slipping. So what I do is that I wake up and I start doing things and I start my my morning routine. If I’m supposed to be trained by Bill because I like to read some passages and stuff, you know, to keep connected to these most. And I’m doing that, I have to say, like three or four months ago since three or four months ago because.

I don’t want to believe that the only responsible for my life, I’m responsible for what I do, but I also want to believe that there’s somebody else that is taking care of me is my choice to believe that so is my choice. I decided that, of course. Of course, if I will have the president of the company, you know, the greatest company in the world there, and I have the opportunity to talk to him every day, I will do it.

So what I do is that I try myself to talk to the president of my company every day. And I would you know, I write a journal, but this journal is not dear journal today. No, no, he’s not involved. That is not about for example, if I if I read, for example, I have this kind of stuff, let me show you. I’m I’m I’m a follower of Gary Bernstein. I love her. So, for example, let’s say that I take a car and he says, I have these kind of things.

I have different things like this. For example, it says, I don’t know if you could read it. The moment I realized would love your direction is presented to me. So I will take these and then I’m going to write down what makes me feel. And sometimes I receive information about myself that. Is going to be down my salary, you know, like, OK, I’m tired, don’t don’t show yourself I don’t need you today because as you might imagine, as you might imagine, I am all over the place.

It means that it means that sometimes I have to struggle with anxiety issues. So this is what I do. I try myself to keep myself connected. Sometimes I it happens, sometimes I just can’t. And those days I can’t. I just let it go. I decided that, of course, we need a routine. But in my opinion, you need to stick to routine, but also you need to understand that all these are not the same.

And sometimes I think that we are overwhelmed with the idea that if you don’t do something in the way other people say, says that you need to do it, you are wrong and you are bad and the work is going to fall down and you are not going to serve and you are going to go to hell or whatever you whatever it is. So I decided that I want to stick to my routines and I’m going to do my work every day to stick to it.

But this is a daily job, so it means that I don’t I’m not going to think. Today, if I’m going to achieve it tomorrow, I’m going to be president, tomorrow, I’m going to open my eyes, I’m going to do what I need to do. And then the very next day, things are not the way. I just I think that they should be I’m going to try myself to understand that this is not something that is in my control every day and all the time.

So, yeah, but my routine mostly is reading in the morning right now. I’m trying, but it’s not easy. I have tried so hard, but I haven’t get to do it yet. I’m trying to meditate. And why is that? Because I think nobody told me it, but I think that I have a leader attention disorder is how you call it. I don’t think that is a very large thing, but I think that a little tiny thing I have to a little bit.

I have to be or have that syndrome, so. For me, it’s not that easy to close my eyes, to let myself go, to let myself go, to see breathe. OK, now read. Now seeing that everything is fine or for me is not that easy. So, yeah, I’m trying to start with 30 seconds. I’m trying to if I can with 30 seconds, I will start with five seconds. So what I’m trying to do is to.

Put this thing into my mind and at least to do it, even if it’s just five seconds and then I’m going to keep building it, because for me, it’s not that easy, isn’t it? As easy as it is for other people that they just can’t sit down and meditate for two hours? I just can’t. So far. So it’s something that I’m trying to right now to integrate. And of course, we drinking a glass of water in the morning also helps me sometimes, but sometimes I forget.

OK, so you alluded to like books you’re reading and and it’s funny because, like majority of people that I’ve interviewed on this podcast that are on that road to success, all of them always at one part of the other say something very similar to what you said and they read books. So because of that, I decided to start up like online book club.

So if you don’t mind buying me, I want to know if I know that I went over there, right?

Yes, I’ll definitely I’ll send you the invite. So just going back to your books a little bit. Right. So let’s just talk about that. Right. So what books are you currently reading right now that are helping you on your journey?

OK. Oh, my God. I think that I must be the most uncaught.

I guess that unbraided. Different at the same time. OK, I’m reading right now one that is called Oh my God is Diyas.

Let me see if I have it right here. Right here. But this is what I’m going to tell it right now. It’s like 10 principles for inner peace and something like that in Spanish. I don’t remember to you the name. That’s one. I also. There’s another one. Also that I’m reading that is called Don’t Drown. Oh, my God, it’s like August and I was like, don’t drown yourself into a glass of water or something like that.

I don’t remember the name exactly. Those are from me building up this peaceful state of mind when it comes to business. And I’m reconnecting with millenary minds secret. I think that is a name I remember the name actually. I bought it like ages ago and like two or three days ago, I decided to really because I started to reading. But I would think that it wasn’t ready to to go further. So I read it until one point and I left it.

Now I’m back into it. There’s some Spanish guy that is called like Alvo, and he has a book that is called The Voice of Your Soul Levels. Wasn’t Wylma. He’s smart a Koshin thing, but he’s very is very accurate in all the things that this guy says. So I also I’m reading that one and a part of that I, I can show you my Kindle because I am you know, I could say that I’m a shopaholic when it comes to book.

I buy a lot of books. I go because I buy any time I go to the supermarket or to the whenever I find books that I have to bring one with me. So a my Kindle, I have a lot of books that I’m reading, but it has to do with my reader like how to be better or how to build your career. You know more. What about me, like a speaker or like a like a voice actor. You how much of my career as well.

