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Boss Uncaged Podcast Overview

“…take this podcast as a tool. It’s an opportunity to hear from other people that are in multiple different industries that are all on like journeys. And everybody’s journey is similar in the sense that they started here and their goal is to get here. If they want to become a millionaire, if they want to have a successful business, if they want to have an enterprise, whatever it is, they have to start somewhere and they have to climb to this level.”

In the words of S.A. Grant, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Season 2 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast!

In season 2, episode 1, S.A. returns with his partner-in-crime Alex Grant for a dynamic season 2 opener. Giving more insight to the nuggets dropped in the season 1 finale, these two discuss the excitement of their upcoming season 2.

Taking lessons learned from season 1, the Boss Uncaged Podcast is more polished and focused on delivering the content the listeners want to hear. With a line-up of guests that span the globe, season 2 will provide a plethora of thought-provoking and motivating interviews from true Boss Beast.

With a more streamlined platform, S.A. now can dive-in to all the tentacles of Boss Uncaged Podcast and provide a full suite of services and content for its listeners. Alex and S.A. discuss the new Boss Uncaged Book Club, the 762-233-BOSS (2677) phone number, and the forthcoming Boss Uncaged Podcast Book.

Oh, and did I mention, there’s a Boss Uncaged App coming soon!


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Boss Uncaged Podcast Transcript

S2E01 – S.A. Grant Season 2 Opener.m4a – powered by Happy Scribe

Starting recording here three to one.

Welcome welcome back to Boss Uncaged. Season two, episode one. And this is a major event because season one didn’t almost exist. So the fact that we’re on season two, like roughly about a year later it’s an epic moment just for me personally as a brand, as a marketer. And it gives me a great opportunity to kind of just keep spreading my knowledge and giving individuals an opportunity to kind of get their voices out there to help other people.

And, of course, by my right-hand side or left-hand side to give or take how you want to look at it through resume video recording. Alex Grant, welcome back to the show. And last season you started us off you ended us off and without a doubt, you’re going to start us off with this season again.

So I keep trying to get myself fired, but I keep coming back. I don’t know why.

Well, I mean, obviously, the name the last name change thing. And I mean you’re kind of you committed to the team now. So it’s unfortunately, you are part of the brand.

Exactly. Exactly. So, yes. Welcome to season two. Yeah. Which is crazy in itself is that there is a season two because like I said in our last episodes, this was just a thought that materialized and grew and grew and grew. And now we’re at the intro of season two, which I am kind of really looking forward to. What that’s going to look like this year. So, yeah.

Yeah, definitely. So without one thing you guys may have noticed is that this particular season started off with completely different audio.

I mean, for the longest we’ve had Kelly Stevens, which is a great voice over artist, great radio personality. And, you know, believe it or not, I mean, just like myself, I always recommend people to get consultants. I got a podcast consult, which was Chris Krimitsos, which, you know, I love this guy. He gave me opportunity to speak at PodFest and VidFest last year.

And in that consultation that I had with him we were just talking about the the intro and he was just saying that the intro is a little bit too clean to radio and for podcasting, again, to his book’s title, you have to kind of start ugly and grow into it. So it was kind of like I went from being nobody on podcasting to having this great radio introduction, which just kind of like let’s let’s let’s kind of dial it in to more to where the audience is.

So obviously, I think, Alex, the comments we’ve gotten over the past year is that everybody loves Alex’s voice. They love her interview style. She’s she’s the complement to my craziness. So it makes perfect sense to start off these episodes using her voice and, you know, cut down into a little bit so that just a little bit behind the scenes. But so from moving forward into this new season two, you’re going to hear Alex’s voice as the new intro to Boss Uncaged.

The irony is like our backgrounds, I think they fit our personalities a little bit or maybe a little bit opposite, depending on what day of the week with my butterflies behind us. And your would call your X-Men ex.

Yes. It’s symbolic it’s like you have your colorful, flamboyant wings. And I’m like the rustic guy in the woods kicking in doors with chainsaws is more my style. So that background makes sense.

