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Boss Uncaged Podcast Overview

“It just kind of just creeped up out of nowhere, to be honest. It kind of seems like yesterday I just started this podcast and obviously, a lot has happened since then…”

In this Season 2 Bonus Episode, S.A. and Alex chat about the success of Real Estate month and about the whirlwind first year of the Boss Uncaged Podcast. Covering all the highs and learning experiences of first-year podcasters and what’s next.

Check out this quick bonus episode covering:

  • Important points captured from Real Estate month
  • The Club Connect Directory
  • The App Directory
  • S.A. Grant speaks at Podfest 2021
  • And so much more!

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Boss Uncaged Podcast Transcript

S2E10 – S.A. Grant Anniversary – powered by Happy Scribe

Bosson Cages, a weekly podcast that releases the origin stories of business owners and entrepreneurs as they become uncaged trailblazers in each episode.

Our host s.A.

Grant and guests construct narrative accounts of their collective business journeys and growth strategies, learn key success habits and how to stay motivated through failure, all while developing a boss and cage finds it. Break out of your cage and welcome our host, S.A.M.. Welcome welcome back to Boss Uncage podcast. So today’s show is kind of like like a recap, kind of give an update. It’s a bonus episode. It’s like the collective of all things that we just want to talk about today.

And obviously, my sidekick dressed up like Louie, just like Mario right now would be. Alex Grant. So how are you doing today? Good, how are you doing? I’m doing well. So what’s on the agenda for our conversation today? Well, this is exciting, exciting off cycle. So I guess we can first say it is our one year anniversary of Bosson Cage podcast. So which means one year ago today, we released the first podcast out there and put it out into the world.

I think I was on that one as well. And I keep, again, trying to get myself fired, but he has to keep coming back for some reason. So going talk about a couple of things today. You know what’s been going on with the podcast. We’ll talk about the real estate month, which was a really cool concept. And we had some really great interviews this month. I hope you listen to all of them. What’s going on with the book club?

Our boy over here is getting ready to be a speaker at office. So just a lot a lot of topics. So first, let’s just talk about one year, one year anniversary. How do you feel about that? You’re saying is the anniversary that you would take it?

I mean, for me, it’s kind of like I, I lost scope of time frame because, you know, we really jumped into season two and it was just kind of like based upon like an annual calendar year versus the actual yearly anniversary. So it just kind of just creeped up out of nowhere, to be honest. It kind of seems like yesterday I just started this podcast and obviously a lot has happened since then, so. Right. I did.

The one year did go by fast. It was like every week you were like, I’m recording with this person. I’m recording with this person. We’re putting out this episode. I think originally we’re releasing every two weeks. And then we went down to now releasing it every week. And maybe I’m kind of pushing him to release more episodes, more frequently TBD on that. So, yeah, it was a first year. Yeah. I mean, about releasing more episodes is just kind of I mean, I don’t know if it’s because we’re ahead of ourselves, because we just release what, episode eight or nine of season two.

Yes, but we’ve recorded up to episode 40 something right off of season two. And it’s just kind of like it kind of goes to show that, you know, we started off it was how the hell are we going to get enough people to interview? And it was OK, we have a database of people who’s going to say yes, who’s going to say no. But going into the second season is like we get more yeses and no’s. Now, just for the fact that we’ve been doing it long enough and the proof is in the pudding, you just got to get out there and get things done.

And by doing that, now we’re getting I mean, I’m doing interviews essentially twice a day sometimes. Right? Right.

Definitely. OK, well, a couple of things that we talked about. I think the end of season one and the beginning of season two were all the other tentacles that Boston came to have going on right now. So bookclub was one of the things I think we talked about. So how’s the book club?

Book Club is going going well. So I mean, in the book club, we had an opportunity to kind of source book recommendations from the podcast. So, you know, like a big systems guy. Like I said before, I was like, you know, we kept getting all these D book recommendations, like we got to have somewhere to put it and to kind of do a spin off and niche down a little bit more in our community or listeners.

So the book club is alive and well. I think we’re on going on to week three or week for but we have one year’s worth of content already in the pipeline. We have online book directory and it’s a get opportunity. You definitely want to go to book club dot Boston case dot com and sign up to be in that that spectrum of the Boston Cege world. But in that space, we definitely have our Facebook group is growing. We have the email campaigns going.