So if you ask me how many books I’m reading right now, I have to say that for real. For real. I’m like reading like three, but I don’t speak to it. Maybe today I’m reading.

Oh, and also there is one book that I read every year, every year I forgot to really like for two years, but I read it every year. And it’s called How to Create Ideas There. And the author is called Jack Forster. He is a publicist. But the importance of this book and come on, forget about anything I told you, but please pay attention to this. The importance of this book is that. Even if even if he talks about ideas, I think that he talks about life because what it says applies to anything in your life and in a way that is very easy to read, but also very intuitive to for you to do stuff, to be to have a better life and also to be a better entrepreneur and also to be a better executive and a better nurse or a better doctor, because it’s very, very good.

So that’s if you will ask me a book that I will never, ever stop telling people to read is that one? And the other one is the good the good luck when I that the writer is Alex Ryvita because this is a story. About two nights, the black night and the black and white night and the way each of them created their own, Lutts in a very nice story, is very well written and is very good, and he’s very sharp as well.

So I think that these two books are like like gasoline for me. You know, on any time that I’m feeling down or I feel that I’m losing my path, I will come back to these books and these books are going to give me something back.

Well, yeah. I mean, I think you listed off like at least probably like 10 different books that I think are all going to be highly valuable books. And to your point, I mean, like, if I wasn’t on a podcast right now, I might be on Amazon trying to find all the books that you just listed out to kind of put them in my shopping cart. So I look forward to reading about those books in addition to books.

Right. What software are you currently using that you would not be able to run your business without? Editable.

Our table, because because well, actually, I use it for my like, you know, database for my for my for my app, but also because it’s very easy to use.

I tried to trade Laswell, but right now I’m starting to go to. Taking to take into consideration currently for me to be able to put on my schedule everything, you know, like you do, like you do, but, you know, editable is a very good good. And also Maistre, that is for my MABS is a very, very, very good software, because when I have a lot of ideas altogether, as you might might imagine, that sometimes it happens to me that I have or my ideas coming up and I cannot chat.

What I do is I will go to my minister and then I’m going to to create a mind map and it’s going this is going to help me to put all my ideas together. And I decided I just started to using this one. I but the the you know, the paid version of I don’t remember the name on my cell phone just died, but is an app that is for you for voice recording and it will write down the text, you know, and I think that this is.

Yeah. So what I’m transcription. Thank you. So what I’m doing right now, I just bought it yesterday. So it means that I think that this is the another app, that or software that is going to become like something that I can live without.

Great, great, great list of tools. So let’s say I am a young woman in my early 20s and I’m I’m I’m working at a corporation and I wanted to leave like a young woman in your 20s.

Come on. You have to give you you have to be come on and do that to me, please. No, no.

I’m saying hypothetically, hypothetically, old and hypothetically. OK, there you go.

So hypothetically, if I’m a young woman in my 20s and I’m kind of going through my life and I’m working and I’m deciding to step out on faith and I want to become an entrepreneur, what words of wisdom would you give to me to inspire me to move forward?

First, listen to yourself. First fine your own voice, sometimes we give so much. Importance to other people’s voice that we forget that the only way the greatest things had happen in this world is because some people decided not to pay attention to other people’s voice instead of theirs. So first of all, listen to your self and then when you listen to yourself, then you find out whether or not all the way around, most of the time we decide that other people know knows better.

What we need to do or where we need to go. Better than us, and let me tell you, that’s not true. You know, better trust if I will pay attention to the voices who told me that I was not going to do this or that I would. Or, for example, when I created my app. Of course, now my app is something very important in my country because or at least in my field, let’s say that.

But when I started talking about me creating this app. They the very, very people that I told that I was going to do that, I found some eyebrows, raised eyebrows or something like know some some some stuff that maybe could have made me think twice, but I decided not to pay attention to that. So. Oh, and also remember that those close to you. May not understand your vision. And sometimes you are waiting for them to understand your wishes, for you two, for you to give your first day.

What I suggest you to do is give your step. You can do your go and do your first step. And then you all the people are going to see your vision, because when you are inspired, other people can get inspired by you.

Yeah, I think that’s definitely fruitful knowledge to pass on as a young 20, 60 year old woman.

So wicked people find you online like what’s your Facebook YouTube handle? I mean, how could people find you? And all the ammo everywhere. No, actually, right now, my no crazy thing is I’m in love with that, with that thing. Come on, you can find me like Barisan Nasional Anglophiles. You can find me in jeans and Instagram like battery solution with a zero. Like because I couldn’t I couldn’t make the person who has but Siano sell it to me, so we had to zero zero in the end.

Also I have a Facebook with a Facebook fan page, but I don’t get getting to understand what I’m going to do with that. So mostly what I do is Instagram to PAOs, LinkedIn, and right now I’m starting again with Twitter or YouTube. I have a lot of things but are in Spanish. But but this year and actually it was like four or five days ago, we decided that we’re going to, you know, like we we we built my channel and things are going to be very good right now.