So kicking off. Yes, I am, I guess. Now, the new voice of the intro in parts of Boss Uncaged, which is funny because when I started having this conversation with you, I was like, yeah, you should do a podcast and yeah, branding and dot dot dot. I never, number one was going to be on the podcast. So that was a I would never that I’m now doing.

Number two I said I would never be on video. Here I am. And number three, I always work to try to stay in the background and now I am the voice. So I don’t know if I say thank you to that or if I should punch you. But we’re getting.

The combination of both the beautiful thing of this, I think eventually and I’m putting it out there into the wind, into the gods out there. Don’t do it. You got access to your own podcast. I mean, you learn from all my mistakes and all my example. It only makes sense that eventually you would potentially have your own podcast. So this is just kind of you running up to it. You’re on the treadmill and you’re you’re moving a little bit faster. And then one day you may have your own podcast. I’m just saying.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram and watches my randomness of my stories knows that I don’t need I don’t need alcohol and I don’t need a podcast. Those two things together would be dangerous.

So alcohol infused podcast sounds like a great title.

I think so. So let’s talk more about your season two what can the listeners and now watchers expect from your season two? I think you’re about at least halfway, if not more, probably more than halfway through recording. So kind of give us a hint on what some of your guests are going to look like?

Yeah. So as far as numbers, I think I’ve recorded maybe about twenty four episodes going into season two.

And it’s kind of like one of these things that, you know, when you hear about podcast development, they always tell you to record a certain amount episodes. So I’m going to stop before I get to thirty because things like in season one may change and I’ve learned a lot from season one. So going into season two, everything is a little bit more cleaner with a little bit more polished, so having these episodes ahead of time gives me opportunity to kind of put more into them, you know, more into like the notes, more into like, you know, releasing them on, there on a set schedule before, but just giving a little bit more to my audience and giving a little more time back. So, again, I’m recording a quantity of episodes to be able to give more time back.

As far as, like a guest on the show. I think it closing out in season one. We kind of talked about our real estate month going into February, a little bit about those people. We talked about the first couple episodes that essentially are going to come right after this episode, which was like Ty Cohen and Damon.

But some other people in there. I mean, we have Kimberly Law, which was a person that I met through podfest through a interview, and she interviewed her podcast and her podcast was a hundred percent about accents. And I fell in love with her concept is like she took something as simple as she’s an English teacher in Australia. Yes. She’s teaching people about the accents of different nationalities, different backgrounds, different cultures. So it was just a great concept.

So, I mean, having her on the show and just kind of telling her story about the were supposed to move to Canada. They chose not to move to Canada. They lived in France and now they lived in Australia. Just was like a crazy journey of how she ended up even having a podcast. It was one hundred percent driven based upon covid. If covid didn’t happen, her podcast wouldn’t exist. And so it’s kind of like these things happen for a reason.

She took advantage of it and now she’s flourishing in her podcast. So that’s definitely going to be a good podcast. Just so many different people on the podcast going into season two, man it’s… I’m just trying to think of all the people, go ahead.

I think on topic, off topic, some things that have changed about your podcast for season two is you you interviewed a few more international people and you know I kind of blame that a little bit on covid just because everything’s on Zoom now that you don’t have to necessarily be sitting across from somebody. So like you said, Kimberly Law from in Australia, I think there was an international podcast that you did and the timing of the time zones where you had to record it at, I think like 5am or some crazy time. I vaguely remember just to be on the same time zone.

That was actually Kimberly because I mean, Australia is essentially like 12, 12, 13 hours ahead. So it was like literally I think we recorded a podcast six thirty a.m. Eastern Standard Time, which was essentially 12:00 p.m. at night. Their time was something crazy, was like maybe 18 hour difference, something like that. So get her in Vianney is another one. And I love this guy. He’s a YouTube professional that had an opportunity to get his YouTube channel for a Dominican station to like two point four million subscribers, not views.


Two point four million subscribers. So and obviously, anybody who knows me knows I love what we call it, D.R. Dominican Republic. But just the Dominican culture is just so, it’s been an influential part of my life.

