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“You have to have a patient, no matter how any business, if you don’t have all the clues, you had to have a patient and listen to how tastes good, because sometimes people just rush in for the numbers. If you just rush in for the numbers, you’re not going to get it yet; you’re going to screw. We’re talking about whole carpet removal. It probably can come to you for simple stuff. He can just put his thinking in snake your pipe for you. He could come and tell you you need to remove the whole house pipe. Information. Information is key. Information! Information is the key because of some. There are a lot of contractors out there. They want to milk you to make their money. Well, he’s a wait to see. No, I don’t want to, it that way. Do you want to do this with me? I’m okay with it because that knowledge is the key. When it comes to business.”Romain Konou

Welcome to the Boss Uncage podcast. On today’s show, we have Romain Konou Romain as optometrist’s turned owner of REINE & REAL LLC, a real estate property preservation agency. Today, we dive into several entrepreneurial topics. A solid take away from today’s show is transitioning from international business to national business. The advantages of learning abroad and understanding that information is king when it comes to business success. No more spoilers. Let’s jump right into today’s show. Welcome to the show Romain.

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S1E12 – Owner At REINE And REAL LLC: Romain Konou – S1E12 – powered by Happy Scribe

You have to have a patient, no matter how any business, if you don’t have all the clues, you had to have a patient and listen to how tastes good, because sometimes people just rush in for the numbers. If you just rush in for the numbers, you’re not going to get it yet; you’re going to screw. We’re talking about whole carpet removal. It probably can come to you for simple stuff. He can just put his thinking in snake your pipe for you. He could come and tell you you need to remove the whole house pipe. Information. Information is key. Information! Information is the key because of some. There are a lot of contractors out there. They want to milk you to make their money. Well, he’s a wait to see. No, I don’t want to, it that way. Do you want to do this with me? I’m okay with it because that knowledge is the key. When it comes to business.

Boss Uncaged is a bi-weekly podcast that releases the origin stories of business owners as they become Uncage Trailblazers, Unconventional Thinkers, Untethered Trendsetters and Unstoppable tycoons. We always hear about overnight success stories, never knowing that it took 20 years to become a reality. Our host S. A. Grant conducts narrative accounts through the voices and stories behind uncaged bosses in each episode, guest from a wide range of backgrounds sharing diverse business insights. Learn how to release your primal success through words of wisdom from inspirational entrepreneurs and industry experts as they depict who they are, how they juggle their work-life with family life, their successful habits, business expertise, tools and tips of their trade release. The Uncage Boss Beast in you welcomes our host S.A.Grant.

Welcome to Boss Uncaged podcast. On today’s show, we have Romain Konou Romain as optometrist’s turned owner of REINE & REAL LLC, a real estate property preservation agency. Today, we dive into several entrepreneurial topics. A solid take away from today’s show is transitioning from international business to national business. The advantages of learning abroad and understanding that information is king when it comes to business success. No more spoilers. Let’s jump right into today’s show. Welcome to the show Romain. so remain. And welcome to the show. Thank you.

We’ll be blatty this all the way.

I think where it started with you helped me build up the home studio idea was getting these things set up and kind of getting things built up. Now I definitely appreciate Joe.

No, bro.

Let me tell our audience a little bit of who you are. OK. My name is Romain Konou. Immigrants from West Africa, Togo to U.S. almost 20 years ago landed in New Jersey, went to school in New Jersey, graduated New Jersey, married in New Jersey.

You like New Jersey.

They slow down much like New Jersey. Sometime when you learn some ways, like your roots start sinking in and they don’t think about something else until you realize. Let me go over here and see the different. You see the difference. You know, I’m not living here anymore.

Got it. Got it. So, I mean, describe yourself in three to five words to five

what I would say honest and free. And the rest is like, what if I like? I’m attached to it until I get bored.

Got it. Got it. Speaking about gameboard, switch things up.


