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“… don’t listen to what other people say about what you’re doing. A lot of people say you can’t do that, or this is too hard, or you don’t have the time to do it right now. So for me, I had to make sure I blocked out the distractions. This is my vision, and I can’t let anybody block my vision because they think it’s too hard. They’re not doing what you’re doing. You’re going to put in the time. You’re going to put in all the effort, and you want to get something out of it. So you’re blocking out distractions, listening to you, following your gut, and just say, you know, I know I can do this and get it done. Whatever it takes…”

In Season 2 Episode 5 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant switches up the format. He gives his listeners a behind-the-scenes look at a 1-on-1 growth strategy coaching call with the Founder of Trendset Clothing, Jordan Dunham.

Jordan is not new to entrepreneurship. He previously ran a highly successful event promotions business. Shortly after receiving his MBA from Howard University, he saw a need in the market for a fashion line that not only kept up with emerging trends but served a broader size market.

“From my own experience, shopping for clothes, always trying to find something that was, you know, still fashionable and trendy. I went to a store one time and said, ‘do you have my size?’ She said, ‘we don’t have anything in your size, like nothing.’ So that turned my focus into, if you want something, you have to make it yourself. So I made it myself.”

Via a highly robust question and answer session, S.A. provided Jordan insight on:

  • Working smarter, not harder, through developing a full-scale dropshipping model
  • Advice on design tools that will help improve product look
  • How to improve his cold market leads
  • How to grow his email list
  • The power of Pinterest as a marketing tool
  • And so much more!

If you’re just starting out on your journey towards entrepreneurship, check out this information-filled episode to grow your business from 0 to 100!


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Boss Uncaged Podcast Transcript

S2E05 – (Bonus) Jordan Dunham.m4a – powered by Happy Scribe

What’s going on, brother?

doing good,

a good man to a good. Test test test, Alright we are good. Welcome back to Boss Uncaged podcast on today’s show, we have Jordan. This is going to be a little bit of a different episode. It’s kind of more so like a mentoring slash coaching episode and start doing some more. This just kind of, you know, help startup entrepreneurs like Jordan get from point A to point B.. So, Jordan, give our audience a little bit of who you are.

My name is Jordan Dunham. I am the founder of Transat Clothing started, you know, this year. And we just, you know, a company that, you know, sets its own trends and gives a fashion professional way for everybody to dress whatever, no matter which side you are. You know, we give something to everyone. So that’s what we do. You’re small. You for it said we got something for you. So that’s that’s what we do.

So, I mean, how did you get into that business? I mean, your background, you went to college, you got a master’s degree in business, was it?

Yes, It was an business administration. So this you know, this year I was thinking about it and I thought about, you know, my own experience, just like shopping for clothes and doing always trying to find something that was, you know, still fashionable and trendy. And, you know, I I went to a store one time and it was just like.. I said, do you have my size? Is it ? Said we don’t have nothing in your size like nothing. That’s it. But I mean nothing? They said nothing so that I can turn my focus into say, hey, if you know somebody like what have you got to make it yourself. So I made it myself. You know, I started designing some designers thinking, look what I want to wear, what I want to see. And, you know, that’s how I came up with, you know, my first design. And, you know, we just got into the works and that’s that’s how I was.

got it. Got it. So, I mean, being that you went to school for business and you saw opportunity, you saw a hole in the market and you wanted to plug in and fill that void. How has that journey been for you so far?

It’s been it’s been very I like it because it’s like I’m my own boss, I can kind of do my own thing and, you know, I make the decisions which I always like to do. And starting off it was hard because, you know, I’m not a fashion designer, so I have to really, you know, enhance my creativity. I have to think about, OK, what women want to wear, what women want to wear. Some kids want to wear it. Know, that’s kind of the first time I ever had to do that. So that was the learning curve and I had to kind of get used to it. Everyday is a learning lesson. So it’s like every day you learn something new. So I think that’s one of the best things about it, because I like learning something new that I didn’t know and that’s been the best thing about it.

Got it, got it, so it looks like you have like one of your products on right now. They’re not going to serve them like that. So I guess the first question I have for you. Right. It really ties into, like, your business model, like how was your business set up right now? Are you essentially dropshipping? Are you buying in bulk and then reselling? Are you wholesale? What’s your business model?

So first I was doing I was going to be a manufacturer and, you know, they were making the search for me. So it was just a lot. So the numbers for though, you know, I was I was spending, you know, almost 20 hours to get a shirt done and send out so that it would cost me twelve dollars to get the shirt on t shirts together, that it will be something it will be like five dollars to ship it out to the post office. And, you know, after that, you know, cost of the bag, the thank you card, everything. And look, in my Web text, I think they took out it’ll be twenty dollars. So my profit margin service twenty five. So I will only make it hours for sure. But now you know, I started to dropship and it cuts down on all of the craziness that I was doing before running around, taking my head off and just, you know, I can just literally tell them this is what I work, this is how I want to look. And then they you know, they they may eventually ship it out and people get it. You know, good times matter and I raise the price to thirty dollars. So now I’m making ten hours by pressure and I like doubled my profit margin. So I was like less stress and I just I always like it is a is a definitely a way better system that we’re definitely better for me, especially since I’m just starting out, starting out. So I really, I really enjoy the dropship.