I mean, I had an opportunity to go there. I think we spent maybe three weeks, a few years back with I’m going to get him on the show eventually to Angel and just being able to talk to somebody else. That’s from D-R, that’s in the technology space and what he was able to accomplish. And he still lives in D-R, but he’s international as well, which was a great episode. So that’s going to be part of January. He’s going to air in end of January.

Oh Cool. What else you having on this season?

So we definitely talked about the real estate. We talked about Lenny the boss. We talked about Dominic, we talked about Jessica. In addition to it, Gabriel, Gabriel and I, we used to have a business partnership back in the day with Ringer consulting agency. So I had the opportunity to kind of talk to him. And I think that episode is a meaningful episode because we talked about the pros and cons about failures versus success and how to bounce back and overcome. And I think some of the fills that him and I, both in our joint ventures, had and gave him an opportunity to find new found love back in technology, and they kind of change his his vision to a different direction, but similar. So I think that was definitely a good fruitful episode. In addition to that, I’m trying to think, who else did we have on there Edgar. Edgar is another person that kind of found me through the Internet, randomly through the Internet, reached out to me, sent me email, and I was like, cool. Let’s just check it out. Come to find out. He’s on the West Coast, I think Arizona. And he had a podcast . He interviewed me on his podcast and through him, I mean, I had opportunities to meet some other people that he’s interviewed in conversations with him. But I think his brand is just a great brand. He is essentially entrepreneur that was a photographer that just by doing the actions and being on time and being on set, he had an opportunity that led into him starting his own photography video studio.

It was just kind of like, OK, you go from being a photographer to owning a studio.

It’s a night and day difference between the two. So we definitely, we talked about that a little bit.

I think who else was in particular episodes? And I’m just kind of recap in my mind.

No, it makes sense even. I mean, even to take a step back a little bit, I don’t know, like if if listeners haven’t heard and I may I have to recommend please go back and listen to all of season one. It’s a really great has a really great interviews on there. Even the last episode where we both talked about what to expect from season two. But kind of going back to the end of season one, you did mention almost like theme months. And I want to go back to the real estate month, which may even materialize to the real estate six weeks or eight weeks because they’re getting more and more interviews related to that real estate and investing space.

So what does that look like for season two?

I mean, just to the point of, like, I don’t want to record the entire season ahead of time, so I want to kind of let it kind of happen organically. But I wanted to make sure I at least I had like two to three months worth of recordings to kind of organize and stage them in a particular fashion. So, you know, Jessica, I actually recorded Jessica’s in mid to late 2020 in the summertime.

Yeah. Yeah.

I could have released it in season one. I was just like, well, and then I had an opportunity to interview Lenny the Boss, and then I had an opportunity to review Dominic, which is a wholesaler. And I’m like, dude, this is a common denominator between these guys. And then Ray’s episode, which we talked about at the season finale of Season one, which I originally recorded his episode as the primary first release episode. And the audio just wasn’t the quality that listeners are used to from our episode at this point.

So it gives us opportunity to rerecord his entire episode. And he’s a funding guy. He’s all about how to raise money to potentially buy properties owned by investment properties. So combining these four different genres in real estate into one month, it becomes like this package deal. So you can kind of see, OK, what is the real estate agent think about? What is a wholesaler think about? What is a buy and flip rental guy think about? And all three of them essentially are dealing with funding.

What is the funding I think about? And exactly. So it gives them opportunity to kind of get an entire month from an entrepreneurial standpoint on different facets of one business genre.

Yeah, no, I think we really great. Jokingly I will admit it popped in my head. It’s that whole meme that’s going on right now, where the money resides. He’s where the money resides. Now he’s the guy that’s going to get you the money. So, yeah.

