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“Become that leader via voice, not just an echo. OK, so right now, where I am, how can I be a voice, and you get to understand your reality totally differently whenever you face a problem. How can I be just an active participant of this, not just a spectator? OK, now you’re taking action. Now you’re taking action into this. Now you’re moving things around you. You’re not just contemplating life passing by. You’re taking control of the whole thing.”

This week in episode 4 of season 2, S.A. Grant talks to the YouTube Boss Vianney Mendez. A Professional Cinematographer, TEDx speaker, and Google-certified Consultant in YouTube Channel Management, Vianney gives Online workshops and mentoring (both in English & Spanish) for digital creators and YouTube entrepreneurs.

“My purpose on YouTube is to create purpose, value, and excellence in content management in the whole continent by bringing important and top-notch tools and information, regarding Content, Profitability and Quality Management of your channel/s.”

Based in the Dominican Republic, Vianney has earned great success as an Editor on a children’s joke-telling channel titled Baby Jesus. In less than three years, his Spanish-speaking channel has amassed over 2.76 million subscribers, with roughly 900k of the subscribers based locally in the Dominican Republic. With a population of only 11 million people, his channel has captured the attention of almost 10% of the population. Now, that’s a BOSS Marketer!

Powerful topics covered in this episode:
The power of YouTube for Entrepreneurs
What is a Certified Google Expert?
How nothing good can came from negative emotions
If someone gives you a way to connect, make sure you make the call

“The best time to start on YouTube is now!”
Viann M. – YouTube Google-certified Consultant, Digital Marketing Expert, Director & Producer.


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Boss Uncaged Podcast Transcript

S2E04 – Vianney Méndez.m4a – powered by Happy Scribe

All right, I got that going. Everything is going on my loud and clear when you’re in. all right, perfect. Put this phone on silent. All right, three, two, one. Welcome welcome back to Boss Uncaged podcast. On today’s show, we have Vianney and this guy. I just met him recently on Vidfast and just hearing him speak, it was great. I mean, he has a diverse background. He’s a YouTube Google certified professional. He’s also spoken on several different stages. And I’m going to let him I don’t want the all his thunder, but I’ll give him an opportunity to kind of introduce himself. So without further ado, Vinney, go ahead. who are you?

Well, google certified expert, also exponential marketing expert, I don’t like the word expert, but but yeah, I love exponential marketing, digital marketing and and Google and that’s what I do. I mean, my whole passion.

Yes, another common denominator that we share. Another reason why I definitely want to have one on the show and your way of DR and you’re in Dominican Republic right now.

I’m in Dominican Republic. In Santiago.

OK, so just how do you define yourself in three to five words?

Wolf, maybe three words, which are. Leadership, Courage and Originality.

OK, so this just take it back a little bit, right? So you were born and raised in DR, right? So and you know, I’ve been to D.R before, so I understand like the culture over there. So, I mean, how did you get into the technology space and get to the level to where you are?

Well. It’s a funny story, but it all started around 1994 . I was you know, I was a weird kid in my hometown, which is kind of the countryside still. But I have to I had the fortune that one of the first computers, one when Internet came to the island, one of the first computers with Internet was in my house. And as you can tell, 1995, 96 it was a whole different story to what it is right now. But I was that that curious to always get to know things a little more and I was still a bookworm. And one of the things that has always. Captured, my attention was to know different people from different culture, and that all come to. When I discover I.R.C., it was it was this chat service back in 1997 and that whole thing blew my mind. So fast forward here we are still connecting to people now, teaching people how to connect to one another globally.

So, I mean, is that I also realized to do a bit of research, you also did a TED talk as well.

Yes, it was a terrible talk, but I did last year, last October,

And what was the topic of that TED talk?

I’m also passionate about the. Oh i am lost for words, environment and I had the chance to do this environmental minicamps for students because I was living in Punta Cana in the east end of the island, and I had the chance to meet a group of friends. We were 20 by the time. And we wanted to make like a big impact in our country and we decided that one of the ways to do that was an impact on the garbage problem on the hotel industry and how things are getting out of control with the with the garbage and with the waste management. So we decided to do this. So it was how they camp minicam for students and we got to impact around 10, 15 schools, and we made such a difference that it was a very good subject to bring to TEDx and also TEDx has been, for me is like a whole different universe of things that I’ve learned from TED talks. And I wanted to be part of that. So. It was a two year effort that I get to be I had the chance to attend all the TED talks that had been doing on the island, on the country, and by the second year, I had the chance to be one of the part of the staff. And it was it was a dream come true.