Got you. Got you. So how did you find out about Dragsholm?

Well, I learned from the expert himself and he told me he had to get right there every day to let me know, you say look where you are, you worked. So, you know, you talk to me, you say, hey, I think this is a better way. You know, you show me that you said, hey, you know, did you I see how you’re working and you’re working too hard and you shouldn’t have to do this. This is 20, 20 years, not batting 80. We have really, you know, we have a way to do it. So, I mean, you definitely made sure that I you know, I was not working as hard, but still working smarter. And I was working smarter, not harder. So I definitely appreciate you for that.

Definitely. Definitely. There was nothing that we had talked about, too. I think you had another hurdle in your business to where you were creating the visuals for the products, but you had to package up the products to get the photography done.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Let’s describe into that a little bit.

Yes. So at first, when I first started out, I was I was thinking I was thinking too hard about I was like, yeah, I have to make t-shirts I have to know, put it into my budget to where I can send these free shirts out of my influences. And they wear the shirts posted on social media. And, you know, I was going to really draw that was it. And it was a good idea theory. But I got a little buzz for, you know, using the app that you told me about where I can go to place an app and I can literally models with it and just put our shirts on the models. And then which is definitely a whole lot, it was a whole lot better because I could use the money that was used to send people free shirts. It’s the, you know, the marketing and the, you know, everything like that. So I shifted the money that we were using for that into marketing. It get a whole lot better because I was able to reach a wider variety of people and different demographic villages a whole lot better. So that was a yes. I mean, I would able to that. Hey, are you saying, you know, 50 people, you need to download this app and you’re going to market the year is what you spent on scimitars out people. Are you going to save a whole lot of money? Well, that’s what I like to do. So you so you save me a lot of money already, and I thank you.

I’m definitely not a problem. So just look at I mean, you’re you’re a numbers guy because you have a business background, right? So before you were spending 20 bucks, that’s not including the shipping of the marketing to send out the product. So essentially, you saved on the drop shipping, you saved on the images. You don’t have to actually pay a photographer. You have to pay a model. So that gives you more real estate to do. Put the money back into the business.


Got you. So another question that did you have for me was I guess there’s more to our design because the shirt that you have on. Right, not only is it black and white, but it’s two shirts that you cut in half and spliced together. So I would think like just the price of that shirt, just getting getting the store, getting them stitched. It’s a course in itself, right, to have somebody do the artistry decision together and how many tools that you have to buy to be able to sell, how many you got to get created at one time ?

And to get 50 created at one time. So, you know, I wanted to go ahead and have it inventory. So, you know, had and started out. We had 30 people that we were going to send the shirts out. You know, I didn’t want to have an extra 20 just to sell, you know, like the preorders or whatever to do this in case I wanted to have some kind of inventory. So we start with 50 shirts. It was a lot. So, I mean, you know, we put it out of each shirt.I mean, we were already in the hole, you know, in the hole, but we were just always spending money and we had made money. So with that, you know, now not having to do that and literally just cutting shirts on the site and literally shipping and doing that and just having a you know, having the marketing, just it just a whole lot better because now we’re not spending any money to make it without spending any money to you know, everything just is automated now. So we just we’re running we’re all full steam ahead.

So it marketing, mainly marketing what on Instagram currently right now,

social media sell right now, mainly Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. That’s really you know, we do like emails as well. So right now, you know, we definitely need to do that. We just need to do more with the email marketing and like doing my own. I do like a text and, you know, everybody’s always on their phone. So doing like text updates will drop something stuff we need to do more and more stuff like that.

Got it. So, I mean, Whicher, when it comes down to like online marketing, one of the biggest things that people discredit Persay is you list. So, I mean, how big is your your email list currently right now.

Right now is at one hundred and twenty.

OK, and you know, are you running any ads to build up new leads or not.

Yeah, we’re not we’re not doing it right now.

OK, so you got one hundred and twenty leads, all hundred percent organic. Just what that’s to. Purchases,

purchasing and word of mouth, you know, literally, I mean, I was calling everybody that I knew, you know, I like to talk to people, so I’m just literally talking to people on the phone like, hey, you sight. I have a brand. You know, you should check it out, subscribe, you know, like just have a conversation with people. I just think, you know, for me, I like your word of mouth promotion. That’s just my favorite promotion. So I definitely need to do like more. As you know, people want more people here.

I mean, you with the said I mean, you have a global platform, so you wouldn’t look by word of mouth is great. I mean, obviously that that’s your hot market. But in a coal market. Right, there’s billions of people in the world. So to reach out to the people, you’re going to have to kind of put a small ad spend and obviously going Instagram. You could do Facebook, you could do Google, you could do Twitter, you could do Pinterest as well, too. Are you on Pinterest yet?

I’m not. I’m end your little Pinterest. Yeah.