So I mean, Ray, Ray is a good episode. I mean, I first met Ray was through a networking group that we would meet on essentially Friday morning at seven a.m. and he had a great niche because bankers are bankers, they’re great. But, you know, bankers will turn you down at the drop of a dime just because you don’t have a particular score. You don’t have the particular money to back it. You don’t have the right down payment. But he’s like an alternative lender and just alternative lending, if you understand, and how to raise capital and raise wealth to a certain extent, this guy is a gem. He’s like the golden nugget in that situation to explain it. And he also understands what the bankers need. So a lot of times the bankers would deny you and then they were like, well, here, here’s Ray. Ray could potentially help you, so they’ll deny you. And so he has a business that has lead come from left, right, up, down and from everywhere all the same time.

So it’s a great business to be in. And obviously his specialty is real estate.

That’s a good point. Kinda to segway a little bit right there. I know the format of your season two, is changing a little bit. So we’re going to be hearing more from S.A. Grant now on a weekly basis, not just the interviews, but we’re actually hearing from you this time. So talk about what those in between episodes are going to be?

Yeah, so going back to Chris right. The meeting that I had with Chris, and he was just saying, like, you’ve got to give more back to your people, not just from your interviewers, but from you as an interviewee. So obviously, as a consultant, as a brand specialist, graphic designer, web designer, all the hats I’ve worn over the years, it gives me opportunity to kind of talk about these topics on a professional level, to give insight, to help people move forward if they hit a hurdle.

So originally, when we first started this podcast called Boss Uncaged, it was supposed to be a spinoff podcast called Boss Up. And I went through and I branded it because that the first thing I always do. Every time I come up with an idea, I go through the brand. I was just like, oh, be cool to do two, two separate podcasts. And the more I dove into developing one podcast was more I was like, yeah, I don’t think I want to do two podcasts.

So it gave me opportunity to take some of those episodes and to take new information. And, you know, going into the end of season one, I started doing mentoring sessions like one on one mentoring sessions with people.

Those are the episodes that we’re going to be bonus episodes. In addition to it, I may talk about episode about, well, why is it fruitful to record video and how to convert video into audio and take that audio and transcribe it and then take the content to create a book. So the bonus episodes are essentially going to be at the end of every single month. I’m going to dissolve and dive into kind of like a live consultant episode, with just me giving you tips and tricks of the trade to kind of help you take the things that you listen to in the first part of that month and then take action on them.

No, that makes sense. I mean, if anybody has been listening to the to the podcast, you know, through season one, you get all of these little bit of nuggets, you know, from each of the episodes, and even if you go back and take notes, is still always kind of that one thing that’s missing or that one piece is missing, like, you know, I bring up Greg Caesar’s. I’ve probably listened to his between him and Tal’s the most. And I’m always picking up little nuggets on from a business perspective and from my business. And then it’s always that well, next step or next question that I may have or next something.

So I think your consulting episodes or your Boss Up episodes are going to be really good for that just to give that extra little. OK, well, this is what he was talking about and this is essentially how you do it. So, yeah. Do you have any of the the consulting episodes you want to bring up or talk about so far?

Yeah, because I’m a big guy on six degrees of separation. So Jordan. Right, which is the son of the chief. The chief episode, was the last episode of Season one. And, you know we had an opportunity to help her publish her book and to go through that journey. We talked about that live on the on the podcast. So I had an opportunity to talk to and I think she alluded to it on that episode about had opportunity, talked to her son to kind of give him better direction and easier ways of doing things.

Because he started his own apparel brand. Yeah. And originally I was like, OK, he’s doing the apparel, he’s getting sales. And I’m like, you’re going to have to kind of split this brand between a brand that you can kind of dropship that when you kind of do mass production and then you could have your custom or your signature line. And obviously, the signature line goes back to what I’ve learned in working with Molano. So just pulling all these different elements together, we had the opportunity to talk about, OK, this is how you’re going to set up your dropshipping. This is how you’re going to do this.

You want to stage it in this way, to market it in this fashion and then do your signature line secondary to it, which is more of a cost cost difference between the two different brands. So we had an entire I think was like maybe forty five minutes of just me consulting him live and taking that and make it into a bonus episode.

