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“One of the big things we’re trying to accomplish with this show is one we wanted to be entertaining for everyone listening and educational. At the same time, we’re definitely going for that edutainment thing, but we want each show to provide our listeners with one key tactic. One thing they can actually leave the show and start doing right that day.”

In Season 2, Episode 17 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, this Bonus Episode features a pair of Badass Uncaged Bosses. S.A. Grant sits down with Founder & Partner Of Success Champion Networking: Donnie Boivin & Kevin Snow for a casual off-the-cuff Growth Strategy conversation.

This tag-team duo, deemed the Jobs and Wozniak of the podcasting universe, strikes down a hard-hitting episode full of laughs, takeaways, and business development items. Covering automation, networking, sales, magazine development, and just taking action with the results in mind.

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Boss Uncaged Podcast Transcript

S2E17 – Founder & Partner Of Success Champion Networking: Donnie Boivin & Kevin Snow AKA Badass Uncaged Bosses – S2E17 (#45) – powered by Happy Scribe

Welcome welcome back to another kind of like a roundtable discussion between I’m a big fat ass uncage bosses.

Would I like to call this one? I like it.

So I guess we’ll go around. I mean, like you, Kevin, I mean, I kind of heard some great stories about Kevin actually had an interview with her name was Michelle Thompson. Yes. She was telling me, like, you know, you’re like the automation king, the landlord. You hold the keys to the automation closet.

Yeah, that’s that’s me. Automation. God, I think is the proper terminology. Good essay. You misspelled geek. That’s that’s what Kevin is. He’s the automation geek, got it, got it. Well, let me definitely dove into that a little bit more. I mean, automation literally makes things a lot easier, streamlined. So, I mean, obviously, whatever juice you have delivered goes.

Yeah, it’s all about especially for small businesses. It’s all about freeing up time and figuring out everyone thinks they need to have these really complicated campaigns and triggers like know what are the tasks that are using up a ton of your time that we can automate. And that’s really what we’re doing for Michelle is, hey, how do we get these things off your plate so you don’t have to mess with them and you have more time to do with customer stuff.

And that’s what’s key for businesses, especially the developing and growing businesses, is I need more time to be in front of clients. I need more time in front of prospects. I need to get the my genius stuff going and not spending all this time on this repetitive tasks that take me out of my zone.

And that’s how I approach automation with my clients.

So, Dani, it sounds like you stumbled across a snack like so obviously that is a great, great and I’m OK being a Steve Jobs reference. I’m good with that.

So even as the turtles. Oh, yeah. And I’m not going to wear a turtle.

Well, but truthfully, you know, it was interesting, as Kevin and I first hooked up when I just needed some email automation stuff. And so I was looking at somebody just automated some email stuff.

And as we drove in the shit, I kept realizing this motherfucker can do a whole lot more than I realized.

So as as he kind of kept stepping up his game and showing some of the things we could do, I mean, all the way up to I hired him for some emails. Shit. And now he damn near runs my companies is pretty fucking fantastic because it allows me to go do what I’m good at, which is be the loud mouthpiece out front, you know, talking and drumming up a lot of damn noise, why he makes everything frickin function and what level of function we’re talking about.

I mean, obviously, like there is basic automation. People make HootSuite. Oh my God, it automates my like my camp dude.

It touch our business, it’s automated. I go, let’s do like success champions networking. Someone visits a chapter and fills out the hey, I want to go visit the Fort Worth one chapter. Oh wait. That’s going to trigger a ton of stuff happening in our system. It’s going to notify the visitor that hey, here’s how you the chapter. But it’s also starting to send stuff out to the chapters that, hey, you have this person attending and we have this whole system set up where we’re tracking, hated this person attend or not, and people entering information that will then trigger specific types of responses to that, to that visitor.

Right now, if they visit, they’re going to get an email saying, hey, thanks for visiting. We want to hear how much your experience hit. Reply to this email and tell us what you thought, what you liked, what you just like, what we can make better. So you have a better experience. And if you want to apply because you loved it, we’d love to have you as a member click here and fill out your application with if they don’t visit.

And what I’m working on now is actually adding in a step where if they don’t visit and we don’t get that update in a certain amount of time, setting out, hey, have you had a chance to visit the chapter yet? Here’s a link. We’d love to have you be there. Find out what you liked and didn’t. If you’re still interested, let us know and we’ll we’ll make the connection. So we have that level stuff going on, even up to the point where they put in an application of, hey, what information are we sending them?

How are we assigning them to a chapter? Who is approving them? What then? There’s that onboarding sequence going out. There’s stuff going to the members. It’s just become this really stuff that if we were doing it manually every time a new member visited, that would be all someone would be doing is sending out those types of communications and tracking that stuff. And there’s no way we’d run thirty five chapters in 30 states right now if we were doing that all by hand.

Yeah, I mean, that’s that’s great. I’m surprised. Like, I did not even let you come on this particular podcast, like like a hidden gem. I wouldn’t even like to disclose that I have access to the biggest referral for partner is my biggest referral source.

We’re getting t shirts made and use these coined the phrase Everyone needs a Kevin and we’re going to have t shirts at the summit. So I honestly, you know, a lot of it is yeah, he’s an absolute badass when it comes to to the automation, everything else. I don’t have any concerns of him wanting to go anywhere else. We’ve built too much to get. You know, and there’s a good chunk of both of us that need the other one.

I mean, where Kevin is a little bit more introverted, he can hold his own. Don’t don’t let me take anything that you can sell his ass off and he can work a room and he can network like a beast. But, you know, me being able to do the things that I do allows him to really out the shit that he wants to kick out on. And it keeps me from not doing stuff. So a lot of it is the more I bring him out to the limelight, he does well on his own as well.

And I want to take it away from the world just to see the level that a business can run when you are humble enough to know the shit you should be touching in your business and allow somebody else to come in and really geek out on a side of your business and do what they’re really good at. I mean, and and the more we can bring that message to the marketplace, I think it helps more and more people. Because, you know, we we met in a Facebook group.

I mean. Right. Yeah.

This is like, you know, going back to the late 90s dating shit, you know?

No, but but I mean, really, any chance that we can teach the world something we’re in that whole concept of is talking about of letting people do the stuff that you’re not good at or that you don’t geek out is a recurring topic. One of the cool things Donny does for our members is we have a mastermind group that’s above the normal membership, where we have people who are actively scaling their business and trying to go from six figures to mid to high six figure seven figures.

And they’re all talking about how do I bring people in? How do I let go of stuff? How do I find the right person? That is that is the huge topic that comes up every time we have a mastermind meeting. And we’re always ending up talking about how you scale and diversify who you’re working with so that you can focus on the stuff that you actually do as a CEO.

