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“Don’t get caught behind the camera and be a camera operator for 20/30 years. It’s nothing wrong with that if you were an expert cinematographer? Nothing wrong with that. They’re people who dream of being a cinematographer, a great dream. But if you want to be a creator. Understand that, that camera is a tool to tell a story. And if you’re not telling your own, you’re telling somebody else’s. It’s great to get paid for it. But if it doesn’t feed your soul. Go, with what feeds your soul.” – Shane Hoyte

Welcome, welcome back to the show. Boss Uncaged Podcast. On today’s show, we have Shane Hoyte, a.k.a. Shane Sharp, to take you back to Brooklyn, better known as Biscuit. He’s probably going to kill me for that one. Right. Shane is a video producer and a rapper based out of Hollywood. Today show we discussed juggling his journey from being a video producer to a rapper without any other spoilers. The jump right into the show in memory of the Black Biscuit, a.k.a. Shane Sharp.



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S1E11 – Producer & Rapper: Shane Hoyte aka “Shane Sharp” – S1E11 – powered by Happy Scribe

Don’t get caught behind the camera and be a camera operator for 20/30 years. It’s nothing wrong with that if you were an expert cinematographer? Nothing wrong with that. Their people won’t dream of being a cinematographer, a great dream. But if you want to be a creator. Understand that, that camera is a tool to tell a story. And if you’re not telling your own, your telling somebody else’s. It’s great to get paid for it. But if it don’t feed your soul. Go, with what feeds your soul.

Boss Uncaged is a bi-weekly podcast that releases the origin stories of business owners as they become Uncage Trailblazers, Unconventional Thinkers, Untethered Trendsetters and Unstoppable tycoons. We always hear about overnight success stories, never knowing that it took 20 years to become a reality. Our host S. A. Grant conducts narrative accounts through the voices and stories behind uncaged bosses in each episode, guest from a wide range of backgrounds sharing diverse business insights. Learn how to release your primal success through words of wisdom from inspirational entrepreneurs and industry experts as they depict who they are, how they juggle their work-life with family life, their successful habits, business expertise, tools and tips of their trade release. The Uncage Boss Beast in you welcomes our host S.A.Grant.

Welcome, welcome back to the show. Boss Uncaged Podcast. On today’s show, we have Shane Hoyte, a.k.a. Shane Sharp, to take you back to Brooklyn, better known as Biscuit. He’s probably going to kill me for that one. Right. Shane is the video producer and a rapper based out of Hollywood. Today show we discussed juggling his journey from being a video producer to a rapper without any other spoilers. Lets jump right into the show in memory of the Black Biscuit, a.k.a. Shane Sharp.

Shane Man welcome to the show. Brother has been a long time.

Yoo! Know, my brother was Good, You are right? That’s a fact. That’s a fact, been quite some time.

It’s been a lot of we were running around and Brooklyn man dodging cars, playing football on the streets.

You can take the boy out of Brooklyn. You can’t take Brooklyn out of the boy you are man and man where you have come. Yeah Man.

Sure Sure

King tell me all day, every day.

So I’m hoping that this park podcast won’t get to Brooklyn. Most people worry when he won the stand, the Dialouge.

You know, I’d much rather cut down on the foul language. Man was on present. This, too.

It’s a diverse audience, man. So it’s is a bunch of business owners, entrepreneurs across the board. So, you know, it’s a wide, wide range of people. So, I mean, give people decide who you are. Who are you?

Well, you know, my name is say Shane Sharp X Shop. If you’re looking for me on all platform shops and this is the brand I must go with, some of my favorite medium of storytelling is hip hop rap. And I’m a fire MC. I’m an artist. I work in television and film industry. So I know how to tell a story with a video camera. Also, I work, as you know, as an employee in that from time to time. Neomi less frequently now because I’m reintegrating and what do you call it? A transition into where music is my main source, Alavi.

That’s one main reason why I wanted to have you on a podcast, and I’m really big into the Versification. And the fact that you have both behind the camera experience and in front the camera experience, kind of just tell that story of like, how did you go into that? I mean, did you go to school for video? Did you get me? How did you even get into the video industry?

i was in few people in industry who went in the industry who went to school for it. Most people Know . But yeah, I went to walk in Miami University, majored in television and film production and what happens is, while I was still in high school, was somebody who graduated from CIO, actually made me a production assistant on a commercial he directed. And then the next week, he made me a production assistant on a video. He was a music video. He was directing. And then, you know, it just kept rolling for me.

Cool. Cool. So how did you transition from being behind the camera into in front the camera?