We have the online book directory going as well. So that’s another thing that we kind of pulled into our anniversary is a new system, right? Yeah, definitely. I’ll give you guys a little behind the scenes type of thing. So in the book club, went like the Facebook group went live. I’m not very Facebook savvy. So I saw popped up and I immediately started wanting to share people. He was like, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

So you almost murdered me because I was inviting everybody to the book club because books are my area of expertize. And so I was really excited about that going live. But now it’s officially like we got a good number of people in the book club. I talked to an aunt this weekend who is trying to do the challenge of reading one book a month living with Mr. Green over here. He is definitely doing the challenge and I can constantly hear the books playing and all of his Aleksa devices, whether it’s the glasses or the toothbrush or just out in the room.

So he’s definitely checking off that box and doing one book a week. And we encourage you to join the book club and definitely take a part, do your part as being a part of the challenge. So it’s really exciting to be able to say you read a book a week for an entire year and then just the nuggets of information that you’ll pick up related to it. So, yeah. Yeah. So I mean, to to add onto that, you know, I think as avid readers, we kind of read books and then we let time go by before we take action on them all the time, go by before we pick up another book.

So. The book club kind of behind the scenes is allowing me and other people to not just read books, but read more than one book. Right. And in the book club is designed. So you’re going to get little tidbits, you’re going to get little insights. You’re going to get little. Think I close out every week with like a summary and then a few words of insight directly from the book author themselves. What I could find them or what I could look on YouTube and find a video with them talking about it.

So it kind of gives people more of an in-depth insight of what the book is really about and how you could use your book on your day to day.

I think it’s cool. It’s been going great so far and we still have many more months of this year. Many more books to read. So speaking of books and we talked about on our season opener, the Boston case book. So how’s that going? Yeah.

So, I mean, originally, you know, this this is a good time for me to kind of just expose one of the failures. Right. I mean, it’s obviously I take off more than I could chew a lot of times. And so the book was supposed to be released now part of the one year anniversary and other things came up like the book club, the book club sort of taking off and we’re like maybe eighty five percent done with the book.

But I decided don’t want to release any books to the general public. So we’re kind of taking a step back and we’re trying to do a rerelease of that. So probably going to give us like another 60 days to kind of go in to fill the blanks and do like a real solid release of the book. In writing that book, we came to find out I was way more value than just saying, hey, this is a podcast book about podcast episodes.

So we kind of took a twist on it and delve more into what we learned on each episode. And what’s the value proposition of that episode? What did that that entrepreneur do that they want to do differently or what are they educating us on? So the writing kind of shifted in the process, which means that we pretty much have to rewrite the book because it was a surprising pivot. I’ll say, you know, because Mr. Grant over here is very systematic and he had a plan and he had outlined it and it was supposed to be follow these steps and we’ll have a book done in X amount of time.

And then, you know, it just became a little bit more, OK, we really need to talk about, you know, what we learned, what you could learn potentially by reading this book, by listening to the podcast, which, like you said, not necessarily a failure, but just an opportunity for kind of a more rich book. So it’s coming soon, very soon. So keep your ears and eyes out for that. Yeah, definitely.

Definitely coming. I mean, it went from being kind of like 120 page book to by more like a two hundred plus page book. So, again, you know, it kind of if you’ve got to learn both by fire and not, everything I’m going to do is going to be one hundred percent success. So it’s going to have to be failures and hurdles, but you better damn well believe it. I’m going to get back up, keep running, and it’s going to drive me crazy.

That book doesn’t come back, considering that I’m helping him write. It is like, what are you doing right now? You writing? I’m like, I’m playing Candy Crush.

But all right, that is there is there is a good twist to that, like talking about because originally the book was supposed to be like essay grant and his twenty five people to interview. And I would just like to help with that. Like why don’t you co write this with me. Like let’s just kind of get both point of views in here. Right. Let’s just kind of get some femininity, let’s get some masculinity and just kind of cross reference both these items and write our first joint book as a joint venture together.