I think when I first met you, when we moved into a neighborhood, you would tell me that you were eye doctor

. Yeah. I’m optician. Yeah. Yeah. And I’ve been optician for 30 years. I still have my license in New Jersey. I can go to New Jersey today and practice as optician.

I think your passion is more so into real estate. Rested.

Yeah, I’m physical with going to school and I went to school for engineering. I would to associate with my assistant. So the whole engineering background. And then I have my assistant in the apply helpful as optician. But when I was going to school for the engineering, I was teaching would taking some tin. On the side to do if I get bored by my engineering stuff and then I took an exam to go to radiology and radiology at that, I was full. And I made the title for a Optometric program, I guess welcomed me to come to the activity. I never, never talk about doing optical in my life. I went in. Grab my license in New Jersey. Manage it for three years. I will forecast call for let’s cross our fallen craft. I got my license. Our four month I will for America’s best national vision. Our four Costco, you name our four optical high. And the glasses glasses cost like of five thousand three . And I’ve been to almost most of the men companies who run optical.

So how was that transition from going from optical to moving more into the real estate,

the racist stuff like Myanmar where we like real sit and real businesses like a one or for the one we found? I feel more secure about anything. No matter how the markets go down. It takes about two or three years to go back on. And there is something you own. You only you have a you have a nobody, particularly for antihuman today or you lose tax on

what you guys did. I mean, you specialize in one thing in real estate. I mean, you obviously buy homes. And it’s the only thing that you do is somebody else that’s flipping a house. You go in and what is it? You.

All right. No, I switched from being like a real estate agent just to buy a house show house or people who I don’t like doing it. My wife liked doing that. But we we went to the we as it gets to look into it, to buy and we did, I guess it will flip a couple of them in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the book in the Poconos area. And after that, when we moved down here, I said, no, there’s more side to the business done soil. Sure, no houses to people. And now, I mean, whole property preservation in real estate. It’s like a pre foreclosure business. The bank kick you out from the house. I’ll go in, cleaned up. I’ll go in border windows and secure the house or change the locks for the bank so they can look for a new buy. Yeah. Yeah. In every area you see a bunch of them. Usually the houses are owned by the bank and admitted by the bank, the bank in the front yard or the backyard to look past look presentable according to the codes for the area. It goes in as a subcontractor event or the day and go and maintain a house so the house doesn’t look outdated or like abandoned.

How did you decide to pick that niche of real estate?

I pick that because so I was seeking a title for like a clock in clock out for my optical job. And now I was looking something to own something and do some shit on my own to be a freelancer. Like if whatever time I have, I’ll manage on my own, then go in from nine to five job and you get stuck over there. So when you come to the vacation, vacation, as with the vacation time is one of the main headache. I have five calabro in Europe or Africa. You want to go to Europe so you lose in two days on your vacation to trial. You go over there, you only have how many days on your vacation Tyree’s. So you have only 14 or 13 days to spend it. I will have time to spend enough time to spend with your family. I loved the money, but sometimes the money doesn’t satisfy everything. The job that pay good. I managed to pay good, but I’m not satisfied 100 per cent.Well, if I had to follow money, I mean, I’m stuck following the company. Two weeks or one week vacation time does not make sense.

So, I mean, transitioning from real estate. Yeah. And then going from real estate into a niche. What kind of hurdles did you overcome in that process?

The new hold the hold up. Come on in that process. It’s a time consuming to be in to that business together. Even right today, I. I call two or three hours on the phone a bold contracts. You have to keep keep calling the cops. There’s a bunch of them and it’s property everywhere. It’s like sometimes like you had to be in contact with them all the time. Email over, e-mail, phone calls or phone call before they know you. So. And then the controls start coming any time you like. We can sit over here. You’ll be a bunch of e-mail like 20 or 50 e-mails. We have control over here for Glascott. Now, control over here for winterizing is it’s time-consuming. You have to have somebody on your side. All you had to have the foundation to start was it. It doesn’t come over, Nancy. And sometimes, like when you see them watching back where you used how you used to leave on the finances and I say this, I oh, every two years or every week, just you have a cheque guarantee. You go to work. You don’t work. You get paid for this one. You had to be on top of whatever you’re doing to get your money out of it.