There is a lot of a lot of good stuff, but I’m not well organized. So right now I’m going to start like reorganizing in a way that you can find appealing. But anyways but you can find my shrine and then you’re going to find Deep’s for voiceover tips or podcasting or tips for oratory or speaking in public speaking or stuff like that. And yeah. And my website, of course w w w every dot com dot com.

Great. So we’re going to go into some bonus questions.

Right. I got bonus money for those most questions.

Well, I want to think about it by the phone. So some traffic to your website right now.

OK, well OK, fine. I like it. All right. So bonus question. If you could spend twenty four hours, anybody dead or alive, uninterrupted, who would it be and why? Oh, come on, that’s stuff. Of course, I will say, Mike, that I mean, I will say if I if he’s not, my dad will be Jesus or or Mandela. No, I don’t think Oprah Winfrey. But if I get above, I think that I would go with Mike, that I miss him so much.

It’s been 20 years. But anyway, it’s like it was yesterday.

So my dad the last bonus question, if money wasn’t a factor, would you still be doing exactly what you’re doing right now?

Interesting question, and you make me this question today, um.

I have to be honest, I don’t know and I say I don’t know because maybe if I if money was because one of the things that moved me. Is money, you know, I like money, maybe I don’t show that as much as I like it because my impostor syndrome, what what makes me is that sometimes I put myself down and I don’t want to charge, but from what I do, I still struggle with that. But I like being paid.

So it means that sometimes I decided to do some things because money’s involved. But what I do, what I truly think is that is money was wasn’t that an issue for me? We’re not an issue for me. What I will be doing is something that definitely I will be. Building up other people, I will be inspiring other people I don’t know is exactly what I’m doing right now because. But I think that I will still be a voice actor because I had options not to be a voice actor after everybody told me that I wasn’t good enough.

And anyway, I decided to go there. But I have to admit that. Yeah, maybe I will do it like a hobby, but if money wasn’t something that I would have to take care of, I will be inspiring people in some point in some way. We maybe this tall with maybe with another tool, but I would this but inspiring people for real.

Yeah, well, I think I mean, just listening to you and getting to know you better, just do my podcast. I mean, that’s what you are. You are an inspiration. I mean, you’re more of a motivational speaker than like I said earlier, than you could imagine. And I think that that shines through, through and through. So going into closing, what I usually do at the end of my podcasts, I give the person I’m interviewing the opportunity that asks me any questions they may have come up with while we’ve been talking.

OK, bonus question, if you will have to, the opportunity to invite to your podcast any person did or will that be and my now dead or alive anybody.

So I’ve had that question asked me who was trying to you know, I know that. I know the answer. So at one time, I would I would say if if spending time with somebody twenty four hours, I would say Einstein. But if I want to interview somebody, I want to have somebody on my podcast. I would definitely think of you may.

Oh, my God, we oh, my God, I’m so oh, my God, I’m so tired.

It wasn’t me that I was going to say Elon Musk, OK? Yeah, it is good to. I understand. Oh, also another question. Another question. You said I want to. Right. My other question is.

Are you happy right now with the person you became and is this person? Is this person the person you dreamed that you were going to be when you were younger? Am I happy? Yes, I’m happy. Did I think I was going to be this person? Oh, no. Like when I was younger, I was kind of what you would consider to be a wild card, kind of lost in my my ways. And I was just trying to find my way.

So on this journey of becoming a podcast or becoming a marketer and designer and all that stuff is when I really found out who I was. So it kind of helped me on my journey to become who I am today. Last question, yep. What was the hardest part for you? You know the hardest thing that you had to do? Too weak to become the person you are now. I think it kind of goes back to what you and I were talking about earlier is the I never was really looking for acceptance because again, I was a wild card.

I just did whatever I wanted to wanted to do. But as I got older and realizing that I felt like I lost time, I wasted some time being the recluse and being isolated by myself. So in that, I was trying to figure out how do I move forward? So now I’m at where I’m at and on this journey kind of took me forever to figure it out, but here I am. So I would definitely think that. Part of that.

Is understanding who you are and embracing who that person is to become who you’re going to be. I believe that to him, I believe that I think that it would be great if when we are born of when we were born, we’ll have like a manual you at least some clues of what we were supposed to be doing, because sometimes we really feel that we’re losing time. We have lost some time in things that may be.

That maybe we could have, you know, that we could have been better or have done better, but the good part is that now you’re doing your best. And this is what this is what it is. And this is the best of it, that now that you can compare to your now with your old your with your old you, with your old you. And you can see how much you have grown.

So congratulations for doing that.

Well, I definitely appreciate your time. And I think this was definitely a great episode. And again, I think you’ve exposed a lot of things about who you are. And I think that’s probably one of the reasons why you won awards on your podcast because you’re willing to expose your interview and deliver your passion 100 percent. So I definitely commend you and I appreciate you coming on the show. And I hope that now that we are going to be best is because you’re going to have me in your book club week any time you need me back, you just have to tell me if you need to talk about any topic, you just have to invite me in.

And I will be so happy to come back because I love talking to you.

Yeah, I definitely enjoy it. But again, I appreciate it. And as a group over now. Perfect. Well, thank you so much for having.