So do you do you think that being that you were on TED talk, right. And that you’re a YouTube Google certified professional or expert. Right. Do you think that there’s some commonalities between that, like what you did to develop that TED talk? Are you using that on your YouTube business side?

Yeah, totally. Because what I do, I help accomplish YouTubers, Experts and newcomers as well to bring their business to the platform. But I just I just don’t talk about. OK, so this is the numbers. This is OK. This is the formal. I start by the creator. I start creating the persona behind the channel. I start I always talk about personal development and the whole mindset of being a Youtuber. And that’s why I’m always talking about tribes, not communities, not just targets. I’m talking about leaders of communities, leaders of tribes. I mean, be a voice of that community and. It all kind of connected when I was developing Ted talk because I was being the voice of those students that we got to to impact through those camps and. My TED talk became. It was 50% of talk and the 50% the poll for for a culture action because I even gave it like an exercise to do to all the attendees. And it was it’s all connected. It’s all part of a philosophy.

So in addition to your successes in that area. Right. You’ve also had some great successes with just YouTube channels. And I think during your talk at Vidfast, I think you had mentioned maybe two of them, that you’ve gotten over two million particular views. You want to kind of just dive into that a little bit?

Yeah, I I’m an editor for a channel. Baby Jesus, which is a Spanish channel, is a Spanish speaking channel of jobs for children. And that channel has reached two point seventy six million subscribers, is a local Dominican channel. And I’ve been working with them for the past two and a half years. We met each other Punta Cana because I was since before all this. I’m a cinematographer and I do videos and photos for excursions. We met in excursion and as I was doing some commercial videos for a tour operator of the country and they say like, hey, but you also added audio of the work with this or that. And that was my first my first approach to work on YouTube as a creator. But I was I’ve been the editor for them since that. And that channel we. We talk a lot about how we achieve the first, minion because the Dominican Republic is the we have around some 11 million people on the country and just from Dominican Republic, we have eight hundred ninety six thousand subscribers that I think it represents the amount of our target of our community that has access to to a smartphone and Internet. I mean, the kids that we are aiming to. It’s a big thing because if we have if we had just stayed with taking this to Dominican Republic, we would not have surpassed that amount of people that are subscribers. But then we started to integrate different cultures such as South America and even talking about things that kids in Spain talk and Mexico as well. And that’s the way that we have been able to expand within the platform. to other different to all the different countries.

Well, I mean, I think that that’s a I think you’re first of all, I think you’re very modest, right? I mean, just look let’s look at the numbers. You’re saying that in Dominican Republic, the population essentially is about 11, 10 to 11 million people out of that 10 to 11 million people. You’ve gotten close to 10 percent of all. Roughly close to a million right. So I want people to understand the magnitude of this accomplishment. Right. 10% of a population is it’s just like a it’s like Netflix and Microsoft. It’s like I mean, that’s the kind of comparison. I’m looking at your numbers because you have to think about it. If I had 10 percent of the US population that have been 20 million. Yes. Right. So you have 10 percent of your country’s population. And to your point, right out of that, 10 million is only a fraction that have access to websites or have actions, have the technology to be even have access to watch your channel so your numbers are even higher in ratio by default. And that’s crazy is astronomical.

Well, yeah, when you see it that way. It is. And we’re very we’re very happy and very humbled as people have received this. Children have receive our channel. And I mean, when would you would you do this work this kind of work for our not infants, but children, small children? It’s a very demanding trial. They are very I mean, that feeling of belonging, it’s very, very, very within to them. I have a it’s a it’s a funny story that there was this other channel who tried to, you know, create some trouble with us those just trash talking about us. I don’t I don’t know what the purpose was, but it was there in a different time zone than ours way before us. And by the time we woke up that day, all our children’s or the children’s that watch our channel in that country, they had taken down the channel by reporting it just because he tried to mess with their channel. It’s not ours. I mean, we do this content for them.