And so, I mean, you know, hear about the overnight success stories that took 20 years to become a reality. So do you think where you are right now? How long did it take you to get there? President?

To get here where I have my way now, I would see like a tick like 15 years total. Because sometime when you move fresh to us as result from a French country is difficult to. They call to I don’t know what kind over two years to get the U.S. system is not easy. The French way of doing things is different. And to understand it, to be into it, it takes longer to get to us isn’t like a peak. Comparing somebody will come from Togo to somebody who come from Ghana or Nigeria. They like a British English.

So tell me you some of my neighborhood we’re Togo is whereas Togo

Togo is located in the West Africa. Togo history is this way. Togo is colonized by the German after World War One. The British and the French took all the German colony and divide them. And Togo is one of the one critical example for Togo was divided into this whole the small part who is it’s wide now, maintained the name Togo. The second part was taken by the Britain. It was called Togo Land is taken by the Britain. It was either to go, of course, to make Ghana. Ghana wasn’t as its before. After 1960. Yeah. Done that boarding named Ghana. That was this is before it was Gold Coast when the British took the Togo lands, the one they took from the half a for the German part they added to the Gold Coast to make Ghana. What the hell. A Cromwell, who was one of the leader who got independence for Ghana, which had to give the name Ghana to those two parts. What’s your today? You see half of people. Same family, same name, same family called who live in both part of Togo and ghana then they speak the same language. They have the same dialect. They have the same set of money to do everything the same. Yeah.

So was a difficult transition and coming from West Africa to the US and then going from whatever you knew there from a different sense of transition into US business

e business sense of to you ways is a more easier way. You know, business back home and to come to us is more easier for you because of update. Everything is deal by cash. They don’t have credit system in togo. And in an English side. Is that coming up? The French system doesn’t give you credit easily. But when you come to USA, you understand this. This is more pretty easy for you. It’s like a you when you stay in the bracket to have a good credit and to start your own business is more easier for you.

So you pretty much came with an advantage.

Advantage? Yes. Because of what I used to sell used car back home, I used to sell you Steier back home. Coming from Europe and where you are into business back home, there’s a lot you know. I mean, when you come over here, it’s it’s a U.S. system. Is more easier for you when you’re in business school wises different story school wise. It’s like a French system is so outdated. Is outdated the French system like S.P.C.A., where you study back home. The French system is like you are going to hit yourself. What are we doing? If I didn’t make you stay the stupid stuff, who even though we do have you on any level.

I all think that’s universal. I think that’s globally,

not globally. It’s not global because if somebody can say is globally, but the way you comparing the French system back home to U.S Even closer ghana. The British side. They have more. Applicable system compared to a different system. Different system is this way. They try to hold it, think they can create an elite system when it comes to the education and the elite system for their system doesn’t have elite society. OK, you can even imagine a kid can’t fail in first grade. You can spend three years in first grade. You can, yes, second grade. You can finish second grade. It doesn’t matter how raw you still there that you did pass? Yes. Imagine somebody can fail for second grade till high school. And you say I’m going to college. Why are they getting from me


huh? If you see the French system, they have it’s ridiculous. Our data is like somebody for you to get like a you 17 year or sixteen year old to go to college. You have to be like a smart of the smarts. For example, if you have a geography, you have a math , you have physics, you have a biology where you take your exam to go to your next class. If you fail Biology, you have to read your whole year. That’s the French system. It’s not like you pass the geography. You pass maths …you pass Physics or chemistry, or you can only take your biology. You failing to move to your next class? No, you retake everything from the beginning today.

So do you think that your education that you got overseas helped you to where you are right now? Did you learn more when you came over here? It helped me.