So Pinterest is one of those things where it’s underestimated in the sense that Pinterest is a lot like YouTube. YouTube has the capability of search engine, much like Google. I can go on Google, I can say, hey, how do I fix a nineteen sixty five Mustang and nine out of ten times it will be a video fixing that Mustang but is one hundred percent keyword driven. Pinterest works the same exact way. So I go on pictures, I can say, hey, I’m looking for a black and white T-shirt. it’ll pop up, so keep him on a teacher could have been posted five years ago, two days ago, 100 percent key were driven versus Facebook. If you post something on Facebook that pushes down every second, all day, every day, and you search for Instagram, searching for it, and you can’t really search on Facebook, you can’t really search on Instagram, particularly for products. Right. They’ll present the ads based upon your behavior, but they’re not going to be able to then go into Facebook and type in black and white T-shirt and have your T-shirt come up based upon those keywords. So Pinterest is a gold mine and feeds right into Etsy as well. Got it, so I think definitely if you go in that direction, if you want to set up a Pinterest account and you have access to the place to account to where you can create limited images. There’s no there’s no there’s no cap, you pay a one time fee for a year and you can create as many images as you want. Great videos that you want. So you’re not to worry about the content. Now you have to do is just so I don’t know, like right now. Are you designing your own images for your ads or you have somebody else doing that?

I have I have some I know I don’t like the desired part of it. Somebody works for me, so he’s doing the design part. I’m I’m pretty much just saying, hey, I don’t like this or I like this. I want to see this, you know, maybe just tell them what to put on there.

So how often are you posting on social media?

I know every every every two days. So we’re doing like every today posting something new, a new shirt, new design for the city. We just drop the collection. So we just do like new every two days. We don’t have a new city. So we just having all our products with those cities on it, just drop them every two days. A city. So that’s what we’re doing now.

Yeah. So I think with that, if you tie that into your email campaigns, I mean, you definitely see I mean, how often are you sending emails right now?

Every two weeks, we do email every two weeks saying like, hey, you know what, we do audit every every order. We say, no, thank you. Thank you, of course. But every time we been sending out, we have the end credits. So we’ll send an email out to the creditors. And I think we definitely start doing it more because, you know, we know how those other brands, those bigger brands, do they send email them every day?

Yeah, definitely. Definitely.

You know, be me being by myself. And, you know, I just got to get as you I have like automated e-mails or something where I can just stand out or worry about it.

Yes. What email program are you using currently right now?

Well, I mean, it’s the one site that just including one

got you Yes, I mean, my referral always used to be Milchan Millichap had it plugged into everything, but then past year. So I started using Sayne Fox. Sosin Fox is similar to Melchett, but it’s a lighter version, right? It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. But the beauty of Fox is again, I’m really big into lifetime deals. I like to pay for things one time and use it a million times and it cuts down on the overhead. So Fox is a one time fee and it gives you a certain quantity, so to say ten thousand. Ten thousand. This is like 50 or 60 bucks one time.


Yeah, which the big difference then, MailChimp, which is essentially for ten thousand, is probably like a hundred dollars a month. Seventy nine dollars a month. So just think about that. Right. So if you could just send out plain simple emails with the coupon codes or images of your product and you just have a staff of people that all they will have to do is just keep adding it to the drip campaigns that you’re talking about. You could easily have an extended long drip campaign that can send out 10, 20, 30 emails over the course of every two days or every week or every other week or every month, whatever you want. And all you do is keep adding on to that drip campaign. So when new people come in, they’ll get all those emails and keep building and building and building. So I mean that that’s something that you definitely want to look at.

And it’s usually the same foxiest

semd fox send Fox. And so some foxes, it plugs into a lot of different things. So it allows you to capture the emails. I mean, obviously we need there’s other software that can connect Facebook, Instagram to it, to when the leads come in, you could drop it and send Fox. But since Fox is pretty robust, you can plug it into Xabier for automation like you’re talking about. So you say, hey, every time I got an email, put it into this list, every time email comes in to this list. Now you want this list to then send out the emails step by step, right? I mean, there’s a billion of them is active campaign, constant contact, MailChimp, all of them are providers. But again, send faxes, essentially the cheapest one that gives you exactly what you need lesser costs,

really. I had a question about the dropship, right? Yeah, she still is like the best thing for me or another one that you know about, you know, better and cheaper or faster delivery.

I would say it comes down to your platform. Right. So and all of them are competing against each other. So print full is great for Shopify, but they got like 25 other competitors in that space. So privilege is a good plug in that has a lot of bells and whistles and they have a lot of products, but their pricing is a little bit more expensive than other vendors because other vendors may have something 30 percent, 40 percent less. But they may not have as positive as the reviews as they may not have, the quality is full, so it’s one of two. You could test it out. I mean, you could start with painful to kind of connect it. Right, set up a couple of products in their test and then you could set up another app inside of Shopify and run both of them side by side. A lot of times vendors will do t shirts and one brand. They may do sneakers and hats and another another vendor and a seamlessness shopify. The end user doesn’t know where they’re coming from. All they see is a product in the purchase price. So to say that print is the best, I would not say it’s particularly the best, but they’re. They’re they’re probably one of the higher rated ones out there to keep in mind that I wouldn’t just stop to think about your product, you decide to make shoes will fall, doesn’t really provide shoes, but there’s other vendors that provide shoes so you can keep your shorts. Yeah, I think they may or may not have shorts, but it’s so many different products out there. There’s so many products. I mean, that’s the beauty of print on demand, is that you could print on phone Cases T-shirts, hats, socks, underwear, bathing suits, cups, mugs, anything you want. But again, you don’t want to do too much too fast. You want to have to test the market, fill the demand. And I mean, I think you have like 300 shirts when you first came out.