Net transition was a long time. Coming is something I sort of did in that order, in the reverse order, because I was always, you know, up, and round, up and running forever. And once I got the balls and a confidence that I this is what I want to do. The real transition is a tangible results came maybe like, let’s say, five years ago when I made the commitment to just throw everything in to one, to be honest, and, like, realistically put someone in.and a long story short, a big break after I recorded an album that nobody heard but was fired. It led to me getting invited to a tour. And that’s when I learned so much about the music business. I’m out in two and a half years. What I’ve been trying to learn for 20,

Who is you on tour with a letter?

My dad invited me to buy my mama rubble three moto, who is cousins with three members of the Wu Tang Clan. So he got invited by Ghost face Killer, who is like another brother, Tom, another big brother Tom to open up for him. Two and three told me he’s like, Yoo Shane, I need your tour. And that’s when all this is perfect, because that’s where my video production skills came into play, because he needed me to be his content creator, an aggregator. So I had my camera. I was taking stills and video his performances, and that led to me being up. And then all of a sudden his manager, divine, another brother, Mike. He told me one day on, wanted to talk about his Oakland. He Is like, yo, I need you to act like you to DJ. You know, he said, I need you to be the DJ but it’s when I said, I’m not a DJ and you act like it. So I was up there trigger men instrumentals, and that led to me already had a controller that I make my beats on and conduct sets with. So I became Kreis DJ. I became his co manager because the total vehicle was my title. So you look a little high profile and he was an independent unit, just us three or two following goes to a bus for those herber man he needs. It was. And that’s what got the ball rolling with that as far as it all goes. I’m sorry if that was long winded.

No, no, no. That definitely some good insights. I mean, you’re talking about being in front of camera, behind the camera, on the side of the camera. I mean, how did you even learn to juggle switching? I mean, most people were there from the camera. They stand for the camera multiple behind a camera. They stay behind the camera. So, you know, they want to transition. It seems like you flip them back or forth continuously.How do you juggle?

I juggle it but now short answer is. You get what you want by giving other people what they want in me. You know, so if I’ve got a skill that can be utilized like my me, you’re free. Free as a porn star. He know he’s been one and he walks in that. So he needed somebody to record and captured it. I just so happen to have a camera. Now, if I want to be Auris and I don’t have the resources that he does. What do I do? I provide a service to somebody who could give me inroads at every source. Because if you can’t be use, you’re useless. I have a use Did it answer that?,

that definitely did.So I guess it goes back on this other question also. It takes 20 years. So I think you’re talking about over a period of time. And most people, they get to success and it seems like an overnight thing, but usually it takes 20 years to get there. How long did it take you to, you know, do the juggling act to get to where you are currently right now?

This has been 16 years and I’m not where I want to be, but I’m damn sure way further than I was when I was bullshit. I will say 16 years and in that 16, I would say the past five have been. Only even before the toll, because, like when it was serious, the universe started. When I got serious about it, the universe started responding. When I started selling television equipment to get. Studio equipment in built in a studio in my apartment. When I got my walk in closet to be a recording booth in my living room. In the control center. That was like I will see five, six years ago when I was real, 20 year 2014. Five years ago, it was little 2014 was built.

So if you could do anything differently to get you to where you are a lot faster. What would it be?

I would say that being I would eliminate romantic relationships together altogether. Not because relationships are bad with girls, but if you were a woman who doesn’t understand the business in your vision, then you shouldn’t be. What are you doing? A disservice to both of you. And spending money on dates and spending energy on trying to convince somebody who can’t adjust to your lifestyle.That’s one thing. Another one is humbling myself even more and even faster and understanding that it’s not just about like knowing that being an artist is not is not enough. Being just a artist is not enough, no matter how talented you are. So you know me just just paying attention to the promo even more. I may be all going home and live and breathe in nothing but this. Yeah.

I think we’re at a good time for our generation. You know, coming up in the 90s where you can see the transition for what hip hop was to what it is right now. You’re talking about Jay-Z is a prime example. Dr. Dray is another prime example of the transition. I mean, it’s still in the game, but there aren’t a whole lot.

That’s a fact. That’s a fact. That’s a fact. Then, like their profiles, have increased exponentially. So, yeah, I would say it’s been Adam and going on every day just being obsessed and being transparently obsessed on the superficial side, like, you know. Now, if you go muscles, you media, stuff like that, you it is clear that I’m in this hip hop thing. In this cleared it. I’m a rap artist before. Was it so clear. You tell the truth to the universe. The universe all seeing it.