And it’s amazing. You know, normally I always expect the masterminds everyone’s to be focused on how do I sell more? How do I do that stuff? It’s like, no, how do I get rid of this stuff? Because I know it’s taking up my time. It’s not making me money.

So it’s really interesting listening to the the conversations and how those change as these businesses are actually growing.

So let’s just take that journey, right. Let’s say I walk up into your virtual office. Right. I’m brand new. I’ve never heard of me and I’m new. And I’m saying, OK, I have a podcast, I got a couple books and I kind of want to scale, like, what’s the next step? For me, I would tell you to do the dumbest thing that I ever did. As funny as shit is pull out a yellow sheet of paper, draw a line right down the center of the thing on the left hand side, write down every frickin task you’ve ever done in your business.

Everything. Don’t hold back the stupid shit like taking out the trash. Add that in there. Then in the right column of that sheet, write this phrase at the top. Would Steve Jobs do that task well, then go through every one of those. Figure out what you need to get off your plate and the one that you still think that Steve Jobs would be doing. Ask yourself, are you an expert in that field?

If you’re not the expert, go find Kevin. Go find somebody that will geek out on that thing, and it’s funny that people always say, but I don’t have money to hire anybody, right?

Yeah. How do we do it, Kevin? Oh, we have a team of 15 people working on our podcast that are all doing it because they love what we’re trying to do and want to be a part of it. And we’re while we’re not paying them cash, we are providing other services and helping them grow their business and be badasses of what they do. So they’re getting value out of us. But they’re they’re like all of them have pretty much approached us and said, hey, how do I help?

What can I do? We have an oil company that’s doing all our keyword search and development for each episode out of the Blue Dony messages me, hey, I think I have a insert industry to help on the podcast.

I’m like, do we need one of those really? Or do we need one of those people for. And it’s all people want to be part and help up this girl because they the vision of what we’re trying to accomplish is resonating with them. And it’s having an impact in what in their lives, which is really cool, would definitely have to think about it from like the Martha standpoint.

I mean, you guys on a particular level to where somebody sees what you’re doing and then they’re going to raise their hands. But let’s say somebody brand new and they only been in the game maybe three months to six months, they may not have that following with people jumping at their doorstep to raise their hand. So where’s that missing component?

Like, how do they get that? Even when I started with Donny, you know, we had this he’s like, I need you, I want you. I can’t pay you. Pretty sure that was the actual phrase he used. And it was like, all right. So let’s talk about this. And Donny Osmond, figure out when he meets with people, how he can help and what he can do that is going to help them raise their game and generate revenue or get better what they do or something that’s going to be of value to them.

For some of our people, it’s they want to do the podcast. So we put them in the podcast, cause some people it is trying to figure out the scaling things so we get them in the mastermind. But there’s all these different things that are out there that doesn’t necessarily include you spending money out of hand or spending a ton of time with those people that’s going to provide them value. So if you’re if you’re a business owner that’s trying to figure out how to do it, you’ve got to look at what can I offer?

You know, what what strengths do I have that I can leverage for this person to get them to want to help me?

And I think all along the way is I think a lot of people are selfish in nature and don’t tend to be they’re always looking at is how can I get this person to help me versus flipping that script going, OK, how can I get this person what they need so they can go bigger, they can go more badass, they can do some more cool things. And if you focus on specifically how you can help somebody else rock out, then they’re more apt to really want to go do let me return the favor.

But everybody always flips the script and they almost like to get their hand out. And I’m like, man, I know I’ve got a good message. I know I got a good story. I know. And if I can just get this to the world and then everything becomes transactional and the script is actually going to be flipped, you’ve got to go into those conversations going, dude, what do you need? Who do you need to get to?

How can I help you get there and then go out of your way to make sure they get where they want to go? I think most people want that and want to come along for the ride, because that’s where we always come from. That’s the way we always approach it is it’s never what can I get out of it? It’s one hundred percent. What do you need and how do we get you there? And for anybody who’s just starting out, I would tell you probably one of the coolest things that we did was start a Facebook group and most of people we end up working with come out of that Facebook group.

And it’s amazing that when you can create a community. And people can be honest and almost become family, then they’re more apt to raise their hand. And I’ve had people come up to me and go, dude, I’ve been watching your whatever. I think I can make that better for you. Would you let me give it a go? Can I try? Sure.

Let’s figure it out. But it’s because we’re constantly trying to bring them so much value on a regular basis.

And one of the groups and this is an example, we had a young kid from the U.K. who was setting up starting a business to do guest placement on podcasts. And he literally came to Dony. It’s like, hey, I have these guests for you.

He’s like he reached out and he’s like, Dude, I love your show.

I love your style. I want to build this business where I get these big names on shows. Can I bring a couple of people to your show? I’m like, Who? And he goes, Well, Neil Patel, Shailene Johnson, Mike Miklowitz. I’m like, Yeah, let me get really the biggest names you.

And then like Cher and Folk came to me one day through LinkedIn. She sends me a damn. She goes like, I’ve been following your podcast for a little while. She goes, I love what you do. And I think your message needs to get more out to the world. I have two big ass and they were very large shows. One of them was Glenn Londis shows that want to interview you. Can I make that introduction for you to be a guest on their podcast?

She came with the Heat first. And so, of course, I went and guested and then I turn around. Heider has to get me on more shows, you know?

So if people will turn off the what’s in it for me thing and flip the script and go, what can I do for you? Amazing shit happens.

And I think that’s one of the huge driving points right now behind the success we’re having with the success championed networking chapters is that all the a lot of the other organizations out there talk about the whole idea of give to get.

And they they bastardized that whole idea of the giving and turn it around is like, well, if I give you referrals that you get referrals, that’s how this works. No, you do the giving because it’s the right thing to do and that’s how you build relationships with people. And that’s really resonating with their members that this whole idea, it’s like we’re all here to help. It’s we’re here to help everyone in the group grow. And as our new members come in, that’s their responsibility to help their members grow as well.

It’s not just about how do we how do I grow my business as a member? How do I help all of you be successful?

Because the thing that Donnie Donnie alluded to earlier was when we spoke on on my podcast. Right. Donnie, I think one thing that you told me that was very true is you show people inside your day to day like, you know, you have goats in the morning and you’re out there like milking cows and stuff like that. So you’re telling me that people love what you do, right? As an entrepreneur in this style of business, a lot of times people may not know what you do.

So when was that conversion point? So when people say, hey, I love what you do, I know what you do, I want to help you. You know, I think a lot of times if you follow our content, the way I put things out there on a regular basis, we’ve gotten really good at nonchalantly whispering out what we do. I mean, a prime example is Kevin quickly there he inserted and this is what we do with success champions networking.