Yeah, that’s that’s definitely something that kind of leads me into what’s the worst experience you’ve had in that? Because, I mean, YouTube is one of those platforms, much like tik-tok, much like Instagram, that it could make you overnight. But obviously at the same time, it could break you if everything is against you. So. Well, being in that environment, what’s the worst case scenario, your experience?

I mean, the owners of this channel, they are very, very committed to this to this project. I couldn’t say that we’ve had like. Like a bad experience of any kind, because they cater this content so much to the to to to our consumers, but in retrospect working with I work right now working with around 18 to 20 channels in different aspects like either directing or filming or just coaching or consulting. But one of the things that I see is the huge setback, especially when you start something you didn’t believe it is when you go into that, not believing in yourself because it’s very different to what Chris Primitivo said. Yeah, you can start out when you don’t have, like, all the tools or the all the knowledge and all that. But you have to believe in yourself. I mean, you know, you’re going to get there. You just don’t know how but you’re going to get there. It is very different to just get there thinking other thoughts, like, OK, so I want to make money fast. OK, so this is nothing. And I’ve seen a wide amount of people that has that idea. And as fast as they come, as fast as they go.

So I mean, Diving into the business a little bit. Right. So your YouTube Google certified consultant, what do you have to do to become that? Like, what are the steps to take to become a certified consultant ?

A couple of years ago, I found this program that was with Google that you will get different certifications on different aspects of the whole google family. And I was very, very interested. I was very curious about what else is there? How can I improve what I know? Of YouTube. That was my question and that took me there. I don’t I think it’s. I don’t I don’t really think it’s all like that open anymore, but I think that with some research, people can get right to it and get through the programs and get certified. It takes a decent amount of work. But like it like anything else, like anything else you want to accomplish.

So, I mean, in D-R, how many certified good consultants are there? I mean, just I don’t know if you know that no one does.

I wouldn’t want to say that I’m the only one, but I haven’t come across anyone.

So being that you’re certified and this all goes back to the question that I usually kind of talk about on topic, off topic, education versus coaching, education versus certificates education versus, you know, learning from somebody by example. So in your education, obviously, you’ve been educated in editing and you understand media. You understand. Do you think that having your certification is as valuable, if not more valuable than just having the education behind the scene?

Yeah for me it is because I put a purpose to it two years ago and I say, OK, so one of the one of the things that I get asked the most like how much I’m going to get through the platform by the by the ads. And we started like. Investigating any depends, the country depends the ads. There’s a whole bunch of things, but I, I got the chance to talk to to a Spanish youtuber and they were making a living out of it that they’re making very good money. It was around. 3 euros for million, which is a lot, and. Out of the blue, Google decided to chop that off to Mere cents and everybody, they were like ripping their heads off. But my purpose that I put to this whole deal was that I want to put Dominican Republic facing future in the content production of YouTube, because since we get into the digital platform, we’re not just a country. We are part of a whole bunch i mean. We are at the same height of anyone on YouTube. We just need to put some work. We just need to put some hours. And if I can get as much knowledge, as much content out there and insight into it. And that’s to bring that back to all the curious minds that we have here in the Dominican Republic. I will have accomplished a big thing, and that’s what drives me. That’s that’s what I want to do. I want to connect and I want to help connect people with people like Chris, with the vidfest i mean. Closing out the gap that people think there is in between them and success on YouTube. Also, there’s a lot of entrepreneurship mentality here in the Dominican Republic. Everybody, everybody, everybody wants to make money, not just the quick buck, but if I can give tools, if I can give away and if I can give purpose to those kids who wants to make a difference and they want to make their impact on YouTube at the same time, they perceive economic benefits out of it then it is a huge deal.

Yeah, yeah, yes. I think definitely with that being said, you have your purpose, right? You have your “why”. In addition to that, right, so now we’re understanding, like your philosophy behind the scenes, but working more into the space of international right and keep it in mind, like US people don’t realize, like everybody lives in the US are kind of in a bubble. Right. You’re kind of international and you have access to multiple other islands as well. I mean, like Puerto Rico is right there, which is US. You’re also half of Haiti was on the other side of the border. And then obviously you have the entire world. Are you? You said you did some stuff with like Mexico. Are you also dealing with some of like the Haitian culture? Are you dealing with like a Puerto Rican culture as well?