I mean, brand recognition. I think I had to go through the same thing as well to for the longest I was a behind the scenes kind of do just stand in the shadows helping people build and stuff. And you know, when I was Web sites, whether it was marketing strategies and ANAM, as I said, there’s only one way for me to move forward. I got to step in front of cameras. I definitely understand where you come from when that point of view.Sure

. Yeah. Another mistake. I’ll revisit it because I’m sure. Oh. Being. Even more hard headed with myself when it comes to something that. Entrust in my vision and instincts, as far as the relationships I cultivate, like making sure that they’re organic. Yeah so like….

The tribe. And you got to have the right tribe around at all times.

Right. And even still, like, just because somebody somebody could be everything that they say they are. But that doesn’t matter if they are not invested in that relationship between you and me. You can ask Marty who makes people into millionaires. But if you don’t have organic relationship, you’re into action will be the same as the people that he made a millionaire and all that.

Definitely. Definitely not. So, I mean, where you get all this entrepreneurial insight from either your your parents are entrepreneur?

No. The only entrepreneur you doing I had in my immediate you growing up. I have a large, spectacular family. We are wealthy. Would love. But as far as entrepreneurial spirit, aside from, you know, the drug dealers that I had my family there was and you know, they got locked up to me. That wasn’t a successful business model then my uncle was entrepreneur. He took a lot of losses. He made it. It took a lot of risks. But I will say at least it taught me to keep fighting. You rather rock with somebody who fought and lost and somebody who never had the courage to fight at all. That was my long dealing with him. And I was a little kid and he was a grown man. And I, know, every story, it wasn’t like I was going to work with him every day or see what he was doing. I just knew he was there. So this is none dealing with you. I would say if I could back all these years I told you before, like you was 20 years old and you understood the concept of building your credit and then you had it. You had great credit in your early 20s, not mid 20s. You had the credit of a 50 year old CEO of a Fortune 500 company in your early 20s. So I understood that he was doing it. I thought it was flat. He was a homeowner in your early 20s. Independently. Well, what our seed money from your parents and all that like. I didn’t know how precious no rate I was. I knew it was flat. But I can’t count you as my back wound because I had access to you. But I didn’t know the right questions to ask. I wasn’t even in the state. Take those your.

Yeah. I mean, I think even when I was doing it back then, it took forever for me to realize my responsibility to delegate that information. I was just trying to learn and I was a more of a sponge, superb zwai patient and I was a plan action as soon as I figured out what I needed to do. But, you know, it’s kind of difficult to kind of spread that information. That’s why I got the podcast now, and that’s why I’m building up to where I can just delegate information I’ve learned over the past 40 years and help other people. Different stage one. Stage two.

Yeah. To answer your question, I had zero entrepreneurial background.

So, , how do you juggle your work life and your family life?

Well, I ain’t got no children. My family is lovely understand that I’m a nomad by nature for better armoires. I’m acclimated to traveling anywhere in the world at any time. At any point drop of a hat.

Well, what places that you have been so far?

cities in Canada. Mexico. I’ve been to Hawaii. I’ve been to the four major islands for Stenseth periods. It’s all in the mouth, Mawe Quwae ,the big island twice on both sides, the Kona and Hill side or Huwae. And I was there for weeks at a time and never spent my own money, was all I got paid to do those things. And I’ve got to be on island real New Zealand, Australia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, UK. Oh my God. I was in Scotland and England changed my life. Jesus Christ. Other don’t. Other places they talk about. Yeah. About to get more Europe down this next. You make him.

So you think. For any entrepreneur they should potentially travel the world. I think that would be a benefit.

I think any person should travel the world and especially the entrepreneur travelling the world. It will be beneficial. There’s no way it can’t be especially you like because you want to increase your clientele at all times. You never want to. Even if you don’t want to increase the volume, you want to increase the range or increase the range of options. So you learn about travelling the world and seeing people face to face, understanding that just because a New Zealander speaks English and you speak English as an American, there’s still little nuances that you could get and discover that you would never know. If you don’t interact with these people person to person basis, I support the idea that you never had before or anyway, or even knowing how driving on a different side of a road may impact the way people consume. BDO food products. Anything.

Yeah. Got it. So another question I got for you just kind of you know, I was asked this question because everybody has different Morning routines. I mean, what’s your morning habits? I mean, what do you do routinely? Every single morning they get your day started.

I am a Zombie without coffee. Coffee. I need to go to Coffee Anonymous Ro. I am literally addicted to coffee, so I start with a cold brew coffee. It’s either from my fridge or radio or me going out to get it. So coffee breakfasts. I work out shower. Then depending on what job or project I’m working on, it goes from there. I can give you what I did today. Today, I had my coffee. I spoke on the phone with my bro about this project I’m working on, which is my favorite project, what about the strategies of promoting it and getting it to get the eyeballs? I need to catapult myself into the next phase, enhance my portfolio and pull out two industry taste makers and decision makers.