We make sure that when new members show up that we’re taking care of them there. We get them what they need. They find success. That was a five second statement that you said in there. We do that all the time. We just insert goats, we insert our lifestyles and the things that we do. And when you do it from a real place of a couple of dudes in tee shirts and ball caps, one who cusses way too much and one who likes Star Wars, you know, then you are not a threat.

And people learn. And, you know, in social media world men, it’s never about the people who comment on your stuff.

It’s always about the people who are watching how you respond. And I just proved this time and time again on LinkedIn is probably the best platform to see it is people are like, oh, man, I’m just not getting any engagement on there anything else. And then all of a sudden they’re like, dude, I just had somebody reach out and now I have a prospect call. And the people that are commenting and interacting with stuff, they have time to comment and interact with stuff.

So your job is to answer those questions, get them every piece of information they need, help them the fuck out, coach them through whatever they need, because the people that can really afford to pay you, they’re the ones sitting in a wings going man. If he’s doing that shit for free, the fuck do I get if I start paying his ass or something?

Well. Definitely think so. Let’s talk about like you said, you met Kevin through a Facebook group. How did that come to fruition?

So we’re both veterans. He’s still in the military. I’m out. And the other was a veterans group. And Kevin’s really fucking good lurking in all these these these Facebook groups.

I mean, he’s got it down to a fucking art. He’s like the creepy guy. You don’t want to right now, kid. He’s not that bad.

But Kevin’s really good at going in and commenting in a very unique way. And I’ll let you speak to that. But and making sure it’s not a sales maneuver, but providing value. And he does it in a way that the value is I know what I’m talking about, but my ego’s not in the way. So you want to strike up a further conversation with the guy and he keeps showing up, it’s pretty fucking brilliant. Well, I’ll let you explain it better than I did, Kevin.

I don’t know.

I think that’s actually a pretty good description. It’s the working part, know the half.

But but the lurking part is is part of it.

When you enter a new Facebook group, what people do wrong is they jump in right away and they have not figured out the culture of the group and what you know, who the players are and who the who you need to be active with. So that’s usually what I’ll do when I join a new group, because I’m always looking for new groups on Facebook to hang out in that may have my prospects in them that I can start working with. I’ll hang out and I’ll watch the comments.

I’ll figure out who are the the movers and shakers in the group or the other experts who does what, what the personality is. And then I’ll start out making just some will say something profound in a comment section on a post. And I’ll start off with just. Hey. I completely agree that that’s that’s awesome and be able to like and be really simple with it. So now people are starting to see me. And then I’ll position move from there to when someone else makes a comment, then I’ll ask questions and I’ll dove deeper into that topic and make them share more talk more about and start having that discussion.

And then I’ll move in to actually being able to make the comments and give my opinion, because now people have seen me that. All right. So he’s polite. He’s not a troll. He’s he’s adding relative information to the comment. Now he’s giving his opinion and he he probably knows what he’s talking about. And you’ll know that you rarely I’m not going to say never because I will do it occasionally.

But rarely am I going to say, hey, can I shoot you D.M. or Heyden me about this with certain topics like, dude, hit me up, let’s talk more and then then we’ll have a more in-depth conversation. But most times I want to have the conversations in the room so people are seeing it and all those other people who are too busy to actually make the comments are doing exactly what Donny said. And they’re like, this guy knows this shit, I need to talk to him.

And then they reach out to me and I magically have this message request on Facebook saying, hey, can we set up a time to talk? I need help with this.

And it’s really cool because I want to take how long it takes you to get to the point to where you’re not raising your hand and your liking. And then you go from liking to commenting like how long does actually take.

So Don is going to shake his head because I have a process for this. And when I’m when I find a new group that I like, I will go through that process in about two weeks. But you have to be diligent about it and understand who that group is. And you have to be going to that group every day and being active in it. And if there’s not a ton of activity in the group, then you have to be all right.

So how do I drive some activity to get these people talking now? What kind of questions can I post as the new guy that’s going to drive the right engagement? But you can totally do it in two, two to three weeks if you’re intentional about it. If you’re just showing up occasionally, it’s like, oh, let’s check out this group and I’m going to do something.

It’s going to take longer. It’s kind of like going if you join a chamber and you never go to any of the events, you’re never going to build the relationships. If you go to the chamber and you join and you’re like, oh, they have all this stuff going on it, I’m going to start showing up at all of it. You’re going to accelerate that relationship building process, Facebook works the same way. It’s definitely interesting philosophy. I mean, how did you even get into this whole automation technique?

It seems like it’s ingrained in your DNA. I am. I see. So the thing is, is totally there. But no, I it was kind of a consistent evolution of my business. When I launched my company, it was actually the training and for sales and networking. So I’d go into companies, speak at events, train people to be really good networkers, how to sell better, all that type of stuff, I deployed then to Iraq and Kuwait and I came back and had no clients.

I’m like, oh, fuck, now what do I do? And then completely pivoted my company from me being the product to a consulting basis with the goal that I can actually grow into a real business with employees that could handle me potentially being deployed again. And my focus was sales development. So it was OK. How does a company launch a sales team or if they’ve already launched one of their underperforming? How do they fix it? So I did sales launches and sales rehabs and over time, over about five to six years, I just kept niching down on what I did because I found parts of the process that I didn’t like or that were choke points.

And I could only have certain number of clients like the interviewing piece for businesses, for salespeople. I could only have a client at a time. I’m like, this isn’t scalable. I can’t do that. We’re going to leave that for other people. And then I had the realization that I was a dumb ass for not promoting the specific automation products that we talked about. We talk about CRM, we talk about email automation, all these different things.

But I bring someone in because I wanted to be the good consultant that was helping them make the choice right for them and going through that process instead of just saying, hey, this is what you need to do. You need this system because it does this stuff and letting them say, yeah, you’re the consultant, you know. All right, so let’s do it. And that’s when I started really niching down into the sales process, mapping and the automation piece.

So to the point where that is all I do now, I don’t do any. How do you set up a sales training program? How do you hire. I don’t do any of that anymore. It’s all just how do you sell more effectively and how do you use technology so that you can do that? Yeah, I’m just I’m just listening to I mean, like you guys are like the perfect yin yang to each other and of like you guys kind of like had a magnetic polar opposite attraction to make this entire thing work.

So let’s just talk about like I mean, how big is your network with the automations in place? I mean, obviously, you were at one point you were growing, but infinitely. Where are you right now?

Define your question. What do you mean? So, I mean, how large is your your audience right now?