Yeah. So I think Shirts is obviously working for itself

right now.

So I just keep on that. You just have to keep and keep in mind you can negotiate pricing to. That’s the other part that people don’t realize is once you get to a point to to say you’re selling three hundred products every single month, every single month or 1000, then you could contact the vendor. I look and I’m pushing a thousand units to you like the price I need to work on that price because right now that default price is kind of like a wholesale is a wholesale price, really, because it’s kind of like they include everything in it and then they scattered amongst everybody. And you may sell one shirt, but this guy is going to sell ten thousand shares to ten thousand shirts. Obviously, he’s going to want to reduce the cost. And the more you sell, the more you reduce the higher margins. What are the questions you got?

So with the OK, so right now, what do you think about like the profit margin? Like so make it like from right now for the shirts that we have, like what do we have Prunus coming in is coming out and all that. So I really have done the profit margin on that bill. T shirts are making ten dollars so I’ve doubled from the manufacturer. So you think that’s a good profit margin or do you think that I need to like work on the price or really think about that.

Anything above zero is a good margin, right? To start with anything but breaking even is a good margin. So I mean, ten dollars I think is a great margin for t shirts because it really comes down to how much the shirt costs, how much somebody’s willing to pay for the shirt. So I would say five dollars is kind of the six pack. Once the shirt is done, it’s done. Only then you have to do is market it. So you have to think about that marketing budget. So there’s a marketing budget. Right. And then the other thing to the secret of like drop shopping is units per transaction. So you don’t want to just stop selling once you’re right. You want to say, hey, buy two. Get one free or get free shipping at fifty dollars or more, so the way I would price my shirts is usually OK if I know the two shirts is going to cost 50 dollars. Well, then how much do you think I’m going to do for free shipping? If you have to guess? If I sell to shirts for 50, how much would I give free shipping for?

I mean, I would think regardless,

I would I would say get free shipping of 60 or 70 bucks,

I mean, 60 more, OK. Oh. Overall, the overall

the units per transaction. So if I know I’m selling a shirt for 20 bucks, I know if they bought two shirts is 40 and they give free shipping at 50, what does that give you? It’s going to make them add a third shirt, you know, to get the free shipping so that extra shirt adds on cost to them. Of the 50, we’re at 60. Given free shipping, shipping is about five dollars. So I make an extra five dollars on that transaction in addition to my conversion per shirt. So that’s just a way to look at a lot of times. If you see, you’ll see fifty dollars, you see sixty-five dollars. Look at the unit price. It was twenty-five dollars per shirt, usually to take three shirts to get to that sniffled llamo. So you won’t think about that. So right now you don’t have any free shipping. You probably want to add a free shipping but make sure the free shipping is on quantity.

Yes, you have free shipping, but I don’t have the money. I just have I have just a free shipping for all of the all the products, but I just added the shipping into the price of the shirt.

That’s another way of doing it as well, too. But keep in mind, like human instinct is like, oh, my God, I’m going to discount. Oh my God, I want to get free shipping. Amazon is a prime example for free shipping and do it’s it’s the cost of everything is included in all the products. But the fact that I have a I’m going to I’m going to hit the prime button because I want my product to get here in two days and I don’t want to pay for shipping versus the same product that shipping the product maybe five dollars less, but a shipping 799 and I’m end up spending two dollars, nine cents more and it may take a week to get there. I’m just going to hit Prime right away and look for all the free shipping product. It’s a psychological thing that people are used to looking for free shipping, or if I can get to more products, I can get free shipping. And that’s when you have lower level products. Right? So if you have two shirts, you may have socks and then they’ll add some two shirts to cross over that mark. So you don’t want to discredit the small, low priced items because low priced items get your units per transaction.

So you’re definitely adding socks, as it sounds to me like that. But I mean, that’s the best that’s the best thing to do with that. You know, that I know no misophonia like I see free shipping at a certain price, you know, I mean, I’m thinking about, OK, what’s the prices are obviously. But like you said, free shipping items that you’re looking for you know, let me check this out. So that’s definitely something that we’re going to add something like that.

And some other things that you can add as well to is more so on a digital side, right? On a digital space. It’s an unlimited thing. That way you don’t have any overhead whatsoever. So you could essentially say, hey, guys, we have an annual party or a monthly party or whatever when they get to meet you live online on the way for them to get accesses to the shirt and then they purchase the shirt, you’ll get access via the follow up email so you can kind of do like online trendsetting parties. And in your background, you’ve got parties, so,


I mean, even in a day of covid, I mean, obviously you still do online stuff all day long. But keep in mind, those parties I mean, think about it. You talk to a lot of your particular clients and influencers. So reach out to a couple of influencers. Some of them already got your shirts to do online parties. I mean, you’re your trendsetting is your brand, so it only works hand in hand. That builds into that brand. And again, it’s not going to cost you anything. Right?