No, that’s really great. I mean, I’ve seen his brand grow. I have a couple of his pieces that, you know, I put on Instagram, this that and the others are really cool, kind of like black and white thing, which I think is awesome. T-shirts and sweatshirts and hats. And it’s just growing and growing. And, you know, I think that having that kind of consulting episode and even if it’s for an individual that’s not trying to build a clothing brand, you can still get little nuggets of how to’s from those episodes.

So like I said, we went from we had 28 episodes in season one. And what is it going to be? A full 52. I guess an episode a week season two?

Yeah. So the goal is to hit 52 episodes and to hit ten thousand downloads throughout this year. I mean, I need to kind of figure out the equation to say, OK, I want to hit 10000 downloads by this date and just start talking about it every episode. So this is the first time I’m going to say, you guys, if you have opportunity and you’re listening to this episode and obviously share what other people send reviews, and I think the reviews are probably more credible than just sharing it because it gives us an opportunity to kind of build up on iTunes. It gives us an opportunity built up on multiple different platforms.

But this is a year of growth and growth, and it’s the first year which just kind of trial by error, testing things out. But now you’re going to we’re really going to push this this brand and get it out there so we could help more entrepreneurs and more small business owners.

Yeah, definitely. I think, you know, the first year was just about, you know, building the podcast, getting the interviews out there. And we had some really great interviews in season one that I hope we get a chance to bring back in season two. I mean, season one was right in the middle of covid. So a lot of these business and brand owners and entrepreneurs have had to completely change what they do on a day to day basis.

I’m hoping we’ll have an opportunity to bring some of them back to see how they pivoted. But like you said, 21 is the year growth, 21 is the year being legal.

I guess you could say Boss Uncaged is legal now. And you know, it is time to get it out there.

I think you mentioned at the end of season one, you never did any ad spend for season one of Boss Uncaged. And so all of your growth has been completely organic, word of mouth, you know, from text messages, you receive emails, you receive this and the other. But like I said, the reviews leave the comments, send the emails. Subscribe, you know, on the podcast itself, you can share an episode directly to somebody, you know, from email or text messages, this that and the other because we want to hear what works and what doesn’t work.

And I think last year it was just, OK, we’ll get it out there in the public. And this year, it’s like give us your feedback. Let us know what works, what doesn’t work. So that’ll be great.

Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, and also a part of that talk about the legalities of it. I mean once I kind of get into branding and branding development and this is probably the episode I’m going to talk about in general down the road as a bonus episode, but getting copyrights and getting trademarks are golden. So, you know, obviously last year, being that the results that I’ve gotten from podcasts, I decided to go ahead and file for a trademark.

So we’re in that process right now to where Boss Uncage is essentially going to be a trademark, much like the Serebral360 brand is going to be a trademark. So we’re like about maybe sixty days into it.

So somewhere around April or May, we should hopefully hear back to say, hey, legally, we are now Boss Uncaged and it’s a trademark. So we’ll take you on that journey and keep you updated through the bonus episodes as well.

Oh, yeah, I can’t wait for that, and that’ll be really good learning experience. I think people have, you know, their logos and their statements and their brands and things that need to be trademarked and just figure, oh, well, if I’m using it, it’s mine and not always. Sometimes, for the most part, you can fight that, but not always. So even you know. Yes. Your branding, Boss Uncaged from the trademark standpoint, but then also to teach your listeners about how, what is that process look like, you know, from a cost perspective, you know, what does that look like?

Do you go through an attorney? Are there services where you don’t have to go through an attorney? I highly recommend an attorney, which we have a really great attorney, high five.

But, you know, there are services where you don’t have to do that. So that would be a really good episode to kind of jump into. I want to pause because we have something also really awesome to talk about related to Boss Uncaged 2.0, 5.0 at this point. You have an app and you know how much I absolutely love apps. So talk a little bit about Boss Uncaged the app.

Yes. So it’s it’s still I mean, I could release it tomorrow, but I’m just trying to obviously going back to Chris’s comment you’ve got to start ugly. So what I’m doing right now is I’m removing some of the feature sets when I first. Yeah, I started creating the app and I was like you know, just developing it. Put that feature, put that feature, put them all, put them all.

