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If you’re not crazy, then how can you become Successful?

S. A. Grant, MySuccessex

Passion is not just a strong emotion, but it is the fuel that powers forward progress.

S. A. Grant, MySuccessex

Vision has not just anticipation, but the insight to see through the clutter, noise, & distractions.

S. A. Grant, MySuccessex

The Success of your business comes from Believing that you can do it.

S. A. Grant, MySuccessex

Stop waiting for the fuel, just start up the engine of your Goals.

S. A. Grant, MySuccessex

You have to first Trust yourself so others will Believe they can Trust you & your products & services.

S. A. Grant, MySuccessex
S.A. Grant - MYSUCCESSEX - F*ck Failure Seduce Success: Journaled Encounters of Successex VOL1


Journaled Encounters
of Successex Vol1

Feeling awkward and out of your element is the first step in making a change. Often, growing requires an awkward feeling. Read More>>

S.A. Grant - MYSUCCESSEX - F*ck Failure Seduce Success: Journaled Encounters of Successex VOL2


Journaled Encounters
of Successex Vol2

1st step in administering & generating a business plan is to remain focused and not being easily bewildered, judgemental and close-minded. Read More>>

S.A. Grant - MYSUCCESSEX - F*ck Failure Seduce Success: Journaled Encounters of Successex VOL3


Journaled Encounters
of Successex Vol3


Who is S. A. Grant?

S. A. Grant is the inspirational author of F*ck Failure Seduce Success Book Series, a Creative, a Thinker, a Marketer, a father, and a seasoned Entrepreneur.

Grant’s motivated concept-driven, innovative-thinking has proven Successful for his clients year-after-year. S. A. Grant has a strong focus on achieving increased revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-ups and small businesses.

Grant writes about influential ideas and gives insight from an alternate point of view. He is best described as a free-spirited, outspoken Entrepreneur with many talents. Some people say he is a bit crazy, but he would say “if you’re not crazy how can you become Successful?” Read and determine for yourself.

Motivating, action oriented and worth sharing.
I like the unique writing style of S.A. Grant, it grabbed my attention throughout the book never letting go. I can appreciate the author’s skilled way to convey the message making it visual and relatable meanwhile igniting deep thought and contemplation that leads you to action.

NyShawn Jenkins, Kindle Edition

This is THE Book All Entrepreneurs Need.
This is one of the most unique business-related books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. It is simultaneously instructive, inspirational and thought-provoking – so much so that upon reaching the end, I immediately began re-reading it! I hope this is the first in a series of unique, enjoyable entrepreneurial books from S. A. Grant! I’m officially seduced!

F.H in Atlanta, Paperback Edition

Five Stars
Great writing. Compelling advice told in a very approachable manner. BOLD!

Tizzy, Paperback Edition

Definitely Captivating
S.A. GRANT has a way with words. These words will stir you up on the inside… in a good way and have you open up your mind to the endless possibilities at being successful in your own right. This book is not just interesting, it’s motivating and definitely captivating. This is a must have for the entrepreneur.

MJLW, Paperback Edition

Five Stars
Great flow. Thought-provoking and interactive. More than a book, it’s a tool. Grab a copy; you won’t be disappointed

Denise Goodman, Paperback Edition

Brilliantly written by a true mastermind of success!
Insightful, bold, motivating, and empowering…this book is an extremely valuable resource to help awaken, unlock, and develop your true inner potential and help create your pathway towards success. Each chapter contains principles, powerful examples, motivational quotes and accountable action items to help envision and jump start your goals, a true catalyst to becoming the best version of yourself as it relates to your desired success.

Cheronda Gibson, Paperback Edition

A must read! I also appreciated the non-traditional style of the text. A lot of self-help books read like instruction manuals that put you to sleep before you even get started. But the almost poetic writing style here does the exact opposite. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for motivation and direction.

Stephanie R, Paperback Edition

Witty and sensual take on success in business and life 🙂
A quick read, witty, with a sensual take on pursuing success in business – relentlessly, until you obtain it! S A Grant has a way of epitomizing the chronicles of famously successfully people, with ’12 Rendezvous To F*ck Failure’ in such a practical way, that can be applied to virtually any area of one’s life. Definitely a good book to have on hand!

Kindleer, Kindle Edition

Raw. Real. Applicable. Author! Author! Author! Keep ’em coming. Thank you for a clear road map. Brilliant book. Loved the lay out. Good flow.


Phillips Rushing, Paperback Edition

Great book!
After thoroughly enjoying the first volume, I read this second one to see what gems would await me and I was not disappointed. While the first volume helped me better understand ME as an entrepreneur, this second volume helped me better understand business with clear definitions and tangible examples. Also, like the first volume, volume 2 uses provocative metaphors and symbolism to tap into the passion and desire necessary to start and sustain any business.

Stephanie R, Paperback Edition

I found many aspects refreshing & Focused.
F*ck Failure seduce SUCCESS has some points of information and wisdom for everyone who is either about to start a business, in the crux of their business or at the tail end of a successful business career; a refreshing nuanced reminder of the road to SUCCESS and to mitigate the paralysis of Failure. I found the questions after each chapter a helpful guidepost for the reader to heed and explore. Plenty of opportunities to explore many aspects of business in expanded volumes.

Brad S. Bootstaylor, MD, FACOG, Paperback Edition

F*ck Failure Seduce Success

Journaled Encounters of Successex VOL1

F*ck Failure Seduce Success

Journaled Encounters of Successex VOL2