It’s absolutely free.

And then again, it’s exclusive to. Right. So keep that in mind. That’s the part of it. Nobody can get into it unless they have a shirt. And then if they have the shirt, they have to wear a shirt to the party and obviously sign a waiver that you can record the entire Zoome party and it’s all your products and all the screens. So, you know, you have marketing for free.

Oh, man, that’s right there, Angela, you OK? The liberals only got, like, you know, you can’t you can’t see.

Yeah. And from there you can kind of, you know, tweak it, right? I mean, you done parties before, so you just got to think about the entertainment. What are you going to have music. Whether it’s going to be a guest or influence or speak. I mean, there’s a million different things you could do. But the goal is you want people to be on there with your shirt, with your product and just have that running all the time. So whether it’s monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, whatever it is, you want to make sure that you do it repeatedly. That way you can keep growing. And that’s a whole nother business to the self that you’re growing parallel to this business for down the road.

Yeah, I mean, a lot of people have to I mean, it’s easy to say, you know, so but I have searched what I just didn’t access go to now or would I have, you know, just new people that don’t have insurance

to me is a million different software for that. So whether you want to set it up as a webinar, whether you want to set it up as a Zoom call, I mean, that’s what you have like PA personal assistants for. They can say, hey, guys, in 30 days, you plan it out every 30 days, you say, hey, next month we’re going to have two parties. The emails are going to come in as somebody makes a purchase. Just make sure or you do the automated hey, this name, once it comes in, if they made a particular purchase, then roll them into this new list and this list will get the new email. And then your team just needs to update the email with the new codes.

and right now, my nose down like this. Sure. Yeah, so, yeah, um, did you see the do you see the the picture I sent you the other.

Yeah. The other design. So you just wanted to figure out. So have you figured out how to do the all-over design from it or you want me to kind of walk you through that.

So I mean we’ve done all the design like solid color, so we’ve done that, you know , so that we figured that out. And that’s pretty simple when we put that out there. But like something like that, that that the most recent designers , if you like, would that be a possible design to do all franscell?

Yeah, let me share my screen. Just. All right. All right, so I just kind of threw this together just to kind of demonstrate it to you for what you’re looking for. And obviously this is this is a standard shirt, right? This standard shirt in the printing area is just here. Right? It allows you to print that product in that space, but it doesn’t go all the way to the edges versus this shirt, which it’s what we’re talking about, which is a print all over shirt. So what I’ve just designed, I just designed a product that was to say 20 inches by 20 inches, much like yours. I think yours had like the green at the bottom layer.


Yep, so I just split in half a half and then I just put uploaded the image in there, so I wish I could rotate it. I can kind of change it. You see what I’m saying? So I could modify that still image to whatever I want. And it’s going from top to bottom is going to full edge. And then I go to the back and do the same thing on the back. So the back is a different look and feel from the front and it expands all the way across the top and bottom. Now obviously you have the sleeves as well, so you can do Left sleeve the right sleeve and on the left sleeve also you can just leave a white on the right sleeve. You can print it black if you want to, to kind of think of it. As for four pieces of one shirt, once you set it up, it may take some time to kind of go through and upload the parts and the components to make it look right. But once you kind of get it right, then you don’t have to do it again. You could just copy this over it and, you know, for the next year what exactly you have to do. But the beauty of this is like you can test it out. Like, pretty much what I’m seeing here is what I’m expecting to see on the shirt when it comes. And obviously I can shrink it and I could change it and I can move things around. And do whatever I want this, so for the hoodie, you got to find a print all over hoodie, right, and receive Shopify. Has any of those? On product. Let’s look at the hoodie’s. Or. So this is just standard hoodie’s pullover, hoodie, pullover, hoodie, hoodie, hoodie, all over print hoodies. So obviously that’s the starting price, which you can see is a significant difference from this. Right. But there’s a lot lot that comes in there. But I mean, obviously, you could boost the price up without. Yeah. Coming here. I’ll select that. So now it’s the same setup as the shirts that I can move it around. Obviously the line, the middle one is center mass, the. So that’s what it’s going to look like in the front, then you have all these other options, right? You got the hood. And you can see all of this, they have templates for all that, so all you would have to do is literally just loaded into the template to kind of see what it’s gonna look like beforehand, then load the image up. So was output the same thing on top just to kind of so it prints all the way to the edge? So I know that one side of the hoodie is this side. The left side of hoodie is that and this is the inside and this is the outside. That makes sense.