Hey, guys, let’s take a quick break and here from today’s sponsor

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So what did you look like when it ends? I mean, what routinely do you go to bed at a certain time or you do more of a night out?

I am everything like, you know, because I travel all these time zones all through my life, no matter where I go. I’m acclimated to the time zone immediately. And if I’m on a toll now, we might not be going to bed till 3:00 in the morning. But if I’m not, then, you know, I might be. Yesterday I went to sleep at one o’clock in the morning, woke up 6:30. But the night before I went to sleep at 9:30 at night woke up 6: 30.My schedule the erratic, nomadic life comes with a bunch of skittish chaos. All that.

I mean, ethnic media in general, right? I mean, you’ve got to be like a doctor schedule. You never know when you might get called in for a random set three o’clock in the morning.

Oh, that’s a big fact. So work in the television industry, you get really acclimated to the fact that you’d be like yo in a given week. Let’s say I worked on this show on MTV. All you one. One day I was the swing shift. So I worked. One day I started the Monday. I started at 11:30. I had to go and work at eleven thirty. So I work from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. the next day. 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.. The next day. Yeah. The next day. 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. day. Your next day. 6: 00 a.m. to 6: 00 p.m.. That’s in one week. And so yeah.

So where you see yourself in 20 years?

In 20 years I’ll be advising.I’ll be important to people in my age group as well as it people who were probably being born right now. So they’ll be 20 years old on exactly how to further their careers and giving them advice and to religion, the tools to be successful artists, superstars, executives, whatever, especially in the music industry, but not limited to that. That’s, you know, in the film industry, everything that’s related to their artistry. And then I’ll let it expand from there. So it’s not definitive, but I know definitely music will be a part of it. So everything else that grows from that route that’s planning will be whatever the tree yields, whatever fruit that tree is.

So you see yourself and your business running parallel within the next 20 years.

So sure. For sure. For sure. Yeah. Yeah.

What tools you use in the trade that you wouldn’t be able to do what you do without it.

The phone, the phone because that’s how you promote things that I agree. That’s the quickest content. Aggregate and quickest content. Create and upload a Maya as far as recording my microphone and interface, you know my oh my Apollo twin interface laptop and microphone.

What is your favorite mike?

My favorite Is the Norment TLM103 is not the best Mike. It’s a great Mike. It’s not the best. But my favorite for Sentimentalized TLM one or three and annoying when you eighty seven is probably and that’s probably not the best Mike but it’s math that will be my favorite Mike to work on quality wise.

Why is that.

Again, it’s a sentimental thing, long as I know I have the quality because it’s all about storytelling again. Okay. What, what you have to tell a story like if your equipment is good enough to have output in for whoever to get the point in is good. You can shoot a feature film on an iPhone camera now.

Oh yeah. it is 4K now. Right.

So yeah. Like you just got an order. You got know the limitations of strengths of it. You don’t I mean you got to know you can’t get an aerial shot with an iPhone, but you know you can hook it up to a drone domain. You could say you go get a drone or you kick things like that. So but that’s what I’m saying. Lay low. You know the limitations of it. So do you. Eighty seven. To give you everything you need to be professional quality in the TLM, one or three is professional quality in a different way because you’re still you know what will change clammy enter will change. It had a very gritty sound equipment, but that is one of the greatest albums it will create in music history.

Yeah. Yeah.

Well you better quit now.

I’m only here. They got way more zeroes now to right. To change the game just a little bit.


So final words of wisdom do you have for anybody that’s trying to follow in your footsteps, especially since you’re juggling both behind the camera front the camera. You know, you’re a musician on one side of things and on the other side you’re producing so.

If you were going in the television industry and the film industry and you want to make a feature film and you fancy yourself a director, don’t get caught behind the camera and be a camera operator for 20, 30 years. Nothing wrong with that if you were an expert cinematographer. Nothing wrong with that. People don’t dream of being a cinematographer, a great dream. But if you want to be a creator. Understand that that camera is a tool to tell a story. And if you’re not telling your only it’s on somebody else’s. We can get paid for it. But if it don’t feature, just so go what will be just so you can feed yourself a supplement yourself with that. but don’t lose sight of originally what you want to do if you watch storyteller or get getting your story told. Everything else in any story is Data-Collection. Everything else is a method and means of collecting data.

How can we find you, finding on Facebook, Instagram, email, DNA samples ?