So that was another pivot that happened in the middle of this book, which kind of, you know, expanded the outline. And you kind of have two different viewpoints, two different personalities. So trust and believe the book is going to be by ten times better than what it was originally going to be. But this is not going to come out as fast or as soon as we wanted it to, but it’ll be ten times much better. I’m pretty sure that.

Great going back to the podcast. So you want to talk a little bit about what club is. Yeah. So again, like I wake up in the middle of the night, like having cold sweats, like I’m coming off of a crack binge and I’m just kind of like, dude, you know, what a great idea. This is how it goes. I wake up and I’m like, Yo is what? And she’s like, what? What now held by you waking me up?

So I’m going to like, it will be interesting, right? Because, you know, you see like podcast directories and it’s like a list of podcasters. But I’m like I have not seen like a podcast directory of. Yes. And I’m like, well, as we continue to grow this podcast, we’re going to have more and more guests. And part of our intake is we’re going to capture our guests information or social media accounts, what offerings that they may have.

You know, how could you find them on LinkedIn? Kind of like their general bios of stories. I was like, it’d be really cool to have a directory, kind of like a a Boston case LinkedIn version of all the people we’ve interviewed and have all their stats, all their links, all their offerings, all in one location and have it organized so you can kind of sort filter and say, hey, I’m looking for just people for real estate, for example, or I’m looking just for designers, I’m looking just for someone that that’s about startup companies.

So I decided to create an online directory, you know, completely make sense because, I mean, write the overviews and they’re in the show notes and it’s kind of. Hey, if you want to talk to X, you know, at the end of the show or after the show, here’s all their contact information using their social media, their email address, some some interviewee’s list, their phone number. And, you know, you literally have to probably go back to each.

And we don’t we do want you to go back, listen to every episode. But I’m just saying you have to go back into the overview and show knows to get that information. So nafs being all in one centralized place where you can search and you can sort and figure out who you need to talk to. And and I think it’s just it’s sounded kind of like a no brainer for the most part. Yeah, definitely sounds like a no brainer now, but obviously behind the scenes and the organization of it and pulling it, keep in mind, like we’re every time we come up with something, we get more and more organized.

So like our databases, it’s it’s we’re pulling from the same database and we’re just reinventing the content a little bit differently. So luckily, like, you know, again, I’m going back in the lifetime deals. I found some lifetime deals and I’m like I’m behind the scenes building into these apps. So I had opportunity to kind of I can create this directory pretty quickly, you know, just a couple of things that need to go into fruition as far as taking the multiple different Gucci’s that we have and consolidate them into one group to then represent that content on the website.

So that’s where we are right now. This week. I’m working on that. So keep in mind, the next week or two, I’m probably going to make a launch and say, Hey, Club Connect is alive and well, OK?

I hope you guys kind of keep an eye out for that coming out as well. I know originally and the season opener, we also talked about the app or the application that was coming out. So again, with Boston case, we’re always strategizing. I’ll say that, you know, we know what’s out there in the market, as we’re always reading to understand what what other podcasts are doing, OK, and what can make ours better. So let’s talk a little bit about that.

Well, I mean, I think that’s three fold. So I think originally we didn’t even mention in the first episode of this month that part of the book club. I started realizing that every episode I’m asking people about what apps are using, what software to using. So it only makes sense once again, like a crazy person to make an app club. Right. So the app club is something that’s going to come in later on this year, because obviously we have a book club that we have to maintain and we have club connect that we’re going to have to maintain.

But once these systems are in place, they’re going to be self maintained. So the next part of that would be OK. If I’m asking everybody, you know, what software they’re using, it only makes sense to take all that software information and put it in the online directories, much like the online directory we did for the book club. So everybody can have access to search online applications based upon the podcast. Guess that they have their kind of pre filter them.

They’re trying to tell you to, hey, I’m using this and I’m successful and here’s opportunity for you. Can I at least look at that platform? And then what I will do eventually is take some of the video clips of some of the audio clips to support that selection as well. I think it’d be really cool. Kind of a funny thing is Schnall over here. He has five million apps on his phone, like if if anybody ever sees him in person, just get him to open his phone and scroll through the pages.