Well. The other side of my business is consulting for marketing and. I get to know tons of different kinds of people so far in this last month in November, I have I’m consulting for this this person who sells batteries for cars in the countryside in Colombia. And so far this morning, I was I had a session consulting for this lady who says she came from Morocco to France. And she wants to create a program for women so they can be their better self, their best version. And that’s a lot of input, that’s a lot of information of how their minds became. What are they chasing. What are they after and closing the gap as well? Because when you get to when you get to talk about, OK, so what are your needs on this market? What are your fears? What are your or the experiences that you have? And it gets it sounds a lot like my own experiences, my own fears, my own needs on the same platform as well. So. When we talk about community, when you talk about tribe, the tribe is segregated all around the world, you just need to find them. So when you come true to what you’re doing, when you come to when you align yourself to the purpose, people are just going to show up. And that’s what I’m teaching. I mean, we’re not just like, OK, so we’re not just neighbors to Haiti, but there might be people who want to thrive in Yputube, in Haiti or in Jamaica and anywhere. So that’s my my tribe. That’s the people I want to find.

Definitely. I mean, it’s a solid philosophy. So, I mean, just diving into you a little bit more. Right. So, I mean, how do you juggle, like, your work life with your family life?

Well, my family is a two year old and. I love traveling, that’s one thing, I’ve been traveling the whole island since I was 17, and it was so easy for me just to get my bag. I don’t know, go to. Anywhere, any channel, and spend a couple of months there. Now having my dog and we’ve had this last two years, we’ve developed this awesome relationship and it makes me think twice like, OK, so I’m going to go now. We’re OK. But do you take dogs? I mean, this dog is friendly I’m living this that life right now. I don’t have I’m not married. I don’t have kids. And it’s just so easy for me just to get anywhere where there’s Internet connection because most of my work I do. I just do it online.

Yeah, there’s definitely I think a lot of people would probably like to have that lifestyle. Right. I you have to worry about it is essentially your dog and you’ve got to travel the world. So, I mean, I definitely commend you for that. So I mean, what’s your morning routine? I mean, like, every time you wake up in the morning, what do you do .

Besides banning the dog. Well, my morning routine. I created this vision board, as you can see here, is part of the of what I’m doing. This is my YouTube side and this is my whole life. And I’m missing just two spaces. But I was talking to a friend and he kind of asked me the same question like, OK, so whenever you feel that you’re losing track, what do you do? I said, that’s an interesting question, because I will rather if I if I was not cautious, I would just rather like, oh, I don’t feel like I’m doing a lot or those negative thoughts and since being a videographer, what I did, I put all these pictures in the video and a two minute video with some images of what I want to accomplish and what I want to be by the end of of the time frame that I that I decided that was going to be for this vision board. And I watch it every morning. I even have an alarm is just like, OK, this is my wake up alarm. And this is like, remember to watch, you know, watch the video. So every morning. That’s one of the first five things that I do. I watch my video vision board or my vision board video, and it’s it changes my life. I mean, when I when I just decided to step out of the bed. It’s a whole different person, so it’s just whatever you want to call it is an energy boost is reminding me what I am, want am I going to do, what things can I do today to get me closer to those goals? I don’t like to compare results. I don’t like to compare goals because each one has its own measure of success. And I find beauty and joy in doing that every day.

So, I mean, that is a pretty interesting model. So you’re saying you look at a daily morning video vision board and is that something that you created online? Is it like you have a YouTube channel and you add to it? Or I mean, how how does that work?

No, I, I created and I have it on my phone, but most of the images, of course, they were found online and it is part of how I see myself after achieving those goals. And it’s like I said, it’s a two minute video and it starts with this beautiful music. This is actually what it was. It’s funny that you asked me like three words that define me, because those three words that I mentioned, it’s what defines. Not my best version, but my true version, I believe, like you can not talk about something that you don’t know, like you’ve never been, but I do believe that you were something when you were born. But growing up, taking different decisions, you know, life contents, even your parents have made you taking some steps apart from that. And my purpose is to regain that person, to become again, to come back to that person that I was. My purpose when I was born. And that’s what I believe in. That’s how I see that person. You remember courage, leadership and originality. And every time I face a different problem, it’s like, OK, so how can I put leadership into this? How how can I be original? How can I have how humble a courageous person will confront this situation. And by the end of the day, you’re becoming the person by acting like that.