And I was just like stop, pause, go back to the book, start ugly and just get that product out there. So I’m reaching out to the audience right now to say, OK, what features do you guys want? I mean, obviously the podcast through the app is going to allow you to play the podcast. It’s going to allow you to communicate with a community of people, communicate with myself.

It’s going to see the videos from the recording?

That that is a good feature. So, again, I could put the features in there.

I’ll take that one.

You’ll take that?

So, I mean, the feature the videos are subject to played on YouTube, so it should be a matter of connecting it. I’m going tech tech techy on you guys now. It’ll be plugging an API from YouTube directly into the app. So, I mean, we potentially could do that. But again, this is a conversation I’m leaving it open to the viewers are going to what features do you guys want? Do you want to be able to put comments?

Do you want to be able to share? And some of these things are going to be default. But again, like thinking about roadmaps and again, going back to lifetime deals, I’ve been studying lifetime deals for this moment so I can create my own app and essentially have it be out there based upon what everybody else is doing and based upon what I want to do. But the biggest thing I’ve learned in the generations of searching on these apps is that community driven, like what do you guys want as features?

What do you guys want me to add into this app? So, again, I’m going to do an official release episode. We’ll talk about that as the season continues to grow. And I’ll do some marketing. But this is kind of giving you guys a heads up that this app is definitely coming down the pipeline. It’ll give you an opportunity to now listen to the episode, but it’ll be some other features included and whatever features you guys may or may not want to put out. There will be greatly appreciated as well.

Yeah, like I said, same thing. Email, comment, and let us know what you would like to see in the app, in the apps that you use. What technologies are you using that we can bring to the app as well? So I’m excited about the app. I’m a big app user. So if you can, I can hear the podcast with the app, watch the videos and in essence learn something from it, maybe become, you know, some kind of courses that can be included on the app future state. I think that’d be a really great add on to Boss Uncaged.

Yeah, but I guess one other thing about the app is if you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook in general, you know, time to time, at least once a day or so, I usually post motivational quotes and just like little things like that. So all those images that I’ve been posting for, like the past year or so, they’re also going to be included in the app. So now you can kind of just you know, you can look on Facebook, you can look on Instagram, but you’re going to be able to go to the app and just kind of pick a day and get like a words of wisdom or some motivation to kind of move you forward through your day to to keep you motivated to your next goals and to keep growing your businesses.

You can push notification me and be like, hey, you’re doing awesome today. I’m adding that one to the request list.

Push notifications?


That’s the beauty of that. That’s the beauty of having the general public giving items like that. Push notification would definitely be great to say, hey, a new episode is launch or hey, you need some words of wisdom for today and here it is.

Cool. Another great add on to Boss Uncaged, which I’m super excited about is how do we get a chance to talk to you and how do we get a chance to talk to the people who are on your podcast? And I think there’s a phone number that we’re going to have for this season two. Talk a little bit about that.

Yeah. So, again, going into this whole lifetime deals and I think it’s going to be an episode. I’m just talking about how to manipulate Facebook and how to find lifetime deals. And a lot of people probably thinking like, what the hell is a lifetime deal? Like, how does that work? And I think we talked about it a little bit on Season one, episode one, but essentially a lifetime deal in today’s world. Everything is subscription based. Right?

So if I decide to go to Quickbooks, Quickbooks has twenty dollars to seventy nine dollars per month subscription. Or I could kind of feed that capital into up and coming startup companies up and coming new apps that are out there and being that I’m in that space of development and creating stuff, I love subscription models, but I love lifetime deals a lot better because it gives me an opportunity to not only fund and help fund a new product or new service or a new app, but at a reduced cost so I can get a lifetime deal to, say, 60 bucks and it’s lifetime access all the updates and all the upgrades as a kind of like a founding person building into this application.

So one of the situations that I got myself into was looking at phone numbers, understanding like, you know, 800 numbers, 900 numbers and what can you really do with a number? How could you do number marketing? And so I’m diving into that space now. So I had opportunity to buy five numbers, lifetime deals.