I don’t even know if you could, like, show it on camera just how many times you had to scroll in order to be able to see all the apps you have on there. And and he even reads like a page, Max, to where they don’t even, like, download or something anymore. They go into like a secret hiding space and see that get ready. They use them. And it’s just like ridiculous. Yeah. I mean, it’s funny because I didn’t know that there was a cap, a cap on how many apps you could have it till I hit that cap and it was like a missing apps.

What the hell’s going on? And then I started putting some apps in folders and the apps that were missing sort of showing up. And I was like, oh, there’s a limit to how many pages of how many apps you could possibly have on an iPhone. I didn’t know. What will happen is a nightmare for like my organization brain to just see all of it. And like like it’s kind of the thing like he can look at it or know what page the app is on.

Like, I would be scrolling for like a year trying to find an app or trying to remember the name of it so that I can search for it is another. So yeah, maybe the directory is kind of more for you and you better, you better darn well believe it. Everything that I’m creating for Boss on Gage and like the book club, the app club, all these different tentacles are essentially not just for me, but it’s for other people that are like me that that may have similar issues and or they’re looking for like a lot of times I’ll talk about Atsumi, somebody like I heard you mentioned it, and then I take them to Absol and I show them a particular deal for somebody they’re looking for and they’re then like their eyes open up, then they realize the magnitude of what this software could really do for them.

So, again, I’ve come falling will to my own testament that I’m in this space. Amazon will be able to share the content that I’m figuring out as well. No, sounds really cool. Like I said, it’s always keep an eye out. For more information to come, let’s talk about real estate. And this is. One of the things we talked about beginning of the season that we were going to spend February doing a real estate, but so we had Jessica kicking off the month, Lenny the boss, Dominick Ray Johnson closing it out, the funding guy.

So how do you think that real estate month went? Well, I think it’s funny because after the month is now is ended and in the journey of recording this month, I end up recording maybe four episodes that could have been in this month as well. And it was like horrible if I fell into my lap.

So we had an opportunity to review people that were in real estate. And I always was like, should we continue to month out? But then we end up becoming like a real estate podcast. So real estate month to point out, like in a couple of months, I’ll keep it mixed up because again, I mean, we had software guys as well, too. We can do an entire software month. So I was like, OK, I guess moving forward, we’re just going to be kind of scattered.

Otherwise we’re going to have to keep all the months organized, just like pulling teeth. But to recap on this one, I think leading off with with Jessica was kind of cool. It was a great introduction to just understanding real estate. And I’ve known Jessica from before. She was a real estate agent. That’s a word. Now, she’s a highly successful real estate agent. So that journey was definitely inspirational. And in Lenny the Boss, I mean, he I mean, his name says it.

All right, Lenny, the boss name says it all. And he’s just a really motivational guy in the sense that happened to find his niche in real estate. But he uses that real estate to you know, I think on the episode he was saying that he had opportunity to relieve his wife from her current employer to kind of become a full time whatever she wanted to become because they were making enough passive income from, you know, not necessarily their flip’s, but from their renters.

They have enough rental properties that they can do that. And then going into Dominic, I think Dominic is just I’ve known Dominic since middle school.

That’s a long time. But that’s you know, it’s kind of creeping up on like 30 years. But, you know, hearing his story, hearing that he got inspired from his his dad that passed away years before when he was younger and structuring in the understanding that everybody that he knew that had wealth was in real estate. So he got into real estate because of that. And then he had another company that was real estate related that he sold. So he’d just been on this track to go north on a bull run like the past 15, 20 years.

So to kind of hear his journey and then to hear his business model and understanding that wholesale. And if you don’t understand what wholesaler’s, I would definitely say take a listen to this episode, because it’s very fulfilling to say, OK, I want to go into real estate, but I don’t have to be a real estate agent. I don’t have to buy and flip houses. I could just buy and move houses without even having the damned your name.

So it was definitely a good opportunity. And closing out the month was like, I think ironic enough because Ray was supposed to be my first interview. It was you guys had to rerecord, you had to rerecord. And the beginning was we talk about it on the episode that, you know, I think Ray was making fun of you, that you got better equipment. And it was like, I don’t necessarily think it was necessarily better equipment. It was just better use of the equipment and understanding that there’s other ways of recording things.