Well, for growth mode is just launching.

So we’re we’re getting that one off the ground. But if you talk about all five companies, we now run. It’s pretty fucking big.

I mean, we’re success champions by itself plays in like one hundred and thirty one countries and we’re over twenty thousand downloads an episode on that show.

Tayloe that into you. If you take all of my Facebook pages and everything else and I’m guessing and some of these numbers but I’ve got Facebook pages with over eleven thousand fans and followers on those you know, combine that with my profiles Kevin profiles which I’m kicking them in the ass every day to get out there on a more regular basis and put this fucking brand out there. Motherfucker likes to stick behind them computer. And I’m like, you got to get your personal brand going.

But he’s getting a lot better at it really is putting me on the cover art. No, I went because I told me I’m not going on the podcast cover art because in a fucking suit, motherfucker never wears a suit of mine. I want to go get better headshots, so I’m not going to put on a cover cover because I got an ego. But, you know, it’s a large but it’s all relative. If you stack me up against Gary V, my fucking flies on an ass, if you know it’s tiny, you know.

But you put me up against most of the podcast in the world.

Yeah, I’m a huge show, but it’s all relative to to the whole thing as as a flow. I mean, I really I think outside of launching this podcast, the thing we’re proud of the most is the networking groups. I mean, we launch those in March of twenty and we just sit our one year anniversary. And in one year we grew to thirty states and thirty five chapters. I mean, that’s some pretty rapid growth of bringing a bunch of badasses together across the US.

And if everything works out right, we’re getting ready to open it up in Playa del Carmen. I had to look at my notes, the name of the actual city in Mexico. So we’re going into Mexico next. You know, so, so large but small. Does that make sense? I mean, hear me.

If you’re looking comparable to, like, household names, it’s always funny because you always get away with that, right? You say billionaire and not even know it. So, I mean, you kind of fall under the radar in that classification. But I mean, you could be highly wealthy and don’t have to be a household name.

So for sure. And I think there’s some benefit to to that to having Donny at that position of of fame, because when you are the grand Cardon’s the Gary vs Ryan’s doom and all those huge names in the sales and business development world, you get you you go into groups and it’s filled with trolls and acids. And there’s in the culture that we’re building is not that. And you get the people that find us and stick with us because Donnis, not the the big name, do it because they actually love the message.

And what Donny is saying is resonating. And I think that is that’s the cool part, because people that stick around want to be there, not because it’s Donny, but because it’s cool and the message is awesome. And then they then they say because well, it’s Donny, I have to stay. I’m not I’m not leaving Donny and has that type of relationship with the followers. Well, and I know I come with a warning label most times.

I mean, if I go anywhere, people are like, hey, before Donny gets here, let me tell you something. And I’m good with that, you know, because if they can get past the first level of how I come across, usually they’re going to walk away learning something that’s not always the case. But and that’s fun for me. I like the shock and all side of things because this is just how I am everywhere I go.

And it’s funny, there is a gal that is in her 80s that’s in my Facebook group that comments likes, shares, everything I do and will send me a message every once in a while. I wish you wouldn’t care so much, but I love everything you talk about, you know. So it’s. Funny to hit that extremes and having young kids, our demographic definitely skews older, but having young people come up to me every once in a while, you know, and like men, good stuff to go into an event.

And it was last year, around Christmas time, I went to a bourbon event where you had to have one hundred dollar bourbon to get in the door. And I walked up to this gentleman to introduce myself because I know who the fuck you are. I’m like, OK, every time I turn on the social media, all I see is your face. I’m like, oh, quit liking and commenting on my shit and you’ll never see my face.

But you laughed. It was a good day. We had a great conversation. So so it goes back to I mean, we we’ve really found a pretty cool dynamic.

So mix it up a little bit. I mean, just looking at it like technology kind of where things are. And obviously every single day this thing changes and it grows and expands. Yes. What’s your what’s your guys thoughts on, like the Alexa and the Siri and like just the voice audible side of things. What do you see that thing going?

Well, I’m fascinated right now with what audio is doing. I think clubhouse is in trouble because everybody went to clubhouse because they were home. Now everybody’s fixing to go back to work. And I’m not sure they innovated fast enough to keep all the predators away. Slack’s fixing and rule out an audio LinkedIn rolling out an audio. Facebook, for sure, is rolling out an audio. So I see something like clubhouse is going to become more of a cult underground, you know, and they’re going to have your diehard clubhouse people.

But I’m I’m fascinated with what audio is going to do in the marketplace. I mean, with Google even going into the audio game and making audio searchable, I’m pretty fascinated. So now you can go and when you type something up, it’s going to get to the point where it pulls up podcast episodes that talk about that particular topic because they’re searching in the audio side of things. Well, so I think there’s a huge play.

I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface of it enough to know what that play is going to fully look like and integrate. I tell you what I’m more fascinated about right now as fuck fucking enough T’s and what those are doing in the marketplace. And I keep telling everybody who, listen, I’m just looking for somebody that can teach me how to turn the membership’s for success champions networking into an NFTE tokin that people get when they sign up. That increases in value as we can grow as a company that if they decide to leave success champions networking, they can keep on talking or they can sell the damn thing.

Right. Or we get the option to buy them back, you know. So I’m fascinated with that kind of technology right now and see how that’s going to hit the marketplace, because I think it’s pretty, pretty crazy.

But Kevin, Audio. I’m just kind of getting into the audio thing. I had a company I worked with that tried to use Voxer for communication at one point and I lasted like two days. I’m like, this is dumb. You leave me a message, I still have to write it down, email me or message me or do something with it, because then I have a record of it. I don’t have to keep listening to it over and over.

So I haven’t I’ve been on some of the.

Clubhouse rooms and interactive, and it’s cool if you get the right room, you can have some really good conversations. We are in Donnie was in the room. I was listening over Zoom the other day and and we’re like, all right. So this is just a room of people who like to hear themselves talk.

And there was literally people saying, you know, one of them that we were listening to, he was using buzz phrases and buzz terms and not actually saying anything. He was such a greaseball sales guy. Oh, my God.

I know he thought he was being really profound, but he wasn’t. And I’m like, this is like making me dumber listening to it, though, so I don’t know what I think about that. You know, like my big focus is because I do a ton of the automation stuff is all the changes with the cookies and all the tracking stuff and how Apple and Facebook are changing that piece and how pixels are changing, because that’s a huge part for the automation, for how we segment and send the right content to the right people.

You know, Donny doesn’t want content on the New England Patriots. How do I know that if I’m not having that cool marketing data coming in from somewhere so, you know, that’s what I’m paying attention to right now, is that know what’s going to be the next thing? How is Google? If Google gets rid of cookies, what are they replacing it with? Because they’re not getting rid of that whole data.