Yeah, I got a question. So let’s say, like with the shirt, right? With the white black shirt or black-white shirt. So I would have to find, like, you know, whatever I had to find it to be like just get a black you know, get a black one and even get a white one or just get a black. We’ll to do that,

yes, so for the design-wise, I mean, it’s all the specs are in here, so you can kind of choose the files. Premium’s you could do a video tutorial and it’ll tell you step by step on how to do it. This is my measurements on my document right now. So I think I made it 40 by 40 inches. And so that way it covers the entire thing. And I say that at three hundred DPI have shrunk it down. So I also change the DPI rate. But as long as you stay above one hundred and fifty DPI, you should be fine for print on t-shirts or the hoodies. So when you create this image like I’m using Illustrator to create mine, I probably share my screen. Could you see my desktop? So you see illustrator or you just see in my bottom

yeah understand the lowest approval.

ahh! one second and let me share. Alright, so in here, what I’ve done, I just I just took it. From one of my book covers i just stretch it out, so I use Illustrator to keep infector that way, I kind of scale it to whatever I want and I just threw this together really quickly. I just dropped these anchor points in here and I just made this document. It looks like twenty-eight inches by 28 inches. And from here, what I’ve done is I exported it out and I saved the transparency. So that way the white is transparent, the black is color that I can put it on any shirts and or any color shirt and it’ll kind of do an inverted color for me. Whatever the color of the shirt is going to show up as white. So if I put it on like a red shirt, whatever is white will become red. Right?


So I mean, obviously a white behind it too. But I mean, also you’re doing white hoodies anyway, so you just want to make sure the black is solid, export this out and then want to export it out. I mean, go to. Sorry, yeah, I’m switching it over. So many different things open back to Shopify. So once I export out the image, then I was going to choose File is going to upload the file. And then after it uploads, it will show up in my queue. So this is like all the uploads that I’ve done, right, so that I can kind of pick whatever product or whatever image. That’s the beauty of this is like all of it’s in the cloud. I never have to kind of re upload it again is in there. If I want to switch it out, I’ll just select that. And it just loads it on top, right, and it just kind of just gives you an idea, a rough idea of what it’s going to look like and then you can move it around. So on this one, I’m going to click on it just to do it again. I’ve uploaded it. I’ve selected it. And now here it goes from edge to edge. Now, keep in mind, you have to look at the size, right? So it’s that full plus of our shrink it down. That’s what it’s going to look like. All right, so I wanted to go past the safe area, which is this little dotted line on here. I wanted to go past that same area. I want to call a full bleed a footprint all the way to the edge and then to the GOLBY kind of look at it from all sides. You’ve got the pocket, you got inside labels, you got a lot of different options with this brand of that’s one thing that’s good about print full that gives you opportunity to print in every aspect. Now, keep in mind everything that you add on. That’s how you and that’s how the price changes. Right. So thirty-nine. Ninety-five. I just back but I want you to pocket’s the hoodie, the inside label and everything else. Custom in 41$. Forty-one dollars for that. So this may be too high. Right. So then I’ll look for another vendor and see what the prices goal would be. If you could sell this for 70 bucks then fine. You son of a and fine at that point, it really doesn’t matter. It’s a custom custom job anyway. Not anybody else is going to have that particular product. So it gives you opportunity to sell it for what is worth. So go ahead.

So that so it’s like, OK, you know, you say measurement, right? So like you said, like the thirty-eight or like forty. So what I’m what I’m making that right. I’m talking to you, that Adobe illustrator. So when I’m making that design, do I just say, OK, I put the black and white in there to you know, to that, that, that little. Or do I just say, OK, OK, just get a black squared or a white square and they just put it kind of stretch it out when I get here.

Got you. So you talk about the actual design, how to design it yesterday that really fast. We go back to illustrator and. There she is. All right, so this is illustrator and just kind of give you a little this black box. And you see inside the black box, I have let me move this out the way so you can see it a little bit better. So this is part of the design inside the box. And what I’ve done is I just crop it see, this is the other half of it that’s in white. So what I’ve done is just said, hey, I want one half to be black, one have to be white. So essentially just two boxes. The black box and the white box. Right, and I’m just bringing them together in the middle. So what I’m doing is I’m making sure that it goes all the way to the edge in black and goes all the way to the edge and white. So when I export it, bring it in. I’m just going to use this line to center it. So on the left side of the shirt will be white with the black and on the right side of Surabhi, black with the white. So you just have to be mindful that whatever design you do, I mean. I’ll pull it from the original so you can kind of see what it looked like before. I’m a. That’s the beauty of technology. It’s like, what are you trying to do to me, man? You got so many things running right now. All right, so this is just the black. So now I got the black in the middle, but I need it to be half and half, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to crop it. And I’m just going through this rough, right, so that’s just one side I’m going to select both of them. I’m going to copy them. Did go go to object. Clipping mass make snap, I just have the opposite side. That’s black, right, that I’m going to go back. I copied it, so I’m just going to paste it in front. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to move this black box to the opposite end. Right. And then I’m just going to just to move this out the way. I’m going to select these two and I’m going to object clipping mass make. So I cropped the wrong one. Object clipping, mass make, so now right now, it looks exactly the same as it was before. So now I’m going to go in and change it. So I’m going to select this black right. I know that’s one of them. And I’m just going to change the color to white. So now I know it’s still there, right? I was going to select the box behind it. This is the box that’s that I need to change the content color of. So then I was going to double click that and I was going to make that box black. Well, let me get the right box. So I just made the box back, the other box is no color, and you can see this is two separate boxes, right? One box is cropping this. And keep in mind, the image is still there behind. I’m just masking it out. So this allows me to kind of move it around about one to. And, you know, you could do a million different designs with this, whatever you want to do, but the goal is for this product. I want it to go from edge to edge. And this product is already edged, and because his white background and then I would just export this out much like I did this one imported in, and then once it puts it in, is going to go from edge to edge, which is going to fill the entire shirt or the entire. Does that make sense?