But long story short, I think it was I think we’re recording it now was going to be ten times better than using him originally because I’m more seasoned as a as a host and I had better structure to get more information out of him. So he delivered tons of information and just about how to refinance properties to get money, how to split up the legalities, to split up the land so you could have one particular land that you own and the other land being free and clear to be able to sell or to make passive income.

Also, I think collectively for the money, I would think the four components that we use for the real estate market was definitely fulfilling and giving great insight. No, no, no. I think it was perfect the way you lined it up. You know, Jessica is really kind of the traditional real estate as people understand real estate for the most part. But to get kind of a behind the scenes look at her day to day job and where she came from and how she even got in a real estate was really cool.

Same thing with Lenny, the boss I know from Dominic’s episode. It was for me it was more about pivoting. You know, he was like he started this company. He was working for a company, and he got to a point where he had, like kind of maxed out, not necessarily on position, but on salary. And it was kind of like, all right, if I get this promotion, guess what? I’m going to go down to my salary and nobody wants to do that at all.

So it was like, I’m going to start my own company. And he ended up selling that company, which then gave him you footing in the real estate, commercial real estate business. And then, Ray, I mean, and a lot of people know that my background is in, you know, finance and accounting. So to see someone who was working in corporate America like me and then be able to kind of step out on faith and start his own company with the knowledge that he had in finance and accounting was really good.

So I was super excited. Are you, like, recording me now?

I’m recording the recording of the record. I like see it out of the corner of my eye when I’m talking and I’m like, I can’t do two things. You know, my brain can do two things at once. So Ray was really cool because that’s kind of my area and my background in corporate America where I work now, so it’s like, ha, I don’t even think about like how can I start to pivot my day to day job and create my own thing or the knowledge that I have from my day to day job to kind of create my own thing.

So I think the real estate month as a whole worked out very, very well. I recommend going back, listening to it, pulling out your pen and your paper, your notebooks and taking notes from it, slowing it down a little bit. And as we were saying before, at the end of each episode in this show knows contact information. If you are interested in getting into commercial real estate, you have everybody’s contact information. If you’re interested or you just have questions.

As far as real estate goes, you reach out to Jessica. Both of us have called Jessica for real estate related questions that didn’t necessarily relate to a property we were looking at, but just generalize like how tos and she’s always willing and everyone on that list is always willing to teach.

So I think definitely if I think about the four, like influential people in real estate, that I have their numbers on speed dial. It is these four people right off the track. I pick up the phone or something like I mean, prime example was I sent out a text message to Ray Ray and I got on the phone. I was looking at some land before and I said information. And it’s like less than like an hour. Dominic sent me like a list you.

So it’s just it’s having the opportunity to speak to these people and not only learn from them, but be able to work with them in the long run. Makes things a lot easier. You don’t have to go out there and search and destroy where we’re just presenting these people directly through you through the podcast, I think is cool. So let’s talk about your big speaking engagement. This that’s come up and I guess a couple of days now that I think about it.

You were speaking this year’s podcast this week. Again, this is third, second, third time you’ve been a speaker on there. So talk a little bit about what you’re going to be discussing on podcast and how people can watch and learn to say, yeah, yeah. So first global. The first time I spoke was that podcast masterclass. The second time was at Bedfast and this one is a podcast Global. So this one is a pretty big one because last year before I was on the bandwagon of podcast, they had an opportunity to get into the Guinness World Record.

And I think at the time they had crossed over 5000 active live people on one podcast event. This time we’re going for ten thousand active users, listeners, and I’m part of that. So anybody that wants to be part of this, we have access codes. You can definitely go to podcast global and then you kind of click to make a purchase. And if you get to the event screen, then you just hit coupon code and you add Balsan cage and you’ll get a free ticket to be on the live event.

So the beautiful part of that is that once we hit this goal of ten thousand active listeners, we would succeed and pass our last podcast.

Which I think about the best way to explain that we will succeed and pass the last world record, and by doing that, then you listeners and active participants as a speaker, we will get access to getting our little certificate that says I participated in a Guinness World Record or I worked on a Guinness World Record. So it’s a big thing in that sense. In addition to it, at the topics of conversation and one hundred percent podcast, the topic that I’m going to be covering is like how to scale a book, right?