It helped me. But I will say this week they bombard you if, you know, say stuff, why you succeed over there. It’s easier for you to move on over here because the system for you is pretty easy. Well, the French system is lagging. They bombard you for a reason to steal the day. It doesn’t help you. Somebody I go to school with. If I’m comparing the education, I’m getting over here to us to whatever he does. Anyway, he’s pretty smart. The guy over there is pretty smart, but is not helping him because he’s stuck in that system. The system doesn’t promote in the whole improvement. It’s like you stuck somebody. It’s like somebody like a language or literature major. Know if it’s about math, a chemistry, somebody in chemistry knew if it’s an about literature or disclose no sensible executive. Yeah. Yeah. They prepare. You decide to get ready for everything. But it’s not happiness. You as if were you. If I’m in a major in geography, I don’t have to take all Einstein physics to pass my geography. Major

one time traveller.

Yes. But the French system is a good system, but is now less time. There’s a friend of my who’s who sent me a picture for a cricket, the insect. We started dusting in classes. We had to know each part of it. Why do you need that? What kind of seasoned psychologist Kono’s knows this stuff. And say you had to do it all on top of your head? Well, in my real life What type of stuff for you.

So if there was one thing that you could do differently are some education to get you to, we are a lot faster. What would it be?

It was after high school, I moved to trade school or something to my business. I only will go to college audiences. I’m not wasting my time because of the education. If somebody is genius, be genius and go work for Naza. That’s your passion. Go for it.

Don’t create to Teszler, right.

Go to Tesla. I’ll create something. But if that’s not my desire to be why I’m wasting my time is like now nowadays over here you see people graduate, you know, at getting their master’s degree and at what the art is doing for you. Or maybe if you are good in art, you have your own. Sure. You have all those I tried to sell, Anderson. But so you take a school on. A hundred thousand for school alone and graduating at Tyco. Was the purpose of it, if you can gain the money out of it. Why are you wasting your time studying that stuff?

Yeah, well, I definitely agree with you. I mean, it’s it’s you’re investing in something that potentially

ellerton is lack of hope for somebody. If your parents are not rich or they come by for like a low income family, at least they direct you to go to school. I’m not going to school for at what age? Seven to my family. There’s no salary for any to add to this. If I’m going for any degree where I know that I can graduate fast and make my money and pay off my lawn and take off, what if I won’t think of. I’ll do that. But no, for a sake of for being intelligent, if you interrogate or have money united you Kuraby interrogators and sitting at home, you have a deal to pay.

So, I mean, you’re obviously a huge entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is like the main key because back home, our mothers and fathers, they are entrepreneurs.

Next, what isn’t actually I mean, do you come from an entrepreneur?

Yes. So everybody in your family, right? Yes. Yes. If you want to be like the genius Einstein level, that’s all. Oh, you’re on your own. Go ahead and do whatever you want to do. It’s like a wonderful cousin. For example, one of our cousins after this lady. After her middle school and. She said to my uncle, I’m not going to school or that all everybody, a whole family was on her, well, you’re doing a good school. Are we all the whole family used to go to school, be educated people. She said, no, I’m not going. And one day. My uncle says, leave her alone. Leave her alone. She says, selfish,

just like she’s.

She gave me like all those of frozen fish.

So she’s buying an app. Possible. OK.

And buy a smoke and selfish. All of a sudden. Little by little. She owned some freezer freezer from freezer. She got container freezer containers. She was one of the richest woman back home. Why? No. She’s the one who import all the fish for everyone to sell to. Have brothers who I’ll call the whole professor, I’ll just Konono said they don’t have anything, they don’t have money.

So you think that was a factor to success because of that someday?