Yeah, so I mean, so how were you doing it before?

Well, we were doing like we were kind of trying to put the. The black shirt, I will try to use a square. It is one word because the it will be like top of the color will be white. You like the whole color would be white. So we would try to like it was like getting the black and white on only. It was like those will be white or like the bottom of the shirt, the bottom of the shirt white will be a full black or one side of white on one side of what we were struggling with in the mean, you know, we were having our own problems. We have to start. Right. You got to figure out how to do how to do this the right way to cover the whole shirt.

Oh, yeah. Yes, that’s it. I mean, you just have to look at the specs, right. And you pull up the specs for that. And keep in mind, every spec is going to be uniquely different based upon the service. So print full specs are simple there and make sure it’s their specs right there. So the inside label is that the front, the pocket, the back, the sleeves, the hood is thirty-seven inches by thirty- seven inches. And then you can also download a template and what you download a template. All you have to do is look it will be guidelines and a template, much like what you see up here. So all you have to do now is make a box around this. You know, I think I just skip that step because you don’t understand the premise of it’s just a box and they’re just cropping out that image on the box. So I will just build it in a square. Thirty-seven point thirty-seven inches, bring it in and this is the part that you were probably missing on yours, is that, keep in mind, double X triple X. That’s what this comes into a factor, right?


I’m saying so if this is white. It’s going to show up, you have to cover the entire thing all the way top all the way, bottom line

has to cover the whole thing,

has to cover the entire thing. And in that way, now you have a product that’s covering from top to bottom. This is to say this is large, this is extra large. This is triple X as far as the length of it. Right. So once you have that all covered, now this is the front of the shirt, the front of the shirt or the front of the hoodie, and then you’ll go to the back. Right. So same thing here. And keep in mind, your arms will be the same thing, your sleeve. So if it’s a left sleeve, then you just want to fill it black. the right sleeve usually white. And then that’s it pretty much for getting this set up and getting laid. And this is just I mean, I know your designs are probably going to be more like these designs. I think all the ones I’ve seen so far. You have a design that kind of fills the entire product from top to bottom on all of them. So once you kind of mastered this and kind of get this down and again, you have this video, you can watch the video a million times just to understand it, no matter what you do with this print full any of the program, they all pretty much the same. You just have to know the measurements of the dimensions. You have to make sure your product is going to fill in that dimension with the image and just make sure you put it in your stretching it across equally to all aspects of this template.

Got you So OK, with the new image. What I have to do the same thing in the illustrator by going in and, you know, doing that whole thing with the whole, you know, because it’s three different colors and it kind of cuts off your way. What I have to do the same thing in Illustrator with that.

I mean, yeah, I would just look at Illustrator as a square. Right. So you want that line down the middle, kind of helps you God to where things are going to be in this product. So you have an angle, right? You just think about if I want this angle to start from under the armpit and come across there, you just need to make sure inside of Illustrator you’re designing from the bottom left corner up until something right around here, you use a template to figure that out and then you would upload it and look at it. Right. I mean, once you upload it, you kind of say, OK, this is right now. I wanted to be more like that. I wanted to be more like that. I want it all black, but I want it to be more. Twenty-five. Seventy-five. So you’re making adjustments on here. So now you’re shifting it around to get somewhat of the design that you’re looking for and you do the same thing on the back, and then you kind of look at it, you know, you can even print it out just to kind of sometimes you print things out a little bit different than on screen, but you can take a screenshot as a print it out just to kind of see like that little part right there with Domy off. Because it’s a little bit of why it should be all black, you say little details like that, you’ve got to look for to make sure that everything is flushed if you want it to be flushed from edge to edge and like this. Right. If I wanted that to be black, that I had to go back and illustrator and I want to fill that little thing with black because I know what’s going to be near that collar. And I want everything on this side to be 100 per cent black. So just those little details as you start designing and developing product, you just have to keep. And once you get them done, then anything else after that, you really know what to do moving forward. So it’s just a learning curve up-front, but it’s a small learning curve. And then once you’re done with that, you hit save and now this product will be live. And obviously you could do a test product and they can send you one product off. And the good thing about dropship is that it costs you 20, 30 bucks to get that one thing delivered right. Sent to you. And then you can go in and modify it all day, all night, updated, change it without having to buy a bunch of surplus. Definitely with it. So what insight do you have for anybody else coming up as far as an entrepreneur that particularly want to get into the space or drop shipping t-shirts with words of wisdom when you give to them?