How to make a book into a real business. And podcasting is part of that. So I’m going to go into, like triangulation, go into like how to maximize and scale and to pick niche markets. So it’s going to be like a 30 minute conversation that I’m going to deliver about this particular topic. And as you guys all part of the cage branding and network, you can kind of see elements of this. You can kind of see the book development.

You can see the podcasting, you can see the directory. You can see all these different elements. So I’m going to go dove into more behind the scenes of how we came up with these systems and put them in place. It sounds really, really cool. And so we’ll be able to put the link in the show now so people can go and click and sign up. Is that. Yeah, we could definitely do that. Yeah. So I’ll be speaking this Thursday.

I think it’s 10:00 a.m. is my 10 or 11 o’clock. But I mean, I’ll be on all day Thursday. So it’s going to be this Thursday, which is March 4th.

4TH. Yeah, 10 a.m.. So like I said, we’ll put the link for you to sign up though notes and you can hear his presentation and yeah, I’m excited. And that like just like the fact that they respect you, they see that you’re doing a good job in the podcast community. They keep asking you to come back and be a speaker or a teacher. Really. So that’s been pretty cool. Pretty cool addition to everything that we’ve been doing.

I mean. Yeah, yeah. And this is the other thing, too. I mean, anybody out there that’s creating a podcast, I would say definitely sign up to try to become a speaker. Right. I mean, at first glance, I didn’t think I had a shot and do Chris, I got the first opportunity. So, like, once you’re in the system, you’re going to have to reapply every single time. Every single time they have a speaking engagement is not just torsional and have them speak.

It’s more so you’re going to have to reapply every single time. But, you know, once you’re in the system, you know what they’re looking for, you know what topics to cover. And so you’re pretty much a shoo in at that point right now. Makes sense completely. So what’s next for Marcinkiewicz podcast? We finished our real estate month that we talked about before getting ready to go in April, May and June summertime. So what’s next?

Yeah, so, I mean, I’ve still been working on the videos. I’ve had an opportunity to kind of start a segment in the videos out more. So I would like the book club, like going back in and taking the sections out of when someone is making the referral recommendations for the book. So I’m starting to grow the YouTube channel a little bit. And then eventually what I’m going to do this year is with these videos of videos of the podcast itself on the YouTube channel.

I think some people may like podcasts listening. Some people may like to read about it, some people may like video. So there’s going to be like a staggering between them, like the original podcasts. Audio is always going to be released instantly. And then the video was going to be segment afterwards. And it’s just kind of like marketing and it’s a totally different audience. In addition to that, I mean, obviously the podcast app, like we was talking about that originally, about creating a Bozic app that’s still in the pipeline.

It’s still being developed. It’s just coming down from my marketing ingenuity device. When will be a good time to release it? If I release something new every damn day, it kind of muddies the water a little bit. So I think we just did the book club that’s kind of working through. I think the next on the agenda is going to be the directory and then that’s going to work through. And then what I’m going to formalize is take all these different elements.

So the App Club, the club connec, the book club, the podcast essay, grant dot com and put all of these things into one app. And just like a little if you’re listening to this, I will give you a little other secret is that my goal within the next twelve months is to release an actual functional app to help podcast and help authors execute systems. So everything I’ve been talking about is going to go into a system. And obviously there’s got to be cautious to support them.

But I’m diving into the application space that I want to create a full blown app to kind of help authors and help podcasters develop and create their content. This business one, No one is solving a problem in the community like manager in this space. I mean, you can probably count on five hands the number of applications that you have to use in order to make this happen and all the tentacles that are related to it. So to be able to work and kind of create an application that helps to reduce using five applications down to one or maybe ten down to one, I think is really cool.

Yeah. Yeah. So in addition to that, I mean obviously this morning I literally just finished a online submitting page landing page. So I’m going to start reaching out to our viewers to say if you have anyone that you want to make a recommendation that. You think I should interview that would be a good fit for our show now we’re going to have access to a portal that allows you to input that information in and obviously behind the scenes, the system to automatically send me emails and you email and then that person that you recommended will go into our system and we have opportunity to contact them and do like a soft interview to make sure that we’re both a good fit for each other.

And then they’ll be surprised if you see that person on our show shortly thereafter that we really cool. Cool cited the one year anniversary.