Yes. I was going to school. I did. I did something at the high school. The college called a scientifical high school, like a one of people who are more I call smart or math level physics level. I was in top program because what I’ll call myself black is smart. But sometimes I question my smartness. I always ask myself, why do I have to be doing all those muffing chemistry stuff and somebody doing the literature and they’re getting the same degree and getting their degree and making money. Right. Burn my brain for this stuff for Sunday is like a waste of time. At the end of the day, if I’m not creating anything, I’m not creating a computer. I’m not creating a lab. What are you wasting your time? I’ll do something productive and move on Woofy.

And there’s something interesting coming from your background. Sounds like you have a coordinate of family.


So how do you juggle your work life with your family work life with full family life?

He’s not that easy. Because so I was going to school. I grabbed it when the home, I thought I was like, oh, who? My wife was pregnant with my first daughter at that time, had to take my license. So exam to be a license in New Jersey that I wasn’t easy. Oh, juggling and babysitting day care of this kind of thing. It’s not that easy. Everybody had to leave their own experience to know what it is. It was difficult for me. It was difficult, difficult.

And I think your wife. I mean, what do you kind of share that same common accord of being an astronaut? Yes, I think that probably. And you could talk to it more. Is that more helpful that you’re with somebody that understands it’s also in the same spirit, the same kind of mindset?

Once a year is more easy because it went even if if you are a true pruno, whoever you are with your partner now, your wife was commenting at least the best one can, wish you the best and leave you free. Way to go to. All. Some people is they don’t believe you do exactly, you had to start going over that obstacle from home first before you can do whatever you want to do because it’s not that easy. Below, even when I was coming. We came to Georgia. We were living in Florida. I, too, had resigned from my optical job. Hey, she can grab it. It was easy for her because she was thinking about the money level because the money was there. The money was coming in. That’s the center we are doing in real estate. But when I say fully go into the Branson business, it wasn’t easy for me until she grabbed. Oh, yes, go for it.

So definitely more solid investment at the time you build into it.


So what’s your morning routine? Your morning habits.

habbit is a. I was a debate. It did take some time. By you waking up all together, especially the little one ready for his school or maybe walk out the second one to the bus stop. It depends. Sometimes I get up or maybe the delivery alone. I get more rest. I wake up. I do my gym downstairs to my shower and be on my computer and responding to e-mail and know who to call for this. If they have any control. A little for me.

What are you doing?

Usually. I wake up at 6:00, 6:00 or maybe Sunday it. If I fall asleep earlier, like a 10 p.m., I wake up like four, five or four, 30.

For 30 times a day, I usually end

my year. They usually end the leg or maybe I will see from wake. Maybe by seven or eight p.m., depending on what kind of full phone call I get. Even right now, it’s today. The pleasure was to be here with you at 11:00. But the debate out.

Hey, guys, let’s take a quick break and hear from today’s sponsor,

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back to the show. What do you see yourself in 20 years.

In 20 years. I will say I’m taking out bull. I go settle 70. They retire and have a call, a passive income coming from my real estate and spending more time back home. I can spend like four my forces, move forward and come back over here for four or six months, back and forth, back and forth. It gets to relax, relax. Nothing major. Psycho. Sometime I see this in my life. We have a say in West Africa. If you go to markets in the morning as the sun rise, you don’t sell. It’s not us. It’s sold down. You’re going to sell it. Well, it’s like sometimes yak, yak, yak. Give up on yourself so that you will have your whole life. If you will be a millionaire, you’ll be there. It’s like you are 80 or you’ll be a millionaire or NATO. You’ll be a millionaire. It may happen, but someday you have to let go. Your time you thought you’re gonna run your life no matter how well you had to settle in and. Enjoy your life.

It’s definitely a serious philosophy. Yes, I think you’re kind of partly answered. I mean, so you know where you want to be in 20 years.


You see your business in 20 years.

My business is 20 years. It’s something I’ll be sitting down and say, oh, this property over here, let me sell it. Let me enjoy my money. This property over here. Let me get real with it. Let me see my money. That’s how I see myself is I go out, make my portfolio as much I can. So when you come to the 15 or 20 years, I would say enjoy my money.

