“Life is parallel to existence, but perpendicular to time. And what that really means is that life goes on forever. And there are intersections on the road and when these intersections happen, you have to pass the torch.” -S. A. Grant

Welcome to the BOSS Uncaged podcasts, the pilot episode on today’s show, we have none other than myself, S. A. Grant; I go by many titles and many names. I’m a jack of all trades. But more importantly, I’m here to help you guys. So I look forward to hearing your feedback and kind of insight into what you guys need help with and what kind of people you want me to bring on the show. A useful takeaway from today’s show is essentially I’m a systems guy. So we jumped into systems a bit in addition to that we just talked about you know how life those rocks at you and you got to figure out how to you know, take those rocks and build a foundation and grow from there and keep on scaling and keep on going north. So I decided to do the podcast in the format, the same format that I’m going to be interviewing my Guess. I decided to have someone interview me for the podcast. So on today’s show, we have Alex. Alex is one of my best friends. She’s my significant other. She’s also a copywriter. By trade, she is a treasurer. She’s also up and coming influencer as well too. So it’s just a great mix. She pulls some things out of me that I probably didn’t want to disclose right off the bat, but you know, you got to drop them when they’re asked to you no hesitation, so without any other spoilers, let’s jump right into the show.