Hmm. So I mean, I think definitely you’re really big into the state of mind. Right. And you have to believe it to achieve it. So I think you’re definitely living that life. And to your credit, I mean, you’ve been doing it pretty successfully. So my next question is, is we always hear about the overnight success stories that take 20 years, and it’s always perceived as something that just happened. And obviously, you’ve got a state of mind that probably just didn’t happen overnight. How long did it take you from start to finish, from what you began to get to where you are currently?

It’s taking my whole life. Because I cannot say that. I did something. Out of the blue, that took to me, to where I am, I mean, it all started when I was born. That’s that’s the way that’s the way I see it. Every every step that I take and even the wrong steps, even problems, even especially the good things, has taken me to this state of mind. And success is only measure. I mean, at the end of the road, when you get to look back or someone looks back at your life and say like, oh, but he actually did this and he did it this way. But success for me is getting to live your life as close as your of your principles and your beliefs as possible. Because the rest of I mean, whatever comes is just results is not just success. OK, so if I have tomorrow, a million dollars so am successful ? No. It is because I did a whole bunch of things that got me to this state of mind and produced me this million dollars. So this is a result, is not it doesn’t define how successful I am because you can be a millionaire and be broke. But if you made a million dollars and you somehow you lost it, you can make it again. But those are results. For me, being successful is being true to yourself, being true to your ideas and your principle and walked the path.

Hmm, so on that path, what’s one thing that you would want to do differently if you could do it all over again?

Oh. I don’t actually regret anything, but I will say that if I could talk my younger self, I will make myself believe in me sooner. But I as being said before, I prefer to believe that this is part of something else. This is part of something that needed to happen in order for me to actually measure how distant or how close, how close I am to what I want to achieve, where I want to be.

It’s definitely powerful stuff. So with this, I mean, obviously, you’re using this energy of positivity, you’re using this energy of focusing Staying on mind on topic, mind over matter. Do you get that from an entrepreneurial family member? Anybody in your family was an entrepreneur? Like, where does it come from?

At first, it came from the fear of failure, but nothing good can come from negative emotion. So when I discovered that I was doing stuff because I didn’t want to see myself as a failure, I switched. OK, so now I’m going to start doing things because I want to accomplish new things, because I want to be better because. I want to give back and I want to create more things for me and whoever I can touch. So just to give you a little context, my dad, he was an orphan by the end of 11 and I think from that side, he encouraged us to to to study, to know a lot of stuff, to discover, to be reading, but it was done from a negative emotion because I don’t want them. I don’t want my kids to be the places that I’ve been. I don’t know if that makes sense yet. When you start acting out of fear, you don’t you’re never satisfied. You don’t get you don’t you don’t get to go to bed at night and say, like, wow, I didn’t do anything. I enjoyed myself today at the country, at the beach or whatever, and I feel very proud about it. You’re always, like overachieving. What’s the next thing? You don’t enjoy yourself, you don’t do anything. And because you want more and more and more and more, and it’s a never ending race, so it’s it’s a huge responsibility being the black sheep of my family, because I was that kid who was always doing whatever he wanted and however he wanted. And I remember I had the chance to talk to my dad because he was he was he was this dad always giving the speech and giving and always telling you what men did and how men will behave. But that wasn’t resounding with me. And I always stay sharp. I mean, I never replied to anything that he said, but. Whenever I mean, when when we had the chance to talk about it, I said, like, you know what? Because in here my ideas, I could be myself and I wouldn’t and I never put that into into the hands of nobody else than me, because then when you do that, when you try to find your purpose, your happiness in someone, someone else’s. It’s up to their context, it’s up to their judgment is up to whatever they’re feeling at that moment and OK, so. When are you going to start doing to yourself by yourself? And when I discover that and I say like, you know what I’m very thankful to to all this. And going back to the previous question, you asked me, if that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t understand what my purpose is right now and why I want to put purpose in everything that I do and what I put intention, what are my attitudes to toward new things that I want to accomplish. And this is what I bring to my in my workshops, in my consulting, in my coaching and working the mindset. Because you can not talk as a creator on YouTube or anything of about something you don’t believe in, something you haven’t tried yourself. So if you want to. Talk about, I don’t know, making music. And you’ve got your guitar and you’re playing this, but you’re lacking emotion when people see through you and they don’t stay there because it’s more than just playing an instrument. It is just more than saying whatever you want to say on camera if you don’t believe it, if it doesn’t move you inside here. So you’re you’re nobody.