And they’re backed by a particular software that gives me several different features, analytics. So the new Boss Uncaged phone number is 762-233-BOSS. It took me forever to get the boss at the end, but so this number is going to allow you not only to just reach out to contact me directly, but it’ll allow you to leave voicemails behind. It will allow you to send text messages. So, again, this is a particular software that I’m going to be able to capture all this information and refunnel it through the podcast or put posts or tweets or Facebook updates, all based upon the information that you’re going to be able to call.

And again, I’m trying to figure out the transcription. So imagine you can call me, leave an audio message, and then I could kind of transcribe that and then have that regurgitated back on the website or regurgitate it back on a blog. And that’s the goal that I’m going for with these phone numbers.

Yeah, I mean, I think that’s a really great add on. I mean, going back a little bit to OK, you have the Boss Up sections of your podcast where you’re almost doing like a brief consulting on or a brief how to on dot dot dot. And then now I as a listener have the opportunity to call 762-233-BOSS, for the most part, if I have follow up questions to be like, all right, you talked about how to, you know, connect an API in order to do X, Y, and I’m not a tech person.

So to connect in an API, to do X, Y, Z, and they may have a more detailed question, or they may want to request services like, oh, you have your consulting services or they may want more information about someone who was on your podcast. You know, hey, you know, your money guy, he’s on the podcast. How do I get in contact with him? I know his information’s there, but, you know, sometimes I know it’s pretty old school.

No one talks on the phone anymore. But there are a few people in the world who actually like to pick up the phone and call and granted if it’s two a.m., we may not answer, but like you said, have the opportunity, leave a message to transcribe and respond, respond to you, if not directly at that time or next morning when you wake up. So I think that’s a really great thing to add the number on there and give opportunity for people just to kind of pick up the phone and ask the question if it be you or one of your guests.

So that’d be really cool.

Yeah, yeah. I’m looking forward to see again. I mean, I’m, AB tester, so I mean, I do these things just to kind of test the market and then obviously just somebody out there thinking about it or they were like, I don’t know how to get access, I don’t want to do it. So, you know what the hell, I’ll do it. I’ll show you what my results are and then you can kind of learn from my example and run with it.

But I mean, to your point that phone numbers are still golden, right? People are nine out of ten people are on the phone regardless of what they thinking. So if they’re not going to call, then if they can text, it’s communication.

No, completely makes sense.

Going back to some of the things you were doing in twenty twenty. Publishing books for yourself and for other clients, Boss Uncaged is is getting a book. I know we talked about this at the end of last season, but you know, just looking at the market, looking at the space that you’re in as far as book club publishing for yourself and for your clients as well, it was only natural that we turn Boss Uncaged into a book.

I am a super big reader. I’m an old school reader. I like a paper and a book in my hand versus Audible or having some other kind of like electric electronic device. So again, podcasting is all about hearing the story, learning something new and then being able to follow up. So you’ll have your app now. You’ll have the phone number to follow up. And now some of these stories will be in book form. So talk about the book a little bit.

Yeah. So the book essentially is one of those things. You know, when you wake up in the middle of the night, it is like, holy shit, I got an idea how to execute it. So I kind of held myself to the fire. And I created the book cover based upon the the cover of Boss Uncaged currently. And I put it out there on Amazon and I put it for pre release. So it’s there for pre release right now. And it actually if you get a chance, you can go check it out.

It obviously is Boss Uncaged. Right. And just search for it on Amazon. Or you can search under our publication brand, which is Serebral360 Publishing. But I put a due date on there, and the goal is I want to take the twenty six episodes that were originally created on season one and the key takeaways from each person we interviewed. So, for example, we’re talking to Greg Cesar right and Greg Cesar talking about marketing and being a creative marketer.

So on that particular chapter is going to talk about like alternative ways of marketing.