So are you more into like family or more into commercial real estate?

Oh, family. For now. For now. Because of real estate. So we hold the whole the commercial is more. I would say it’s a one size more money and one side say, if you put these yourself into, you can get it. OK, commercial wise, like all rental multifamily. I can do that. And hold the right now at my level. So. What if I is easier for me to get rid of, if I want to get rid of it?

Gotcha. So you mean do you buy and hold or do you buy Flipboard?

I buy flip a back, flip the whole riso. I can’t say I’m not at that level yet, but see, so I’m playing this cool cyphers until I have my home, my fiddle on Floyd Sale. I can go for it.

I would say, I mean, when you look at real estate as so many different ways of making money, real estate.


But I would think one of the recurring revenue streams of real estate is to buy more commercial properties. And you’re leasing subleasing,

subleasing, letting it go into this.

So on the family side, you can get an apartment building. Yes. On the commercial side, you can potentially get a huge building building out the spaces to other.

Although the whole company. Yes. Because when you buy into the commercial, the commission, the good thing about a commercial the commercial rental leaves in is a way you lease the commercial in every six month of every year. You start making money out of it. You are the agent, the agent to make me human. All right. If is in a good location, do like a university, say location, location, location, location, no matter how you want to buy. Look for the location. You own a good area and you have a good tenant. You make one ton of money. As we say in Georgia. Is the open market. I will say, though, because the judges that the call building up something I’m looking at too, of course. So you do what verticals as well. So you look at land.

Yes. Yes. OK.

So recommendation just in general in today’s market today. If somebody was looking to get into your field. What would you tell them to do?

First, I would say invest, you know, multi family business at home. A home

suitable like a duplex,

a duplex, duplex, a moat.

I mean, you like to tease or I mean, I always hear that statement about you grab a bite to eat and you Demarzo by 20 years.

Because the ATO SSA in a real sense is like some time, no matter how you advise the person for that, they go, oh, that’s the best way. There’s no such thing as like the best way. Sometimes I do like open though. No matter how do you want to come look at it and grabby that small opportunity to say, oh no, I’m don’t like it that can I bring you 30000 or 40000, you know, before. Yeah, because sometimes he later. Oh I mean commercial. Only now there’s no such thing because there’s many side of the money we’re going to show up to you. You can say no. It’s like sometimes like when the ads which are the best. No, I don’t see is the best.

What if our opportunity to show up to you just grab

what tools do you use that you would recommend for somebody that’s coming into the business that you can do business with

E for the tools? I would say there’s a lot of websites now. When they come to the house, it’s all buying houses. Don’t rely only on rheostat agent to do it for you because sometimes who the bad side about a real estate agent. Sometimes just pushing you to make them on to facil to make their money and do your own research. Because in houses these days there’s a lot of crook the contractors, some sometimes if you don’t have that relationship with them, they can offer you. You have to know. How much average the average costs of labor? The average costs a whole material. I must say the average cost of material material. If you go to Home Depot today is a price for a check with laws to be false. There’s a bunch of independent whole supply sellers out there.They are not. That can brand new body selling the same stuff as Home Depot and Lewis. You can check those prices and see. But when you come to label a hold to the contracts or you have to build that team and sometimes you call, you can have like two or three electricians and you rely on. A kid called the Gibbons today and call Smith to go and check for you.

Brother, you have a particular personality to be able to do that, because most people, they’ll stop at the first note to here. Right. I’m not saying you’re a salesperson. You have a smorgasbord of networking. That way you go from one person to the next another person and then compete them against each other to get the best rates.