To Instagram sharp sinked marvelous. And it’s spelt out correctly and properly. You could also find me at a Shane X Sharp on everything else and even Instagram. Those are both my accounts. Shane X Sharp. I mean as my artist name. That’s why my father Rabbit is she shot the X assignment and you know it stands for motherfucking nuts. How do you know tangibly that out of you need to bleep it out.

Do you remember the first time we met?.

the first day?

just in general. It’s been like over 20 years. So yeah.

Like for years now, 96, 97,

before I let this dog, we was a Mr. Slow funny clip. No apologize. I knew who you were, first of all. So your name is Shanno. I thought Mr. Slow Funny was pronouncing my name wrong when he says, you know, because you said you are a member. You sat in front of me, sat rest in front of me. So I don’t know. I don’t know when we officially met. Young say goodbye. Even if it was a big I’d like Schnall nomination. But then you started talking. I was like, oh, shit. Yes. So that’s how I knew you was. I don’t know exactly. I don’t know. Oh no.

I still can’t put my finger on it, like using my memories as pretty sharp. And I think it was mainly I think we probably met on a block because Omar lived around the corner from me.

Omar lived around a corner. No, definitely one. We knew each other by the time we got to Omar. We might not have been locked in a close like that. You sure you was the rare combo because you fucked with everybody? Pretty much. Unless you. New friends with them. Exactly. That to what you went into my circles like you had your main niggas. But we was your main dudes too, which is crazy because we didn’t rap with some of your main guys.Did. Right.


But those was your main doors. Air was your main thought. I don’t know how to rob what he did. And we never intersected. We you guys don’t know, like, where do we knew it when we would head now or whatever? A young sailor, you know, you would never see us together. Yummy. But we would see. Well, if you saw if anybody saw you with us, nobody would question if they saw you with them. Everybody would definitely. But if you saw me, we. Let’s see. Jackie. Wait. What? No more dumb teenagers. You don’t say.

Well, now Brooklyn to you know, that’s how it is in New York. Mary from the Bronx. I’m from Queens. And it’s like 2 miles from each other.

Yeah, to my right. Right. So your example. But anyway, so we know each hour. But when we got to lock down probably be starless street play football up and down the street, some time that we will go to, the sun went down. You see, in all these alarcon’s, the street lights didn’t catch the ball. They did it. Yeah. We couldn’t see the ball. Yeah.

So what’s your most significant achievement today, man?

Man, I gotta tell you, man, just walking in my purpose in going full fledge and taking a financial risk of not getting paid as much. Did I take less C.B job than I’m all for. My biggest achievement professionally is being an entrepreneur for the better part of the last two and a half years. And going after my dreams and performing on big stage is perform in front of 10000 people. That’s my biggest professional achievement and my gift. Take me around the world. Before I had my job, which is a great job, taking me to different countries and places of staying in great hotels and experience and things. But then when I realized, like when that eliminated professional me from somebody who could hire me, and then my art still was taking me around the world and in a medical facility at ten thousand people, I told 10000 people to do what I said and 10000 people did it.

What did that feel like?

No better film than in the world, bro. Not better them in that life. It feel good having sex with women. But it’s better net and allow pussy. But it’s better than that each time

Got you, I got my life bonus question for you, man. So if you could spend 24 hours in one day with anybody dead or alive, uninterrupted. Who would it be? And why?

Damn, I got to say, Barack Obama, I want to say Jay-Z, but I must say Barack Obama is close because and narrowed the gap. But I say, Barack, because Barack has traveled more places and his eat, those was about getting people around the world to understand. And like, communicating because another thing is just traveling in a world, understanding human commonalities, want a face to face basis. That alone on top of being a commander in chief in a free world. You know what? Just to pick his brain on that. If I did choose to talk to that individuals, that school would be you or Zoe Kravitz you can live with. That’s a different thing. You’re right.

The one side is like in front says this. So was that a lie? Oh, yeah. Scott, I’m a be studious i am gonna to say Barack Obama. The other one’s going to be like, well, the camera’s not. I’m going to go Zoe Kravitz

so we can have her brain in a knowledge blender. So not only would I be laying intimately, it would be worthwhile.

It’s going to have this thing going on.She knew Hulu special.

I know. Yeah, it’s great.

And it’s back home to Brooklyn. I it like. She looks exactly like a mom and a dad. Like a 50 percent hybrid. It was crazy.

That’s a nice little swirl in there. And so it is. Oh yeah.

Got it man.Well, I definitely appreciate you taking the time, man. I mean, like three hours behind. So it’s like the

big guy, you know. But, you know,, limited access, Zain, unless I mean, let’s get through it.

Definitely. Definitely.

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