That’s very, very insightful and powerful stuff, and again, I think you’re an avid reader, right? I mean, it seems like you read a lot, right? So what books are you currently reading or audio books are? Which one do you prefer? You prefer a physical book or audio book? And which ones are you reading?

OK, do you hear me now?. Yeah, OK. OK, nothing beats the smell of a good book. So I’m reading one and I’m listening to one right now, I’m reading “The Secret”. I just read “Primal Branding” again from. Well, it’s a book about Patrick Conlon, it’s a it’s a book about finding your tribe and how communities it’s a system of beliefs. And if you as a leader, tooch or create new beliefs, how are you going to get that community to follow you and. So far, I’m immersed in that. Also, I’m reading a marketing book because I’m doing this this certified program of exponential marketing and yeah, I mean, that’s all I can. That’s all I can hold off right now.

Great. Great. So what do you see yourself in 20 years from now?

Well, actually, I would love to see myself. Leaving south coast of Spain or maybe Italy or friends, maybe have one or two small children. Doing pretty much what I do right now, but not as a full time thing, just consulting top brands. Once or twice a week or enjoying the family life, because there’s a lot of things that I need to do right now before engaging to a family. So that’s why I’m living life. I’m just moving around enjoying my dog enjoying this life that I can go just anywhere and do anything that I want. So by the time I get to have my own family, then I can be there and be present with them.

Nice. Nice. So what tool do you use in your business that you would not be able to do what you do without.

Has to be physical tools?

Well, I mean, I can obviously tell mentally. Right. So outside of mental right. What are the tools, physical tools you use?

I would say that. I couldn’t do it without a camera. Or smartphone, maybe because the smartphone, you know, is not complete, but a good camera is a must.

You can talk about like maybe software as well.

Software’s. If you are any good, any editing software, because there is I mean, any software that can allow you to cut and paste and put a transition is good enough. One of the many things that I say all the time. All the time. All the time. Content is golden and production is what costs. I mean, you can have the best tools, the best equipment, the best team. But if your content doesn’t click with anyone, you have zero. And there’s this great kid in YouTube who Ryan and his family is, Ryan’s World. And it all started by Ryan reviewing his own toys. His mom was recording with the with with their smartphone and in two thousand nineteen. He made around 60 million dollars. So what do you need, the latest software and the latest camera, the latest? I mean, it’s all about content. It’s all about connecting with people. And there’s a there’s a whole bunch of people who want to know and who want to do things the way you do it, the way you know them.

Yeah, I think it goes back to your percentages, right? I mean, just understanding that there’s billions of people in the world and if you can get a fraction of a percent of that, those people, then obviously you have your riches. But you’ll also have an audience, your tribe, like you’re speaking to, and they’re understanding exactly what you’re saying and you’re also helping them on their journey. So to your point, it really comes down to content that’s tweaked and modified to your particular target audience?

Totally, because that’s that’s my first opening line every time I start up a new workshop. YouTube is the best tool to create a global impact and receive economic benefits from it. If you don’t have if you if you’re missing one of those, then you’re you’re in trouble. You need to make an impact, but you need to make money out of it. And that can only be done by knowing what you’re good for. I mean, what what moves you, what’s your passion? What what are market opportunities you have? What is your talent and talent and. When you find that and you put it at the service of the of the tribe, that it’s that it will follow you on YouTube, then it’s your responsibility to upgrade those talents, upgrade those that. That passion of yours, because people will grow with you, you mean if you stayed with what you know, people. OK, so now I know what you know, but I need more information. I need to grow. I need to upgrade this. And if you don’t upgrade yourself, they will go someplace else. So then then when you have people following you just before asking, OK, so how can I get more followers is how can I increase value into the people that is already following me? And that can only be done by improving yourself, by being responsible to your talents, to the people whose family, to people with learning and walking your steps.