You know, they’re not, because that’s revenue for them and it’s benefit for their advertisers that, hey, here’s how we know the right people are seeing your ads. So that’s my big focus right now, is how is this all shifting and what’s going to be the next thing and how do we stay ahead of it? So we’re able to when we’re at that point where we want to start doing that type of promotion, we’re doing the right stuff and we’re we’re set up and have the foundation laid to start taking advantage of it.

So this is a bit of both. You said right on the money side, you’re talking about being able to search through Google. Right. And on Kevin side, you’re talking about like the APIs and integrations. And so it kind of brings back to this say we had an opportunity to talk to a device much like a Google device or an Amazon device and say, hey, I’m searching for this particular content. And to your point, is going to search a podcast is going to find that podcast.

And that is going to give me that information and then goes back to your API. Then can I say, hey, I want that information. Could you hold it and save it here for me for later? Like, that’s the type of things that I’m thinking like, is that coming?

And if it is like, how can we use it? Yeah, I think that’s coming. But I also think that, you know, how like you do a Google search right now and it pulls up YouTube videos and it says, watch it, minute three. Twenty one for your answer and it gives a segment. I think you’re going to get that way with audio as well. So I think some high tech is is on the way to where they’re going to be able to decipher that stuff, because as the world continues to be a condensed information take, you know, Joe Rogan’s rarity, you know, Jack goes a rarity.

I mean, nobody wants to sit and listen to a four hour fucking podcast, you know, so so when people are reducing down to the tick tock world of 60 seconds and 15 seconds, you know, I think you’re going to find that they’re going to find those snippets and things like that as well. I’m wondering if there isn’t going to be a audio clip that as I’m walking down the street, it’s, hey, send Kevin a message to do this.

It puts it on our both our calendars, finds a time on our calendars for schedules. All that up invites the other people that need to be a part of that because it’s plugged into some sort of system. And I’m wondering how far A.I. is going to go to bring all the teams and everything together and how that plays out. But I’ll also tell you, I’m scared to fucking death of A.I. because I’ve seen total recall of all these other frickin shows.

And I do believe at some point A.I. is going to be the death of us. But pretty wild.

Yeah, I think I think definitely. I mean, is that the point now? Like, you know, if you’re watching Hulu, if you’re even watching, like Amazon Prime, they’re at the point now to where the commercials are based upon your search results. And then they’re also interactive commercials that says, hey, do you want to send the results or the link for this commercial to which device, like my son is device, my daughter’s device. And I’m like, how the hell are they?

And I’m looking at four different devices I can select from while I’m watching TV. And at the stake to your point, A.I. is going to take over everything soon enough.

Well, I watched this video. This guy, she teaches Facebook and tick tock everything. And one of the universities. And what she showed is like going through a Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has listening devices so that if you’re on your phone, the ads will change by where you’re at in the fucking store. And so we all know Google is listening to us at all points. I had a guy jump on a zoom call the other day and you wouldn’t turn on his camera.

I’m like. We’re having a business conversation. Let me just be honest with you, if you and I can’t have a face to face, I promise you we will never have to do business together. I’m not doing business somebody I can’t look in the eyes and be turned on first before we turn on his camera. And he was like, look, you’ve seen the facial recognition software. I don’t want my face put on something else. I’m like, dude, if you’ve walked in any store in America, your face is already captured, get over it.

But you can be sitting just having a conversation with somebody.

And then as soon as you pick up your phone ads are already changed because Google is already capturing all that information.

Oh, and that’s the whole geo targeting thing. When I was getting started with automation stuff, I had a couple of real partners that that’s all they did was work with restaurants on geo targeting. So and someone’s walking down the sidewalk by the restaurant. They have you on their phone. The ads are served up for that restaurant or other restaurants right in that area. So that’s already out there. So the fact that they’re doing it in stores, just the the guys are just gotten better.

Yeah, I had a buddy that ran a software company and they always for conferences and conventions, they supplied the wi fi. And the reason they supplied the Wi-Fi, as soon as you log into that, you now could push every device that was next to that wi fi. And now they were advertising all the people on their phone, because if you get to people’s phones, you win. That’s why texting technology continues to advance, because every one of us has a dump email, write the email you sign up to send.

I mean, I just got a notice from Gmail that my Gmail is full. I don’t even know that was a thing. So I’ve got to go back to like two thousand and five or some shit deleted emails. But so we got those emails, so everybody knows that. So that’s why texting technology is continue to ramp up because you can reply stop to a text, but you’re still going to see that text before you delete the damn thing where the emails you can just let them go through and sit there all day long and see how if you can totally get to forty seven thousand unread messages, which was probably what my Gmail was that before I cleaned it up.

So it’s pretty cool. Yeah, it’s definitely some interesting stuff.

Going back to a little bit, talk about some like some great stuff. So in your NetWare right. You were saying like essentially you have five or six different business opportunities and all these business opportunities are all stemming from podcasting, growth, business development. So, I mean, like, how did you stage that and how did you understand when it was a good time for you to jump into another piece of the pie? Good time.

I can’t tell you when it was a good time. It was let’s pull this shit out of our ass. And I know how the summit happened.

Yeah, that’s true. That’s very true. We used to do you would do a Friday night live Facebook. You know, he’d be drinking cocktails, be like four o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Everyone’s chilling out. And everyone was talking about this sales conference I was going to be going on in Houston or something. Antonio, Antonio. And someone was like, we should just get a bunch of champions together and head down there and do some in-person hanging out, doing some stuff.

And they’re like, oh, yeah, that’s a cool idea. And then someone just out of the blue is that we should have our own.

And and that’s all it took literally, like a week later, Donny and I started planning the first summit and I wanted to call it on. That’s a real thing.

They wanted to really originally call it. Donny vetoed that shit. I’m not Pat Flynn, dammit.

I still have folders in Google in places that say on.

And if you could bycel like the imaging of that with that tag line on there, which is you and stuff like that for sure.

That’s that’s an NFTE come in the marketplace somewhere near you soon. But and that was real. And so we went from a Friday Night Live to hey, let’s do something in person, which led to holy shit, I just rented it at a convention center.

Still. Yeah. And put everything together.

And that was a massive learning experience. We’ve never done anything like that. And so Kevin had to learn some new automation stuff.

I had to learn some new marketing and then I had to pay for it all, you know, so there was a lot of moving parts. And like the magazine, it came about because people kept asking for more and more content. And I don’t even know who suggested that. We do a magazine. And I told I immediately vetoed the idea. I’m like, no, we’re not. Nobody reads a print magazine.