And I’m glad we’re not like having a conversation like one year anniversary. Oh, my God. This is sex is the worst process in the world. No, it’s been fun. I will honestly say it has been hard work. But I mean, with that hard work doesn’t come rewards. So excited for the next year.

Yeah, I’m already thinking about what year five is going to look like and bring. And she was over here to talk about you got to start a magazine and I was on a digital magazine. So that’s a little selfish. So selfish plug for me. And I was like, it could be done. But what’s the system behind it like? I’m really big on like if I can look at a database and see columns and say, OK, we have three thousand input values, then it makes sense at that point, like how we monetizes input values.

And so I think we’re getting close to that. But, you know, it’s kind of funny to think Steve is another guy that I’ve been following that I met through office and he’s the the creator and founder of podcast magazine. And he made a statement, I think it was like a week ago, like every podcast doesn’t have a digital podcast magazine.

I think she was listening to that particular episode because I mentioned it like six months to eight months before that statement was even made. I think it was Entrepreneur magazine. And I was reading an article about how to start a digital magazine in this space or whatever. And I said, wow, that sounds really exciting. Like we have the content, we have the writers in-house and our ghost writers and everything. So and we have the formula, you know, for him it has to be a system so we can create a system in order to be able to put out digital content related to at the time, I was just thinking like entrepreneurship and business owners and blah, blah, blah, blah.

But, you know, it kind of morphed. And then when someone else said he was like, aha, we should do it.

So I’m recording this on camera that technically I came up with it and I didn’t exactly say we should do it. What I did was I was OK. You know what? Here’s a halfway mark. Let me create the directories and then into the rectory that we can kind of systematize and kind of see. Look at it from a global point of view and say, OK, we have one hundred people in our directory or we have a thousand people on the record.

We’ve interviewed this many people now, this stage like we did a real estate that was part of like that, that global test. So could we do a real estate magazine? Do we do an art magazine and talk about like podcasters, business owners and authors and segment them out to have different magazines and different different per month? But again, you’ve got to have the content and have the structure behind it before we just go ahead and pull the trigger on a magazine.

But I’m going to put a little stuff out there, like we should do this, we should do this. And then the minute that he hears it, it’ll be like, yeah, we should do that. And I was like, this is such an amazing idea. I can’t believe no one ever thought of that. Well, she says there’s and I’m always trying to get her to get in front the camera and more of a voice on the show besides being like the little voice on my shoulder saying, yeah, you should create this and you should create that.

And I’m like, you know what it’s going to take to create this and create that? I’m more of a producer content creator behind the scenes person. Well, I don’t have any more questions right now. Like I said, I think the real estate must be pretty cool. We have hit our one year anniversary mark for releasing like our first podcast, which has been amazing. I may show up more often than I would like, but with practice to get better and better.

So, you know, closes out my degree. But closing out another announcement, I think another thing is because we are so far ahead with the recordings and we have edited all of them, but maybe just maybe and I want to hear from you guys. If you think we went from two weeks to one week and you’d like the weekly episode, do you think you think we should go to maybe twice a week? I’m not I’m not ready to go to, like, once a day.

I daily I mean, you know, whatever daily could definitely be done. But I want to make sure that the people are listening. And the last thing I want to do is go to daily and nobody’s going to listen. So maybe we go twice a week. So, I mean, let us know what you think about twice a week and then everything else that we listed before. Again, it only comes down to your feedback. So give us a review, five star ratings on any one of the platforms you utilizing, especially utilizing Apple.

Definitely want to kind of hear some more details. You know, I get emails, I get messages, but I would like to see some more stuff going on online to kind of just spread the word about the podcast. And again, we’re here as a community to help other business owners, help of entrepreneurs, podcasters, authors, all kind of get a jump start and spread information between each other. So. I think that’s pretty much it for me, man.

Again, I appreciate it. We made it to one year. Look forward to making it to five, 10, 20 years down the road as they grant over now.

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Bosson, I hope you got some helpful insight and clarity to the diverse approach on your journey to becoming an unknown trailblazer. Don’t forget to subscribe rape review and share the podcast. If this podcast has helped you or you have any additional questions, reach out and let me know.

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