That’s definitely that’s real. I mean, that’s all I can say about that. I mean, it’s definitely a very real statement that you just made. And I hope people if you didn’t catch what he said, I would stop, rewind back and listen to it a couple of times. You can really hear and understand what he’s saying because, I mean, it’s a Jew. I mean, everything you said, I mean, everything you say has been golden. But in that one moment, what you just said is a golden nugget. So that’s kinda leads me into. Kind of going on that same philosophy, what words of wisdom would you have for up and coming entrepreneurs that may potentially be you as a younger version? They may be 18, they may be like 20 years old and they’re hearing this or they’re seeing you and they want to follow in your footsteps. What words of advice would you give to them?

OK, so. I’m going to rephrase my my final statement on the Vidfest was every tribe needs a leader. Become that leader via voice, not just an echo.

That’s real.

Whenever whenever you put that into action, into motion. OK, so. Right now, where I am, how can I be a voice and you get to understand your reality totally different, whenever you face a problem. OK, so how can I be just an active participant of this, not just a spectator? OK, now you’re taking action. Now you’re taking action into this. Now you’re moving things around you. You’re not just contemplating life passing by. You’re taking control of the whole thing. And the way I see it, YouTube is just it’s just because I love YouTube, too. But it’s just one small step because our community, our tribe, the people that follow us, we all are in different social networks and we have different needs from each one. But I’m just talking about how can you become a successful YouTuber, not forgetting about the other ones, but what can you provide us as a content creator in YouTube? So I will say just that, that YouTube is the perfect, perfect place to be a voice, not just to make them.

Great. So how can our listeners find you? I mean, do you have website, social media, obviously. YouTube channel>

Oh, yeah. They can find me through the YouTube report. And I love because there’s a funny story behind it. We were trying to to to upload the new Web page and it’s like, yeah, we can use YouTube. I don’t think so. Oh, man. We’ve been this last year calling ourselves the YouTube report. OK, so what are we going to do? And we’re just figuring out how to make things happen from that on, because at the start we were just so focused on connecting with people that we didn’t actually think what will happen if we grow this much so you can find us online. The one of the channels that I work on is Baby Jesus. That must be E b. Why choose this with Jolson’s in Spanish? You can find meaning in Instagram and LinkedIn as the YouTube report and my phones are all over. You can hit me and text me whenever you want. I love meeting new people. I love talking to them, to new people. And I know there’s a lot of knowledge for me in every one of them.

Great. Great. So I mean, yeah, definitely every time I get somebody that says, hey, my phone number is out there, give me a call, I would hope that somebody would take you up on that offer. And people just don’t realize that once you make it to a certain level and somebody is willing to give you their phone number, you should die at that chance to contact.

Actually, you did. I mean, you reach out, I pick up the Vidfest. I put aside like, OK, so who am I? Well, it’s not just that. I mean, there’s there might be people that are here who who’s not that interested in my TEDx or my YouTube business. Maybe there’s just people who want to connect. And I put this QR and say, like, just give me a call. Whenever you whenever you take a capture of that QR, it leaves you right directly to my personal phone number. And there’s tons of people that I met through through the Vidfest and that networking thrills me.

Gotcha. Yeah. I mean, to your point, I mean, the second he put the QR code up on the screen, I took it and I sent him a message. You were still talking and I was sending you messages out. Like so soon as he gets off this message, he should be able to see my messages lined up. So, again, you have to you have to take advantage of opportunities when they knock, knock once, maybe twice, but seize them when they happen. So going into the bonus questions. Right. And this is like my favorite bonus question. Everybody is on the show because again, everybody’s answers can be uniquely different. Right. And just hearing your philosophies, I think that you’re going to have a pretty solid answer for this one as well. Right. So if you could spend twenty four hours with anybody dead or alive, uninterrupted, who would it be and why?

Spend time?

So it’s just 24 hours. I mean, it’s one of those opportunities to say somebody’s dead or alive, who would I want to spend opportunity with for twenty four hours to have a conversation with, learn from.