Well, you know, with me, I’ve always been one of the type of person to just say, you know what, like don’t listen to what other people say about what you’re doing. You know, it’s just like a lot of people like you can’t do that or you can’t. You know, this is too hard. You don’t have the time to do it right now. So it’s like me. I had to make sure, like, I listened. I had to block out the distractions and kind of, you know, a lot of support from my family. But it was like other people, like, you know, on the outside looking in like t-shirt, like right now. And this climate, you know, coronavirus Glenorie. Sure, you want to do this. So, you know, block out distractions and, you know, know it. Hey, you have to understand, this is what I want to see. This is what I this is my vision. And I can’t let anybody block my vision because they think it’s too hard because they’re not doing what you’re doing. You’re going to put in the time you to put in a man. You’re going to you’re going to put it all the effort and you want to get something out of it. So you’re blocking out distractions, listening to you, going to follow your gut and just say, you know, I know I can do this and get it done, whatever, whatever it takes to get you to do it. But I think that. That was my memory. Are actually going to different people and getting different prices because everybody has a different price. You know, even though when I first when I first started looking manufacturers, you know, I was going out to a big company and ever charging twenty-five dollars for a shirt, and I had to do a 30- second minimum for, you know, for them to make sure they could get all the shirts that I needed to do but 25$. And I had to get a minimum of thirty-six years out of every set back from the start and know I wouldn’t have any money. So it was different. Different people get to try out new, you know, just have to make sure you. You know, you the facts are what do I want from, you know, what I want, what type of quality shirt would have a quality product? You just have to find the best what’s best for you as best you do dropship. If you find a manufacturer that you know, that you feel like you can feel and touch the shirt. Want to go look at the shirt before it’s done in the manufacturer, but make sure that manufacturer provides the quality service, the customer service because at the end of the day, you’re the customer and you’re sending it out to another customer. So if your product manufacturers give you a bad product that you give your customer a better product and that’s not your business, that that’s one thing. That’s the main point of, you know, the quality service lead to good customer service. And that’s that’s the main point.

Got it. Got it. So, I mean, how could our viewers find you on on on Internet? I mean, obviously, you have Instagram handle. Facebook handle.

Yes, so my brazed Instagram is Transat clothing,transat clothing, and then for my personal Instagram it is Jordan always win in j o r d a n always w i n that’s that’s the name. Ask myself the social media. You can reach me and we have our link. Both those bios to go to the store are our stores domain shop dot com. And you know that’s where everything going to update every week because you don’t have to change every single week, almost every single day at this point. So we always we’re always updating the site, putting something new on there. And, you know, we just we’re working. So that’s what we need to do.

Got to. Got it. Got it. So, I mean, in closing, I mean, do you think. This video was helpful to you and something that you can potentially use and grow from.

Oh, for sure. Yeah, this is a seat I like. I like this because, like, you know, it’s very interactive. And I can see I’m a visual learning and I like kind of talking things out. So it definitely helps me because I like he would just say, oh, this is what you do and you just leave it at that. So now you start like, what do I need to do? So it isn’t very helpful in like, you know, just I know I can definitely grow more than I could do or design. And I have a lot more. I have a lot more, you know, just different designers I want to do. But now that I can do it myself, you know, because it’s hard to give people your vision, you don’t really know how to put it on, like on there for them to see it. So now I can put my vision on the line and see it. OK, this is where I will. And naked, you know, tweaking, you know, pass it up. So, I mean, may help a whole lot. And I definitely appreciate your career.

Any time. Any time. Well, I definitely appreciate it, man. I mean, if you have any last questions before we sign off meant what you got

and I’m good. I’m like, you get over here, you know. Thank you. Yeah. Everything everything else. I really do appreciate your question. You know, I definitely let you know.

Definitely. I look forward to seeing your business grow, man. I mean, it’s one of those things like on my regular podcast asked, what do you see yourself in 20 years from now? So I’m asking you that now, what do you see yourself in 20 years?

Well, see 20 years starting multiple businesses, not just clothing, but, you know, eventually going to law school, you know, you know, becoming an attorney, doing a whole bunch of business. I don’t want to do X or H.R. consulting just different businesses or, you know, definitely want to grow this brand into something that, you know, people say this is something for everybody. You know, this is something that I can I can give to my you know, we have something for somebody, uncle, my dad, brother, cousin, sister, anybody. So anybody that wants to, you know, set their own trends that don’t want to follow everybody else, this is the brand for them. And that’s what I really want people to understand just to treat this is. So so that’s what I you know, that’s the main take away from, you know, our brand. I want you to feel like this is something nobody else has. This is something that’s exclusive. And that’s that’s that’s the point for me,

that I’ve got it. I mean, how do you mean? You’re like, what, early twenties

for twenty-four.

I mean, yeah. I mean that’s I mean, I’m happy to see that you’re that eager and that hungry because I mean the reality is, is most people in the twenty-five like they’re missing that edge and I think it comes from well you got a lot of shoes the following with your mom and your dad to be.

Sure you’re going guys like me.

No zero slack for you man. But it definitely was a pleasure. And again, to just reach out to me if you got any other questions in different. Appreciate you coming on to the podcast and have a little.

Thank you. Appreciate you having me. Have your day. OK,

any one man S.A Grant over now.