They’re like, no, no, no, do an online one. I went, Oh, I didn’t know you can do that. So we looked into it and now we’re, I don’t know, year and a half into a magazine with a bunch of readers after twenty twenty the covid Lockdown’s, it just literally got started.

And for fourteen in the morning, Donny messaged me on Facebook and says, Hey, what do you think about us starting virtual networking groups?

And I didn’t answer him because it’s four, 14 in the morning and normal people are sleeping. And so at six thirty he had messaged me. It’s like, so you didn’t reply. Does that mean my idea sucks?

And a week later, we had our first chapters.

So seven days later, we we are all Donnis mantra for the brand. And the organization is let’s break something so we aren’t afraid and we’re really building that culture. And people that come into our team was like, let’s go do something. Let’s try and go really big and see what we can screw up, because now we’re going to learn how to do better the second time.

And not every idea that we’ve done is worked. I mean, we do a 30 day sales challenge that I think I made nine days into it and 12 days.

And he’s like, Guy, I can’t do this is done. It’s not work and people are bitches.

I’m out of time. I recorded the entire training course, videos, workshops and everything else, and nobody did it. Nobody followed through with it. So we had to change that over to something completely else. So now it’s kind of a balance of, OK, do we go or do we get past?

Because, you know, one of the companies is we do a lot of podcast consulting. We’re teaching people how to launch a show and that’s running and we’ve got the workshops and everything going. But while we were putting it together, I had a lot of people with podcasts coming to me are like, do can you teach me how to grow my show? I’m like, all right, well, let’s figure that out. And so I told Kevin on the next project is we’re going to do a four week workshop where we’re teaching podcasters how to grow the show.

And it’s like winning. We want to that. I’m like after we get done with growth mode, neither one of us have the bandwidth that anything else on the table right now. So but now growth mode launch and I’m already working on those workshops and getting that up. And yeah, we used to at the beginning. We are flash the bang was really short and we have a really good idea. We put together the basic things that we needed for it to be viable and we throw it out so we get tested.

And that’s really what a lot of the stuff was, was. Let’s see if this works and and then if it does all right now, how do we expand it? How do we make it better? So while we have really had really cool ideas, we didn’t always go out to the full let’s have this fully develop like videos and custom graphic design and all this stuff like what do we need to actually have a viable core so we can test some people spend a hundred bucks on and we can see how the reaction is and then go from there.

And, you know, that’s what we did with the podcast or so we’re now getting ready to start. Our third iteration of is we did a basic one. It was like two hundred bucks or three hundred bucks to get in. And it was done on on Facebook in a private group and doing some training and a website. That’s basically how we launch the course. And then after that came back said, all right, so we need to change some stuff.

We we made it longer. We adjusted what we were talking about. Change the order up, fix the made the website a little cooler, added in some emails. But it’s still really basic and it’s doing what we don’t need, the big flashy stuff. We need stuff that works and that is advantageous for the members. You know, you look at some of the courses that are out there from different people and it’s all flash. It’s like cool graphics and cool videos.

And like you spend one hundred thousand dollars designing this. That’s not who we are. We want stuff that’s effective that that can actually be used by people who who were like us a year or two ago trying to figure out how to grow our business.

So, I mean, I think you guys are bringing us on some serious, serious questions. Right. Like like and obviously you’re doing it now. So if we’re going into this space, right. You’re talking especially what you guys are defining a profit first. But a lot of times we here give away, give away, give away first. So like, where is the equilibrium? And like, how does someone, you know, prime example, like with a podcast, you can kind of give away content all day afterwards.

You can kind of set up and have these Facebook groups and you can kind of go in the community and talk. But when do you start capitalizing on monetizing?

I think if you have to ask, when you capitalize on monetizing, you’re in a bad spot out the gate. I think it’s more important to know exactly what you’re creating and why you’re creating it. And I’m OK to create to make money. But I think for us it’s always been built on a premise of how do we teach others to do what we what we didn’t know as we were going through it. So I think for most people, I think it’s an unfortunate school trial.

And error, you know, is we’ve put a lot of things out there like, oh, this is going to hit. People are going to jump all over this and fucking crickets, so I don’t think there’s a magic bullet that says, hey, when you get to hear Monitise, I think you create you listen a fuck ton and you start trying different things. I mean, like to Kevin’s point on courses, we learn to never build it than sell it.

We learn the answer that you sell it, then you build it, and that way you’re building it on the fly as you go, doesn’t mean you don’t have steps and everything in between to make sure you stand on the right course. But if you build it and then try and sell it, you’re most likely to have just built the wrong fucking thing. So flip that to what can I sell and then let’s go put it together. And that’s how we’ve pretty much built everything that we have, you know, to to the test of Kevin’s ability sometimes.

And my son. Yeah, because it always starts off, hey, what do you think about X? And that’s where we go. So I think for most people is is get out of the creative side of things and get out front and get into real conversations. You know, if you’re a coach, consultant, something like that, if I can put together five or six people, charge them a nominal fee. Right, a low dollar to three hundred dollar fee, get people in, learn what they want, what they’re into, and then once you got that, turn them into your champion to go around, sell other people to get into it, you know, and then continue to build off of that.

And if that works, go bigger with if it doesn’t work, pivot.

I think you brought that up. I mean, I think clubhouse is not designed for that. But I think if clubhouse was used for that, it would probably be way more effective. Content being created post clubhouse.

Yes, a great a great clubhouse has been a good networking tool to get to people that you wouldn’t otherwise get to. You had the chance. I mean, I got I was I don’t know if it was Gaieties first day, but I was scrolling through the the the different rooms and all of a sudden it pops up and says, Gary in this room. And I clicked on that room and I was like the fourth person in there. And I just raised my hand and I got up there and I question I asked him right now, but I’m like Gary Busey on stage.

I want my brand up there just in front and center as well. And he was he came and he answered a couple of questions and he goes, all right, this was the test. And he just left, right, close room. And then you saw the next day he was starting to do more things on clubhouse. So I don’t know if that was actually his first time on clubhouse or not. Was kind of cool to to see that happen.

And, you know, I’m not paying to go to a Gary V conference. No. No need. No desire. It’s not my frickin audience to be targeting, you know, but clubhouse gave me an opportunity to be in the same room with him. And you go listen to some cool people. Yeah. A problem with clubhouse now is my ego’s big enough that if I can’t get on stage, I’m not staying in the fucking room.

Well, I mean, that’s legit.

I mean, you’ve got to think bigger and bigger and you have to stretch your vision constantly. I think a lot of people, they fall short on that and they’ll sit in the room and just wait and wait instead of just saying to hell with it and move on to something else.

