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In Season 2, Episode 29 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S. A. Grant is shaking things up a bit.
Today’s show is a bit different, please post your takeaways, ask questions and thoughts in the group about this episode at
“Today episode is an add on to the Boss Uncaged Podcast ecosystem; I’m calling these bonus episodes “The Boss Uncaged Academy Motivated & Focused Growth Edition”
Today’s topic is How To Go From Following Trends To Trendsetting using Growth Hacking Strategies?” – S. A. Grant
The funny thing about trends is the etymology of the word. First, the word Trend comes from the Old English word trendan, ‘revolve, or rotate. Secondly, it’s compared to the noun: trundle, which means an act of moving slowly or heavily.
The general combining of the words Revolve, rotate, and trundles become defined as “To Move slowly in development of a general rotating direction.”
Then the real meaning of Trends should be defined as a cycle. Being that Trends are based on a cycle, then they can be predictable within reason.
Let’s talk about
The rudimentary cycle of Trendsetting:
  1. Start by Giving Value: the Value is determined by what the needs of your audience are.
  2. Capture Data: The feedback and analytics, or historical data
  3. Give More Value: Refined by the information you collected
  4. Growth: Grow the audience and or client
  5. Scale: Increase monetary gains
  6. Step and repeat
Here are my top 10 tips To Go From Following trends To Trendsetting using Growth Hacking Strategies
  1. Use Direct Communication: Email, Chat Bots, Text Messaging.
  2. Leverage Referral Marketing: word-of-mouth + testimonials = referrals
  3. Affiliate Marketing: turn your lead referrals into affiliates; ads fuel the fire.
  4. Send Gifts to Your Customers: swag, books, meaningful trinkets, custom items, showcase items.
  5. Develop Partnership Marketing or influencer marketing: co-branding to co-marketing. Here are a few examples to think about.
    1. Taco Bell & Doritos
    2. Kanye and Adidas
    3. Nike & Apple
    4. Red Bull and GoPro
    5. Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul
    6. Star Wars and lego
  6. Build a Social Media Community: Facebook Groups
  7. Attend industry events: Workshops, summits, meet-up groups
  8. Become A Guest: Podcast. blog, youtube channel
  9. Create an Aggressive Content Strategy: understanding your audience and deliver the goods
  10. Shadowbox with Competitors: Set up systems to monitor what your competitors are doing; something as simple as using IFTTT to add all your competitors’ Twitter posts to a google sheet will give you a leg up when developing your content strategy.
Apply one are all 10 of these tips over a period of time, infuse them with The rudimentary cycle of Trendsetting:
  1. Give Value, Capture Data, Give back revised Value, Grow, Scale, Step, and repeat
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