And so, yeah, because something don’t rely yourselves, rely on one number. You can have all those mobile in your basket to do what you know, whatever you want to do, it will, you know, your contract. So you take out your contract a lot to do. The job will cost me. And then why he’d leave. We’ll call another one. Somebody you don’t know to come and give you an idea. Most of those stuff is let go. It costs you your home inures. You can consume. Because you’re going to spend money on something. You don’t even need. Well, somebody can come to your house and say, oh, there’s a mood or there’s a leak of water in this area of your carpet. Okay, Shanna, let me cut off that carpet area. We fixed the water leak. Let me cut off this carpet area. I can fix it for you. OK. He give you his. He’s right. You call somebody as they come on over there. Oh, you have a leaky houseboat over. Let me remove the whole carpet. And he has it all out. Let me remove the whole carpet. I’ll get a dumpster. I’ll get these. But because he removing the whole house, carpet, duffer, that’s what I like. Does he need to know he wants to make his money?

When you look at the hourly work. He’sorking for hours, so he wants to get more per hour.

So he wants to work longer period of time, the period of time, instead of coming over there and fixing that stuff for you for fifty dollar

turn and burn.

He wants to drag drag your feet and get it though. So get these, get this at each price in each place.

Yeah. I mean it kind of sucks because I mean he’s nickel and diming, but at the same time he’s burning like 20 hours on one job, on one job, building multiple jobs to be passive revenue.

No, he’s smart. He’s making the best of an all you. For example, if he took that job, he’d know that Joe got to take him maybe three, three or two days. You gave him the contract. He’ll get it done. So of a year. Nobody will remove everything because he’s going to make a chunk of money on you. Is they’ll charge you for 200 to remove part of the carpet so we can fix it. He’s Michaeli you and will cost him fifteen or two thousand. He make money no matter how. Yeah. Yeah. Because if you say, oh, I’m removed, but only for two hundred now I’m not going to do that.

But I think that that’s a jacked up way of doing business. He can look at it as hey, I could hire people to remove 20 carpets at the same time versus trying to nickel and dime one individual person who can make the same money and do no work whatsoever towards them.

That’s crazy. They pretty game and some little stuff. For example, if you go to. Oh, let go. How the will floor flooring supply store. OK. They will tell you you are looking for limited for 2000 square footage. It will cost you maybe a hundred. OK. He goes over there. He’s a contractor. He goes over there that a hundred. Maybe they’re going to say to him for 500 because he’ll always get supply from them. OK. You go over there and you talk to the supplier guy. Oh, I’m not. I need to remove my capital. Can I open a coffee list? Yes. OK. That’s a capital going from. It’s not gonna cost you the same price for five hundred. You get three. You’re saving 300 right there. That’s him. Two. 2000 square foot somewhere. Casey. I’m telling you for fifteen hundred. And as they say that you can’t get somebody else also say, oh, you want to do this with me? I know how to do it. Pay you. Maybe 300 to be helpful. I can’t do this on a show on my own. Just be a help out. Drag with the stuff that you’re filthy job. It’s time consuming so that you don’t always your time on it. You have two or three houses. Why waste your time for me?

Yes. What I’m saying,

if I get somebody to do it right away and then you make your money because I’m going to keep moving. Yeah. Because sometimes if you want to follow the penny on the floor and you listen, More panny, hopefully out of your pocket.

So what final words of wisdom do you have for anybody that wants to step into this area of expertise? As an entrepreneur

is a patients, you have to have a patient. No matter how any business, if you don’t have all the clues, you have to have a patient and listen to how tastes good because sometimes people just Russian for the numbers. If you just watch for the normal, you’re not going to get it. Yeah, they’re going to screw. We’re talking about a whole capital removal problem can come to you for simple stuff. He can just put his thinking in cynically your pipe for you. He could come and tell you you need to remove the whole house by mean information. Information is a key information. Information is the key because of some there are a lot of contractors out there. They want to milkie you to make their money. Well, he’s a wait to see. You know, I don’t want to, daring. You want to do this with me? I’m okay with it. Because that knowledge is the key. When you come to business, because, for example, somebody when I used to sell who used tires back home while usually doing a mill, my brother, we go to Brussel, we go to Germany and buy the tire come from size in size twelve, size 13, the real thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen, seventeen, twenty-one. And goes over to the highs to do those big one to the truck. What we usually do. I can full 14 will tyre to sixteen. I can force the system into 18.