Yeah, for sure. For sure. Absolutely. That’s crazy. Yeah, go ahead.

It all comes down to men. I don’t believe in goal setting, but I do believe you got to have a vision crazy enough to scare the shit out of you and the visions, right when other people want to help you build it. And I think that sums up what we’ve done with success champions. If people keep popping up, they want to help us go bigger with it. And I think we continue to create an environment that allows people to test their skills and step outside of their own personal comfort zones and go bigger than they thought they could.

Because I tell you, anybody sticks around me long. They won’t stay small for long or they’ll get pushed too damn hard and they’ll get out. But, you know, life’s too short to play such a small game. So so it’s a lot of fun to bring a lot of people along for the ride.

Yeah, I think it’s a cool thing that you have set up the situation that you have in hand. Right? I mean, obviously you have a situation to where you’re not only motivating, you’re pushing and you’re inspiring people, but you’re holding them accountable and by hold them accountable by default. They want to help you grow for sure. For sure. Stuff like that. That’s that’s like the secret formula that you have. And I guess for anybody else, listen, like they’re trying to figure out, OK, well, how and it’s like that’s always the question that you always going to be like knocked down was the how if you I would if I could ask if we I would say just fucking get out there and do it.


Yeah. It’s totally it’s action. And the thing that’s popped into my head only does this all the time. Someone will talk to like I really want to want to blog or I want to do this thing and he’s like, OK. And he goes into our our big Facebook group and says, so-and-so is going to set the goal to launch their blog by this day or whatever they want to do. If she does it, she gets to be on the podcast is a guess.

If she doesn’t, then she has this like and he literally calls people out in front of the big group and hold them accountable. And it’s a supportive way. We’re all we go get it. But now they’re like, oh, crap. So it’s forcing action and getting people past that.

How do I do it? Analysis thing and and just getting the fuck out there and doing it.

And that’s really what a lot of what we do with our members is, is just getting them out of their own way so they can do things.

Yeah, I think we’re first in action and get them out of motion.

So do you think there’s any wrong formula for a second? I mean, obviously anybody can apply action and and obviously you kind of keep when to work something, but is there ever going to be a wrong hole that they could be digging into? Oh, for sure.

But the great thing about being in the wrong hole, trying to fuck around, dig to the left, go a different direction. Unfortunately, in business, I think there’s a lot of good calls. And I think oftentimes because too many people think too much. That they’ll dig themselves so far into the hole that there’s no way out of it. You know, I love busting the chops out of my tinkerers and thinkers on, like, quit thinking, turn off the fucking thinker and move, because in most cases, action will fix a lot of damn things.

People want to sit back and create mode, and Kevin will attest. I’ll go from idea to we’re launching in a very short amount of time, you know, because I know if we don’t start breaking things, we’re going to get into analysis, paralysis and everything else is going to play. So I think you always have to keep your vision of where you’re going, what are you creating, how you build it. I think you’ve always got to keep that out there and know what that destination is and then you start building towards it.

And I think because of Danny and my background with the military, we were in situations where all of our missions were time based. You will accomplish something by this time. You will. No questions asked.

Will you will take this town no later than this day or you will espie on this time. And there wasn’t wiggle room with that. So as I’m an officer, so we I have all my training as I’m planning and how to plan operations and do that type of thing. And we’re taught that an 80 percent solution right now is better than one hundred percent solution too late.

So that ability to just take action and make a decision and move forward and then understand that, hey, your plan is probably not going to survive first contact with the enemy and you are going to have to adjust. And that is really hard for a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Never been forced to be in that situation to handle. And it’s like, well, I want to make the right choice. No, make a choice. Just I don’t care what it is. Just make a decision and let’s go with it and figure out and then we’ll adjust fire once we start. And that’s uncomfortable for people.

So I think you, too. I mean, you guys are just dropping nuggets left and right. So in your point that you just brought up, Donnie, was people get caught up in creating what then you’re saying take action so someone may perceive taking action as creation. Right. So, like, how do you how do you define those two different things?

So, you know, it’s really, really, really simple. It makes me revenue. It’s action. If it doesn’t make me revenue, it’s motion.

And I think most people and there’s nothing wrong with doing nonrevenue generating activities. But do those nonrevenue generating activities during nonrevenue generating hours. So, like right now, Kevin and I are out front, we’re on a podcast like this having great conversations, you know, we’ve been doing this shit all day, being interviewed on different shows all day, having a conversation. We’re going to promote the show up again today when we both log off of these shows. Now we go do motion.

Now we go do the creative stuff. Right now we go and we work on the business. I’ll just drink more than he does. And I think people get it turned around and they are doing the activities that they mistakenly think is action and it’s just motion and they keep doing it because it makes them feel good. Oh, if I create this meme, if I create the social graphic, if I do this, I did something today and then most people get to the end of their day, they turn around and like, fuck, I didn’t do anything.

I spent four hours trying to make a social graphic. And good, when I started time on target, the second time when I did the big pivot after my deployment, I spent a ton of time in motion and I thought I was being doing really good things. I was creating I had this vision of what I wanted to build for a company. So like I created a culture deck and my immutable laws and who the company was going to be and marketing stuff and all these things are really cool.

But none of them drove revenue into the business and none of them were actually getting prospects into my pipeline. And they were all cool. And I’ve used them over time and I’m glad I spent time on them now. But when basically I had a brand new business and I wasn’t doing the stuff that I needed to do to make the business succeed. Fortunately, I had just come off a deployment. So I you know, you don’t spend anything when you’re on deployment.

So I had money to live on. But if I was a brand new business that was depending on revenue, there is no way I would have survived because I did not have revenue coming in. When I was doing all that stuff, I thought I needed to have to be a real business.

So I kind of did. It leads me into kind of like what’s what’s this new podcast? Because obviously you guys have had podcasts, you’ve built businesses, you know, you have magazines, you have all these different tentacles. Why a new podcast and what does that do podcasts about? So we’re on growth mode to specifically put out content for people to scale and grow their business, and we’re doing it from a unique standpoint because Kevin being more introverted, me being more extroverted, we both have dynamic sales backgrounds.

That’s where we come from. Kevin, very much in the tech game out front, doing all the other stuff. So the idea behind the show is teaching people how to get scale and grow their business. Why? Him and I debate different styles of how to do that, and then I spend a lot of time making fun of him.

So which is a lot of fun along the way. But it’s geared towards that small business owner that is on the grill right there, getting ready to start hiring. Employees are starting to start trying to figure out how to scale there to the point of moving beyond. I’m building a job for myself and they’re ready to start building a company and start changing that thinking in that thought process so they can go a lot bigger.