OK, so I’ll say I love to spend time with. Steve Jobs. Not. Not talking, just shadowing him, stalking how he how he get things done, and in that context, it will be the same as spending time with Bill Gates or Elon Musk from other exceptional people. But when I say shadowing them, stalking them is. Getting to know how they can accomplish that much. What drives them, what moves them, where do they find courage to move on even to the unknown? And I think that that will be a great, great thing to learn from those pioneers.

Solid great answer. Spinning off of that, right? I mean, you’re looking at essentially in our generation, the Titans, right? Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, all titans. Right. So in your own world, you’re a titan yourself. So what is your greatest achievement today?

My greatest my greatest achievement. I don’t know, uh. I don’t think there’s one or two. I will say that one of the things that I’m most proud of lately was being able to to give TEDx talk. Because IT was a two year to year perused.. Being able to discover such a thing in an island in the Caribbean. And I was every time I stepped on the on any event of the tenants in the Dominican Republic, I was I felt that I was flying. And by the first time I was on 2017 and by the first speaker, I said, I’m going to be there. I don’t know how. I’m just going to be there, i don’t know how it’s going to happen. But since that moment and applying what we’ve been talking today is like, OK, so how can I be a voice to this. Then I started reading about TEDx behaving as a TEDx speaker, talking myself as a TEDx speaker, giving talks to anyone that will listen to. And then it just happened because I was behaving as it behaving as as if I had already accomplished it and. But my biggest accomplishment is, I don’t know, be able to wake up with a purpose every day, as I said before, I have a lot of goals, different goals, and I wouldn’t compare them because they have their own measure of success, but they’re just results. For me, success will be living the life that I always wanted to live, but I will only know that at the end of it.

I mean, I think to add to that and I I’ve known you for a short period of time, but I would think best by hearing you speak and understanding parts of your journey and realizing that you’re reading the secret, I would think understanding and living and walking in the rules of attraction, the law of attraction. And I think that you’re an epitome of that representation. I mean, to your that you said about your TEDx. You two years before you thinking about it the first time you heard it, you wanted to achieve it and then you started speaking like it, you started acting like it. And by doing that, you pretty much brought the laws of attraction to reality.


So I definitely appreciate that this is a time when I usually give my guest the opportunity to to ask me any questions that they may have. So the microphone is yours.

OK, what moves you?

What moves me? Essentially, it’s very similar to everybody that I’ve invited on my show and I look everybody I invited at my show. Pieces of puzzles that are pieces of myself. So for me, it’s like, what can I get from this person and what can I give to this person? And together, how can we help someone else? So this entire podcast is is a manifestation of understanding that the 1% or 2% or 3% or 10% of people out there need help. They need to understand certain things about business. They need to understand what this journey looks like and understand that everybody has an individual journey. And you’re not supposed to look at your journey and compare yourself to you, but look at you and say, hey, how did you do it? And see how that journey could help you continue in your journey. So that’s what moves me, Its is kind of like I get excited when I’m hearing, like, I got excited in this particular meeting because I’m hearing what you’ve done and I’m seeing your achievements. And I’m just like, this is really good stuff. This is stuff that people need to understand that if one person could do it, then a million people can do it. You just have to step out on faith or step out on the laws of attraction and just get to the achievement level that you want by doing small steps every single day.

Awesome, thank you very much. That actually answers the question beneath it that, which was “why do we connect?”

Yeah, yeah. I mean, yeah, I’m listening.

No, I’m just I’m very thankful for it. And the opportunity to get this moment to to to connect with you to come and have this beautiful conversation.

Yeah. And again, once I saw you speaking, I was just like, I can connect to you. I can relate to you. You’re in a hell of a journey. I want to see where you were and kind of did some research and talking to you kind of told me your story. But I know that this is the dawn, right. I mean, you’ve made a hell of achievements, but I know just by speaking to you like this is the tip of the iceberg. Right. And that goes back to the statement. You always see the tip of the iceberg, but under it there is way more below below sea level. And for you, I know that your journey is going to go on. Now, I’m looking forward to see what else you’re going to achieve next.

Me too. Thankyou.

Well, I mean, that’s a sentiment. I definitely appreciate you taking the time as a schedule man and giving a voice to our listeners something they could strive for, somebody they can reach out to and contact, by all means. But I appreciate it.

Thank you very much. My pleasure. Thank you.

All right, everyone.

Have a good one.

You have a good one too. S.A Grant over and out.