Yes. This necessary one. So you’re talking about taking the tire offering after folding in on itself to make it into a smaller size tire

for example I can take. 14 will push it in, insisting it will hold real time. OK, I can take the toilet. Hold it. Eighteen. Pushing it to. Twenty-two real-time. OK, where we do them in one time out of 22. You have three or four tyre inside of where we go to the duty where we pack the continent, where we go to the Customs Service, the customs service, we declare only one.

Yes, you’re pretty much stacking them like cups inside of each other. So that way, when you go through customs or you’re in for an export and you just label one time. But it has to what the terrorists say. That’s crazy. And then when somebody see you doing that business against it or you’re making money, you’re making money. But they don’t know the trick on the living.

So, I mean, what’s the fees that you’re looking at? For one tire?

OK, for one, I depend. And now these. I don’t have the real price. I mean, for lack of hope, a system will tyre us back home at that time, will cost you like all three hundred dollars. OK. If you buying those tyres and they on top portray how those small size is cycling, that’s where you make your money from the smaller tires to do nothing. And if it’s for that’s I make your money. But somebody out there looking out to use the ocean and is making money out of town want to be in Thai business. You have to know the trick. He was using it to make his money because they just jump in to it because you see him doing it. I’ll maybe say, oh, can I come to you or help you to do a hole, do yourself tyre and day and then you can learn a little bit. A little. Oh, that bunch of KLAC coming from one trick of it of a California attorney every every business have. They don’t hold the trick. Yeah. Yeah. You have to know people. Or maybe people taught you how to do it and they can do it in a real estate business, as I think I will say to myself, I waste my time. If I knew from the beginning, I’ll go straight to real estate. Yeah. I’ll go straight to guess. I only said to anybody. Oh, no matter how they can tell all your smikle, go to school and graduate, I’ll say no. Go strictly with principal socially useless.

So if there was anybody dead or alive that you spent 24 hours with uninterrupted, who would it be and why?

I see my father. He’s the type of guy is local. He’s a multi tax person. And hanging out with him is really valuable. He always get something to do, some to do. Like. I got that deal from my father. My father is he’s a tailor. He can take your measurement with soil close for you. Everything. He’s a plumber. He can do probably he can do ironing stuff, welding stuff. He used to be a contractor and he had people work for him. Copy to their own homes to.

Sprinkle or, you know.

You know, that one of the bonus question for you, if you could be a superhero. Who would it be and why

the superhero?

Well, know you really know your son. Be sonic, right? Superhero. Wow. Just to give your heart one another one. It was actually just like your dad. It just came so easily. Yeah. As a stump, you just loved it.

I see. If I would be supporting you, I’ll say. I’ll be myself. Well, give me the power to see forward to more like I guess like Xavier for X maybe can kind of see a little bit into the future. You’ll see people’s minds. Yes.

Yes. I’ll be myself a beast in the future. That’s my. Yeah, yeah. That’s the best I can.

I mean that’s like the ultimate here. You see the future. It’s like Mr. Matt. Yeah. D.C..

Yeah. It’s great because I just I go, you see the future, you know, way to step and do stuff. And now I do the same mistake I did before.

Yeah. Well, I mean, you’ll be like. Imagine being reborn into that gift, right? Yes. Six more or whatever. No screaming man. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to come out today. Man, I definitely gave us a bunch of things to think about between real estate and stuff and tires is definitely crazy. Appreciate it.

Thanks for tuning into another episode of Boss Uncaged. I hope you got some helpful insight and clarity to the diverse approach on your journey to becoming a Trailblazer at this podcast. Helped you please email me about it, submit additional questions. You would love to hear me ask our guests and or drop me your thoughts at ask post comments, share it, subscribe and remember, to become a boss Uncaged, you have to release your inner beast. S. A. Grant signing off.

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