Right. And understanding that to be unique and to be different. Sometimes you have to know the basics. And then once you know the basics and going back to Greg Cesar, pulling his concept into it, it’s like, dude, email list are the basics and the fundamental ways of marketing. Right. And then you have to add the creativity. So how do you uniquely create email campaigns to talk to your particular audience? So just going into that model and then I’ll take some quotes from his episode and put them in there to kind of give some feedback to him as well, too.

And and at the end of every single chapter, it’ll be on ways to contact Greg or where his website is or kind of like what we do at the end of the every episode that we have on the podcast. It’s his Facebook channel and all that stuff. So it’s going to be a great marketing tool for the people that were on our show. And it’ll be a great way to take the information that was on the show and put it into a reading format to kind of guide people on their journey to success.

No, I think it’s an absolutely perfect idea, just that additional piece of information to, you know. Yes, it’s just a podcast, but there’s so much more that you can get from a podcast. And a lot of us right now are still at home. We don’t know if we’ll be going back into offices and commuting again in twenty, twenty one. We don’t really know what that looks like right now.

So, you know, I don’t always get to be in the car and listen to the podcast. But like I said, there’s an app, there’s a phone number. If I have questions there’s a book, if I can just sit and have time to read, then yeah, that’d be really cool. I’m excited for what season two has coming forth. Any kind of final words?

And the final words that I would say. You ask me the question, final words of wisdom.

It’s just I mean, take this podcast as a tool. You know, it’s not necessarily me marketing my services. It’s more so giving you an opportunity to hear from other people that are in multiple different industries that are all on like journeys. And everybody’s journey is similar in the sense that they started here. And their goal is to get here no matter what their objective is, if they want to become a millionaire, if they want to have a successful business, if they want to have an enterprise, whatever it is, they have to start somewhere and they have to climb to this level.

And on every single episode, we’re going to ask particular questions is going to dive into not only their why’s, but their how’s. And what are they doing uniquely different than anyone else in their particular space and and taking that information and giving it to you to give you an opportunity to take action on what they’re saying. So when I on the episode, like, what’s one word of advice you would give to someone that’s maybe 18 or 30 years old stepping into your shoes?

Right. And they’re 20 years behind you, 30 years behind you, 40 years behind you, and they’re coming up in the leagues. What would you tell them that they will need to take heed to to become successful as they progress on their journeys? And that’s why when I usually start off all my episodes, I usually ask that question and I’ll take that 30 second clip and I put it there. And that clip is essentially to say, hey, this is something that you need to listen to, to take action on.

If this person is successful and they’ve done it lead by example and take action. What they’re saying, if what they’re saying registers, which you directly, then stop whatever the hell it’s you’re doing, no matter what it is you’re doing, take note of it and then apply it to an action. And that’s the only way you’re going to get the results to get to where you want to be.

Sounds good. Like we said before, subscribed, leave the comments, leave reviews. We want to know what you want to see, what you want to hear, what you love, what you don’t like, what you don’t love.

Feedback is the fuel kind of that we need in order to kind of keep this thing going. So take the time. Subscribe. Leave a review. Season two is going to be awesome. It is going to be fruitful.

You’re going to learn so much. Like he said, leave your comments in regards to the app. Remember this? I added, I requested video and push notifications.

So remember that for prosperity sake. But, go ahead and finish us out.

Yeah. So I mean, I definitely appreciate everybody that’s been an avid listener from season one growing into season two. I mean, obviously we wouldn’t be here right now without you guys. And to be honest with you, like I said, I’m a big AB testing guy. So the numbers were in there the season two wouldn’t have happened. I would have stopped the season one. And we’re like, what a great first season onto the next thing. What’s the next thing I’m going to do today?

Right. But the reality is, that everything I’ve ever done, I think podcasting is kind of one of the things when you find your roots and you want to dig in and I love podcasts. When I do a podcast, it’s not work. It’s actually fun. And honestly, I haven’t had that emotional response to a business venture in a long time. So, again, I appreciate everybody that’s a listener. Just keep on growing and keep on spreading the word about Boss Uncaged.

And let’s get it out there. S.A. Grant, over and out.