But our stuff’s not for the faint of heart. I think the biggest feedback we keep getting is I love my style and Kevin’s put together because I’m usually blunt, direct in your face in a nice manner. And Kevin, so matter of fact, all the way through it. So you’re getting some wisdom and knowledge push very quick and very hard at you.

One of the big things we’re trying to accomplish with this show is one we wanted to be entertaining for everyone listening and educational. At the same time, we’re definitely going for that edutainment thing, but we want each show to provide our listeners with one key tactic. One thing they can actually leave the show and start doing right that day. A lot of times you listen to the show, you go on the OK, check out this webinar and you’ll learn how to do this.

Well, yeah, I’m going to learn how to do it. But now it’s going to take me two months to build the freaking thing before I can even start using it. So all of our episodes, people are going to leave every episode of I can go do that right now. I can add that into my business development or my management business management or whatever the topic is. And I can start doing that and impact my business immediately. So it’s not a we’re going to do this big grandiose thing that’s going to take you six months to build out and you can start doing it.

By that time, you’ll learn something new and not even be doing it. It’s like, no, here’s what you do. Go do it and start making an impact on your business.

So how are you guys staging that? I mean, obviously, it seems like it’s organic in nature, but I mean, you kind of have to have a topic at hand. So are you like prerelease in the topics? Are you just going to just launch it and say, oh, today is yeah, we’ve got one of the funniest things in the world.

So I’ve had a pretty successful Facebook group called Success Champions for for quite a while now, over fourteen hundred small business owners. And I don’t say that to brag. I say that’s where we’re getting all of our content. So we use that group and all the time I’m asking questions and trying to understand where they’re at. And we’ll put out questions like what are your biggest struggles when it comes to sales? What are your biggest struggles when it comes to scaling and growing your business?

And then they give so much content to talk about. So we have an Nasonov spreadsheet and a spreadsheet and Azana app where we go in there and we list out a little. During this conversation, I went in and added a topic for the podcast, or I’m we’re going to use Kevin to specifically talk about how to use Facebook groups to grow your business by not having your own by going and stalking groups.

And I wrote them a little I just add that to our Sonneborn. Shit like that keeps happening. So we get together every Friday and we record two episodes, minimum, sometimes three, just depending on how quick we get through. And, you know, we have an entire team behind it now, you know, so it’s not us editing is not us putting all the stuff out so soon as we’re done, other people pick that up and start running with it.

Yes, I believe the rule was success champions where I did all the things. Fuck you. That’s a lot of teamwork.

You started success champions. You were doing an hour long episode every day, a daily.

So you were recording. Where does this pull it back from?

So you were doing daily episodes with daily releases or just daily recordings? I would sit down. When I first launched Success Champions, I would do nine recordings, hourlong every Friday. I would start at like seven o’clock in the morning and like six o’clock in the evening with no breaks. I mean, I would literally in between zero run and take a piss and threw a hundred episodes. I launched I release a daily episode hour long every time, and I edited my own stuff for the first I think ten episodes before I outsource the editing of it.

And then the first editor just couldn’t keep up with your business done with someone out there is going to hear this shit and like the hell with it, I’m going to wear a catheter and I’m not going.

I’m glad about that challenge out there.

I’m sorry I was such a fucking slacker that I had to run up the GOP’s.

I see what the dude’s challenge is going to be, but that was actually looking at the the Guinness record.

I think it was something like maybe like forty eight hours of longest podcast ever or something like that.

Oh my God. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It’s crazy. Crazy. So I mean this is the closest thing out. So I mean for our listening audience. Right. Pretend this is one of your episodes. And what’s the takeaway from this episode that you want people to go on and actually take action right now?

But I think with this whole thing, it’s one hundred percent about knowing where you’re going and then taking the steps towards there and always using that as your counterbalance. So it’s it’s about having that vision. It’s so damn strong that other people want to get on the train and run with you and having that vision to be you’re out of bounds like you’re on a football field. Right. This is too far left. This is too far right. Let’s play and let’s play the first downs and setting those milestones along the way to to get there.

And I look at the business, as always of, you know, this is where we’re going. But what’s the small steps along the way that we’ve got to accomplish get through it. So if you’re a business owner, it’s really set a vision that scares the shit out of you and you know, the visions, right? When other people want to jump on board and run with you and then every day look at your business and realize if there’s not some form of chaos, you’re not going big enough.

Because if it is hunky dory and things are comfortable, you’re fixing to have a very rude awakening. I’d rather control the chaos and knowing we’re going into it versus being comfortable and sit and then all of a sudden look up and go, holy fuck with my business, go. I want to there’s a great analogy of Buffalo that I’ve always loved. When the thunderstorms roll through the plains, cows will actually try and outrun the rain. And so they stay in the rain longer.

A herd of buffaloes when those storms come actually charged with the thunderstorm and they go straight to fuck at it. And the reason they do it, because they know they can get on the other side of it quicker. And I think if you’re going to run a business, you need to be like a fucking buffalo and charge straight at that shit.

And that’s the only way to fly and the only way you’re going to grow that it should be a t shirt charge like a motherfucking buffalo with a pocket. But what are you talking about?

Kevin Reget the Bryan t shirt was your closing remarks.

Kevin Oh, it’s funny because Donnie and I, while we have different personalities, he’s a highly extroverted. I’m the introverted how you see type. We have really similar outlooks on on stuff. And for me that what popped in was the whole idea of taking action and stop analyzing and going through that whole analysis paralysis thing and just do something and do a life, do a live on Facebook, start a Facebook group, invite people into it, do something that’s going to push you to get in front of the right people and start having positive, engaging conversations that over time we’re going to turn into sales.

And this isn’t a get rich quick thing. Go make a podcast or go make a Facebook group and you’re going to sell stuff right away. No, it’s start the steps that first action is just creating the group. The next action is posting in it. The next action is doing a live in it. You know, all those are action that generate revenue over time. And that is the big thing that people need to do, is stop thinking about it and just go do nice, nice.

Or you’re definitely fellahs a bunch of bad asses on this particular podcast. I appreciate you guys time. And then I definitely look forward to following you guys on a bandwagon and swinging from the trees with you guys.

This is awesome. Thanks for having us. Yeah. And always, guys, do me a favor, man. If you guys get any value out of this thing, follow, not just fall, boss, in case it is frickin awesome. Great question, dude. Great stuff. Love hanging out to brother and keep going. Big shots coming your way.

I can feel it there. I appreciate. I mean to think that this entire thing was improv with no written questions all off script. So that’s kind of like the way it should be, you know.

For sure. For sure.

Say Grant over and out.